Monday, October 10, 2016

Noticing noses as well as small dainty toes and Mexican women do get fatter as they grow older

Seems any more that I'm taking notice of the noses on women. Most guys have huge honkers, but noses that are large or pointed on otherwise hot honeys some how takes away from the intended intention. Of course some women, are born sort of that way but the huge beeks don't usually manifest themselves until about the time the get in their early 20's. A long beek, just isn't sweet, maybe I notice that being around Television and all , but I have difficulties with women with beeks. Of course my observation of desire are the feet , especially the toes. Big large hammer toes, no matter if they are wrapped in nylon hose, are just distracting. Not in a good way neither. Of course those toes in nylon hose that look like tiny marshmellows just make me melt. All you want to do is smooch and cuddle em. Somehow, too, those very small dainty toes don't smell bad ever. More along the lines of a slight musky scent. That is truly Heaven sent. Last this morning, Have you noticed that as Latino women get older they begin to gain weight and just get super fat? I used to snag a nut anytime I saw Selena Gomez on TV, or in a film, or music video. Here lately not only is her belly getting bigger without being PG, but her butt is the size of a fuel tank on a Kenworth. Plus her feet have gotten bigger and dig this, her legs have got big vericose veins now. Research done at Hazzard County University says that the extra poundage is due to the rich starchy foods Latinos eat. But could there be another reason?
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