Friday, December 30, 2016

I prefer Brick and Mortar more than online sorry but I do

No matter the product or service , I'd rather do business with a brick and mortar store or shop , rather than online. No matter if its parts for a rig, bike, or car we are rebuilding, which is our main gig here at Hazzard County Choppers, 
 or buying insurance, obtaining financing or preytell dealing with things and government agencies. Especially if I'm having to empty my wallet. Sure there are other online services to check on who your dealing with, but many of those float much denaro to such search engines like Google and Facebook, to where any kind of reference is a bit biased to say the least. If you look up organizations or firms that were in operation before the Internet rage , your going to play hell trying to find anything conclusive. Example, if you look up say our business and organization model, the Independent Truckers Association, all you get is one using the name but is only an insurance company. The original Independent Truckers Association was created by Mike Parkhurst the original publisher and creator of the magazine Overdrive. BTW, Our parent organization is the United American Independent Truckers Association and is the remains of the first created ITA. But you wont find much on it. The original TeenAge Truckers Association which was the mother organization created as a 4-H truck transportation club, that was grouped from the JR-14 CB Club of Twin Falls Idaho and the Street Commanders Kustoms Association in 1975. Both became the Hazzard County Knytes Kstmz Association in 1982, the rest is history, and that is us. The Iron Knytes Association is the retro, version of our original organization. And I'm proud of what we have done. Over the years experimental organization names have been tried to become a bit more mainstream acceptable , but fall from lack of interest. Volkswagen years ago with all the copies of the original VW Rabbit, put out a commercial both radio and TV that said, why own a copy when you can own and drive the original? Same goes here. But I degress on the main topic. I would rather do business with people that I can go into and see and feel what I'm buying, where I can dispense cash, get a receipt and know I have what I went in for in my hands. And where if I find that I've been snookered , that I can go back to that vendor and have a hands on conversation with. Strange how opinions change when you have someone by the collar. The name change to the Iron Knytes came as many of the high council thereof decided that all too many names and identities were out there and confusion was rampant. So We essentially scrunched everything together as the Iron Knytes Association, with only one extension the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association. The Iron Knytes are, bikes,trucks,muscle cars, and Dukes. More over we are the only not ancestrial specific organization of southern liberty and history. What we do goes beyond a tiny bit of keyboard lip service on Facebook or a blog, we are out there on foot, kicking ass for all things Dixie and preservation. We are out there hitting big corporations, government agencies, media giants and more to say that our flags of Dixie, and our southern heritage is both alive and well, more over the people who love that flag and all are not here to descriminate on ethical backgrounds, or family history , nor to people who give that flag the respect that it deserves. We as an organization are fully transparent and all to much honest. I wish other people and Facebook amongst others were the same. 
Yes I prefer to do business with Brick and Mortar, but there are exceptions. More on that in the morning. Today, I'm on my way to Utah. Yesterday the Mountain West felt a jerk in its complacency. Lavell Edwards the head coach for many years of Brigham Young University in Provo Utah. Past away , leaving a big historical gap in the areas infrastructure. Lavell was a great friend, mentor and one of my teachers at BYU, when I attened Trade Tech at BYU when it was part of that school. So on air I wont be and Blog entries will be hit and miss as I can, wgen I can with my lap top. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Not leaving office without a fuss

If your not reading the headlines or viewing the news, your missing the underlying current going on. Today Secretary of State John Kerry shot some words across the bow of Israel which besides setting oil prices higher and eventually perhaps a conflict. Now dig this; If there is a conflict there and troops hit the ground, Obama can't leave office. Our constitution says, that no sitting President can leave office during a war. Then Obama pissed off a bunch of Utahn's by making Bears Ears a nation monument. Face it, the Obama's are not going to leave passivley . So now you know that, I need to do a quick followup. But I'll wait until morning, University of Utah is playing Indiana and I am out of here.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Work to enrich your minds, not fuel anothers anger

Facebook and other social sites can educate and inform, but they also can be hot beds for stalking, bullying and just plain feuds. As for me I'd rather look for those things that enrich my mind and increase my intelligence, maybe even teach me something I didn't already know. Whether its a way to make a meal that I serve at the Reaper Club, or a computer tech gizmo, to build a better radio station. Or yes even make a cocktail at the Reaper, that I never thought of. Facebook and other places similar on the Web, can be a place to meet and reconnect with people you had forgotten, or may in other places never meet. Example; SheWolf, I met her over Facebook, at first I was a bit reserved in committing to her. Not that I'm scared of commitment , but that I have been prowling the great forest of life alone for so long that sharing my personal space with ANYONE, takes time to adjust. But even with very little in common, come this June she will inhabit my domicile. Of course there is my dear friend Sarah, who through her postings of southern history and heritage, and images I have learned a lot of my ancestors from areas south including Alabama. But why fight, one is to be my life's partner and mate, one is one who I turn to as one would a sister, to ask those questions that us male corpuscles have no idea of. Then there are former Facebook people who we once knew that just want to cause trouble and make mountains out of mole hills. Example; SheWolf has a former heckler named Nicole, somehow Nicole got Big Rick Knytes President's phone number and pestered Rick all through the weekend, even Christmas. So with the need for a pilot truck today Rick and I met up in Afton Wyoming so I could pilot him into and out of northern Wyoming with a big, big, snow cat.   So we got to talking and those fires are now extinguished . But my how the crap flew. The fact is Rick likes SheWolf, as a mate for me. While looks are not there as one would draw to, its what's inside that counts, and face it, I'm not exactly the pencil necked geek, model GQ type either. I have a balding head, I'm way over weight, with type 2 diabetes, along with a mess of other physical ailments like a diminishing little liquid soldier count that says no wolf pups for awhile. Although My Doctor and med adviser says will return in a year or two once I reduce my stress and get more physically active. Sure the past year with SheWolf has been a foundation of a battleground. Most of it is aimed at the possible loss of me to her, by or because of all the sweethearts that I work with through RodeWolf Films and Media, and HazzardAyre. Along with the subsidiary 214 Films. None are and most likely never will be a nesting threat or even a snuggle partner, they still are important to the continued growth of the media firms and the rest of the organization as a whole. Sarah is my Texan sister, who has become very dear, and a future associate, but I don't think she'd ever roll up here to cold Wyoming or Idaho to settle in with me. But she does help the organization. On the same road, SheWolf is unless she messes things up, will be one who will wear my last name, and be my snuggly PooBear. Let's face it the creators of the Internet, aimed it at increasing knowledge, not to be used as a weapon to bully others. In the courtyard, there was a town prostitute. The residents gathered together to punish her, and were stoning her. When Jesus Christ came and held a stone and said " Let the first of you that has never sinned cast the first stone" I say use social media to Enrich your minds and enhance your souls, not tarnish and punish people for things that you most likely have done yourself. I guess I'm very blessed. I had very great parents, who got married with a loan from my Grandma Treasure. My Grandpa on Mom's side, gave them their first bed and kitchen table. Together those people built a mini Empire, invested smart, became the one founding parts of the Flying J Travel Plazas, I'm the lone beneficiary, of that Empire. This empire could never have been built by parents that did not believe in each other or the goals they were thriving for. I learned when the Yes I do's are exchanged that you stick with that person, no matter how much junk flows through the manure chute. Same goes for the Knytes, over the years even at the founding, there were issues that nearly were settled by knife point, but patience and brotherhood love of each other, plus the desire to create an organization to where we all are family, someone to lean on, get advice from, and go through both good times as well as bad ones. We joined to become the basic information source of knowledge and history of military aviation, southern heritage with a love of an open highway two or 4 or 18 wheels. While I do not want or is this meant to take away from the Son's of Confederate Veterans, to be a member of their organization you absolutely have to have roots planted in Southern soil. My question, is; Why? If one has a sincere love of southern ways and history, and wants to increase their knowledge of southern heritage, and support the concept of the south to rise, I say why not accept them? Is that not one of the desires of Robert E, as well as StoneWall? I say yes. I'll get into more l8r, need food and shut eye, see ya'll on the radio.
Stay Tuned

Monday, December 26, 2016

Yesterday was a pretty cool day. Had misgivings on going to Church what with every road in or around Evanston here being snow covered or a snow floor, but went I did. SheWolf texted me right in the middle of Sacrament but I silenced the phone, and got back in the groove of the presentation of the service. We did the normal, Mark our Bishop tried to do a narration of some Christmas story, intermixed with Christmas songs. One little kid from the Primary decided he wanted to do a solo act, grabbed the podium mic and attempted an impromtu voiceover. My friend Vern tried to do a guitar overlay on Silent Night but the audio system was overcome by the piano, of course the male corpuscles got up to do a song, few were in key, must be a bunch of tone deaf guys in our Ward, but it was cool. Talked to Vern and family, including Dave, then they were scampering off to some wedding. Church over. Caught a call, just leaving Church, went out, and attempted to get out of the little lane up to the shop where the trucks are, but got stuck in the process. So took advantage of a small John Deere and got the truck out, and back in the shop. Went home, watched Meet the Press, and went off to dreamland and did not wake up till 23:00 hours, only then thinking of food, poop, meds and back to sleep. Nope, SAR mission came in so went to do that and now just getting ready to do a show at noon or so today. Christmas is over for 2016. Unless weather improves by then, my butt is not leaving this house except for a milk and grub run and paying the heat gas bill. I was going to do that several times last week, cept between weather mostly snow and snagging and grabbing people out of it, I kept my butt where its warm and dry. Chatted with our good friend Sarah on Facebook, she said that if I forwarded her our snail mail addy, she'd try to get some green flowing to the radio op here. Which would be great cause we could sure use it.
Sarah makes these pillows with our Dixie flag and such on em, Some of which look great on FB, but I'm looking for one in my snail mail box so I can show it off on HazzardAyre TV. Speaking of TV. Watched this thing on one of the ongrowing Discovery Channel network about the happenings leading up to Sturgis. Fairly good show, but sadly outdated. Many of the destinations on there are gone due to the economy, as well as man made disasters like the flaming of the Full Throttle Saloon. Now if your wondering now where I'm going here and how this relates to Sarah, just hold on a few centons. The Road to Sturgis TV show was great in much of the content and I'm not wanting to take away from that in anyway. However what if a group, did up an aviation show featuring all branches of military aviation, in all forms, old, new, copter all of it, but had about as much hijinx as say Sturgis. After all our brother organization the AyreWolvez, have always had as our mantra being bikers who fly, and start a trend? How about a TV show that showed the reconstruction of a warbird or vintage copter. Highlighted air shows, etc. Sure I like the CAG shows of air battles, but there is albeit not for as many due to cost, but still men and women rebuilding; vintage, military aircraft to flyable condition, and showing them off. Now how this relates to Sarah and all. I though if we can talk her into it, but how about, doing pillows and such with warbird aircraft, as well as squadron patch logos like that of the VMA214,
 or the original Hells Angels logo 
 which was a military air squadron, long before becoming the infamouse MC that the name brings to mind. In my way of thinking, military aviation is near like the soda I like best Dewshine 
 the unsung heros or at least the unsung champions of any war. Without air cover, air support, air rescue and air med EVAC where would all those ground troops be? Even our illustriuos new President , the Don, is wanting to kill the F-35 , which if it happens, might take away from the economic revitalization of both metro Utah and metro (Boise/Mountain Home) Idaho. The Super Hornet is a great bird, but in my opinion, will never exceed the Tomcat 
 sure the 14's tooling and jigs and all are mostly gone, but why not rebuild? For the cost of the 35, you could. But I'm getting away from the subject. As I watched this docudrama of going to Sturgis, I came away with two thoughts. One the series seems to be more aimed at the cops busting bikers, and two a narrator who more than likely had never been up on two wheels. I also thought, what a great tribute and a hand off, to those of us, who when called, rallied to the task of strapping on a piece of turbine powered aircraft, and going into combat to protect those under us and this nation called America. Than to have air rallies, similar to the biker rallies. What do you think? Well gotta get out of here and begin to carve things out for the Monday after Christmas. 
Keep it wings level


Saturday, December 24, 2016

If your going to invite me to the dance, don't tell me what music to dance to

If your going to invite me to a Facebook page that does not have its header already set, don't bitch if I customize it a bit. My SheWolf invited me to some goofy group, so I put up some eye candy as the cover photo. Of course the , insults followed. Here's the thing; men are men women are women. Even though the female side of our human species, is all feminist and all, deep down, the equality thing is not equal. If photos like this:
 bother my SheWolf, the real thing that attends most of our gatherings of the club is really going to send her into orbit. Beyond SheWolf. If you want to attract a 80% male viewership, of a product, service , organization or Facebook group or page, you put up some cover girl, and you'll get and retain guys. Especially us male corpuscles that are a bit overcharged with Testosterone. Example, the car network on cable/satellite called Velocity, has one show called All Girls Garage. None of those women have any idea in reality to tear down a car, much less rebuild one. But hey, those gals are hot and eye candy, and guys watch it. When Spike TV bought rights to PowerBlock and Power Nation, the main spokes gal on there was Courtney Hansen, formerly of Overhaulin. In reality all she's there for is window dressing, she really does not know engines and powertrains of anything that burns fuel or has tires but she's there to get and retain your attention. This has been going on since damn near since the car was invented. I remember the hottest one, that sticks in my mind I saw it when I was about 6 years old. It had this well to do couple going out in a Corvair. The car ran out of oil or something and this hot blonde in a mink, got under the car, fixed it, and came out all oily and wiped the oild with both hands on the guys face then gave him a Hollywood smooch. It was racy for the time, but the image stuck. All too many women have been on TV , magazine ads etc for cars, from all manufacturers. Linda Vaughn Miss Hurst, The Dodge girls , hot bodies and hot cars and trucks go together. So do trucks. The first truckers publication that did this was Overdrive, in the mid to early 1960's. The DateMaster Calendar and pin up

 This was groundbreaking. Then came Owner Operator that did the same thing. Just about everything with an engine and tires, has been publicized in in print with a hot female. From Lowrider to Truckin, Mini Truckin even Hot Rod Magazine did it when Wally Parks the creator of the NHRA used hot honeys with hot rods. This is not just cars and trucks. Even our military warbirds and attack helicopters has been featured with hot women or at least the image of one. It was called nose art, and body art, long before body art term was applied to tatts. 
 and so on. Is it sexist? Probably, but for men like me that has two balls between our legs that still work, images of machinery with an even hot gal posing with it is what gets and keeps us into the whatever it is. But if you don't want me in the group, don't invite me. Pretty simple. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Don't be in fear to show your colors or let our flag fly

All too many of our rebel brothers and sisters have taken the road often traveled. Because of retribution, and violence they have put away our southern flags, and try to hide behind the Yankee myths. Instead of being proud and accomplished in our victories albeit small, but are still victories, of all wars. Corporate fear caused wide spread panic after that idiot shot up that southern place of worship, soon Walmart, a southern based company BTW, Amazon, Warner Brothers, and Viacom/aka CMT, decided to hide behind a hidden curtain, and pulled all merchandise with our battle flag on it. As for me I've never been in fear of the bigots and yes, even racists called northeners.I proudly fly that flag on my car, my trucks, my business cards on my shop and at my home. Sure I may be planted here in Wyoming where its downright cold and snowing, but here's some historical things ya'll might not know. Over in my home state of Idaho, just about 30 miles roughly from Mountain Home Idaho, sits what was once known as the Rocky Bar Project. A silver extraction facility that was around in the 1870's. In that complex is a operation called the Confederate Star Mine. Just up the road is a town called Atlanta, as well as over in the foothills of Idaho City Idaho, is a very small town called Dixie. When the war between the states was in full swing, many of our southern ancestors not willing at least in body to being in the heat of battle, moved here to the Mountain West, and places like Dixie Idaho and so on sprang up. The small town of Aberdeen Idaho, has a camp ground/ golf course called Hazzard Creek, Between the towns of Hagerman, and Tuttle to the east and Wendell to the southeast is the small town of Hazzard Idaho. All very much southern rebel. At youth sports events, both the Dixie anthem and the unions anthem are sung. People still open doors and call women mam. Oh and yes Hazzard Idaho, grows the best Gator meat ya'll would ever want to flap a lip over. Our Knytes member Mirinda had a post this morning, about what it was to be a rebel. I wish I could have captured that better but here it is
 That pretty much says it all don't it?
It starts with bikers, all over the world being told to hide their club colors. But it carries on to car clubs, truck clubs and even aviation organizations. The powers that be and even the great Don, to soon to be sworn into being top dog in the White House, are trying to pigeion hole us into being all the same thing. No individuality, no creativity, to sense of self worth or pride of those we associate with. Nope they want us all to be assimilated unto one order, and one population. Beyond skin color, they want to regulate what body ink you have, what food you eat, and pretty damn soon, they will assign genders their partners, or husbands and wives. The they are squeezing us into one little controlled box. Throw us some grain and syrup, some water and maybe a prefab bed of sorts. Remember the now dead show called Weeds that ran on ShowTime? 
 In the opening credits  theme song it talked about all people being all just the same. In Star Trek story lines it went 
 I for one say I will not be assimilated , I will remain an individual, and I will stand my ground as a proud Confederate Rebel. If they don't like it too bad, the only symbol I recognize are 
No others.
On the domestic front, SheWolf and I once again got into a fuss. I'll dispense with the paticulars but there has to be a quieting soon, or this will not last very long. While physics says that two unlike atoms will attract, still do they need to be so far opposed? 
Finally, the Bishop and his Son came over last night, had a nice visit, he dropped off some trinkets and such, which the cookies are no more of. Them was good. But at least somebody remembered this old high octane canine this Christmas. Which leads back into the deal tween SheWolf and I, one of the biggies is that outside of this worm dirt as Monkee used to call it, damn I miss her, any mile Monkee called my Skoal worm dirt. But I told SheWolf last night two things that set her off, although it don't take too much to set her off these days. But that although I pray its not for good, my little liquid swimming soldiers are pretty much goners. All I can do now is shoot blanks. The other thing, and I don't know why, as it would calm her soul, as well as her mind, but I told her , as I did here when she was under my roof, that if she was not Temple worthy, or at least working towards that, that there would be no marriage. I have went at marriage 5 times before. All started in sin, and all ended tragic. This time and at my age this one to her was the last go round, I want to be married or at least eventually sealed and all in the Temple, my choice is the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple, the way the water flows over the falls just outside and all, if you can sit, even in the parking lot and not get a slight tear and feel closer to Heavenly Father(God) then your not human. Any mile need to get this day started. 
Don't be afraid or in fear to show your colors, and/or your Our flag. Take pride, not fear.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Butt will you let me get off the toilet before you leave?

So there I was just unloading my insides into the white throne when I hear banging on my door. So I finish pinching off, finishing the paper work, and pulling up my pants, and by the time I answer the door, whomever it was, was gone. Okay then seems that whoever it was decided to call me or at least I think it was whoever so I fetch the phone and tried to call the number back on my caller ID, but no answer. Oh well, must have not been that important, but it interrupted my evening toilet session.
So woke up a bit more and devoured a pint of soup, and a ham sandwich watched some TV of which I caught the news. One story dealt with the ongoing battle between the LDS church and some questionable dealings and some guy who is pumping a well handle of something called LDS WikiLeaks. Here came the weather. But hey the forecast for here in Evanston was to be of snow. Where was or is that snow? A slight dusting. Good cause , with a winch cable busted can't do much. Plus one of the heavies being out, the other two in Boise getting work done, couldn't go anyway. I get the call, but had to throw it off. Don't think Haji liked that. But hey I'm not going out with just one winch line operational. 
So there watching Rosanne on LAFF TV, SheWolf texts. All ruffled about the fact that I get the stiffy over Becket from the TV show CASTLE that is replayed on TNT. 
 and why not? She's hot and me trying to see who her agent is to investigate having her in the Knytes' movie. So SheWolf says she's going to call at 23:00 okay, but all the texting runs the little battery in my phone down, and since I got it wet several weeks ago, to charge the battery requires removing the battery and put it on a revamped charger that takes 12 hours instead of the usual 6. So no phone call. Seems SheWolf also likes to text at the worst times, either when I'm driving, going to the potty, taking a hot bath to get the blood in my legs to flow, ever since my DVT in 2010 that had my right leg swelled the size of a football, I have to take Goody's Powders twice a day, 3 packets in the morning, 3 at night. Plus the hot baths. Or she texts while I'm at the shop, at about the time I'm into a project, the other day racing to snag the text from her, I slipped on frozen water on the floor of the shop and fell on my butt, which fortunately didn't damage anything including me , but might I add I cracked my tail bone last month. Its sore. 
She Wolf thinks that like her all I do is sit on my butt all day, doing nothing but texting. Unlike her per duty to the Knytes' and my wallet, I have to work, although what I make is mere dimes on the dollar, still, its money and anything helps, especially with the big move next year in March back to the Twin Falls area of Idaho. So to those who visit me, when you knock , I hear you, allow me to get off the potty, and get dressed so I can properly answer the door. To those like SheWolf, when you text me, give me a few minutes to reply by text to you before you feed me another text. If your going to call me, leave a message on voice mail or a phone number so I can get back to you. Otherwise, don't go away mad, just go away.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Noticing noses as well as small dainty toes and Mexican women do get fatter as they grow older

Seems any more that I'm taking notice of the noses on women. Most guys have huge honkers, but noses that are large or pointed on otherwise hot honeys some how takes away from the intended intention. Of course some women, are born sort of that way but the huge beeks don't usually manifest themselves until about the time the get in their early 20's. A long beek, just isn't sweet, maybe I notice that being around Television and all , but I have difficulties with women with beeks. Of course my observation of desire are the feet , especially the toes. Big large hammer toes, no matter if they are wrapped in nylon hose, are just distracting. Not in a good way neither. Of course those toes in nylon hose that look like tiny marshmellows just make me melt. All you want to do is smooch and cuddle em. Somehow, too, those very small dainty toes don't smell bad ever. More along the lines of a slight musky scent. That is truly Heaven sent. Last this morning, Have you noticed that as Latino women get older they begin to gain weight and just get super fat? I used to snag a nut anytime I saw Selena Gomez on TV, or in a film, or music video. Here lately not only is her belly getting bigger without being PG, but her butt is the size of a fuel tank on a Kenworth. Plus her feet have gotten bigger and dig this, her legs have got big vericose veins now. Research done at Hazzard County University says that the extra poundage is due to the rich starchy foods Latinos eat. But could there be another reason?
These things will be explored on the show at 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

This is a Test, A test of the Wolf Broadcasting System

This is a test, only a test of The Wolf Broadcasting System. Not everytime that I want to go on air here lately, have I been able too. Computer had a fit just after the last big lightning strike here in ETown. The big Daddy through a jolt that hit our tower , then the STL, then back to the studio, right through to my old Betsy. While I can nearly see that the writing is on the wall requiring me to buy yet another NEW computer which I planned to anyway, just thought I could put that off a few more months. But like a blown wheel cylinder and brake shoes along with wiper blades, you can only put it off until the whatever fails, then replace it. Most times I'd rather be proactive rather than reactive. 
Okay then during the time I needed to do a cyber bandit diagnostic looked on my FB page and saw dear Andrea chiming in needing a roof over thy head. Who does she come to? Yep ye old Wolf. Says she lost her synthetic socks(nylons) and all, now needs this old high octane canines help. Trouble is I do not have any extra, might have, had the brake system on ye ole General not gone out, and the Computer about to bite the dust, but there is very little room to wiggle money wise. However the question becomes why me? As well as should I? Think, has Andrea, taken my physical needs in hand or otherwise? Has she did any pavement pounding to scare up ad sales? Has there been any bedroom consultations ? And just because I was nice once, I'm just supposed to jump up and say, hey come tease me some more, but nothing more? Naw ain't into that. Kinda like Hilary Clinton, you can tease me once or even twice, but leave me and keep asking ain't going to make me just jump up. Sure she has no real transportation, but a TAXI, or even finding me down at walmart or say Smiths? Cell phone always works.
Hopefully we can get a show out to you later this evening.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A lesson learned, NEVER EVER click on something on Facebook that you don't really know

ATTENTION FACEBOOK users and those who might be apt to click on BLAZETV's site. DON'T DO IT, both have very sneaky stinky key logging malware on them, they dig into your system, and clog up your cyber pipes. I had a week full of radio programming I wanted to deliver to you over the last two days, but guess what the malware was really digging under my cyber pipe. After an all day session today I think I have most of the malady cured and later on will endeavor to push out a few of our LIVE cyber radio shows, both on as well as on on .
The enduring need of the cyber bandits to snag your information is constant. I have always said those who just sit and think that checking your computers security are just waiting for a malfunction. Moreover you need to take a better examination of just what you click on from some even fancy site urged by a post on Facebook. Look there's good ones on Facebook, but the cyber crooks see what your looking at and copy that site, put up an ad, you click on it, then your computer starts hurling chunks. We all know not to click on sites or emails from people you don't really know, but the same attention needs to be done on sites, even news sites, you don't know as well. Whether its Facebook, or Yahoo, don't click until you search a real site. Its like some shine, know from what still it came from. 
Tomi is on, check back in at 23:00