Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Work to enrich your minds, not fuel anothers anger

Facebook and other social sites can educate and inform, but they also can be hot beds for stalking, bullying and just plain feuds. As for me I'd rather look for those things that enrich my mind and increase my intelligence, maybe even teach me something I didn't already know. Whether its a way to make a meal that I serve at the Reaper Club, or a computer tech gizmo, to build a better radio station. Or yes even make a cocktail at the Reaper, that I never thought of. Facebook and other places similar on the Web, can be a place to meet and reconnect with people you had forgotten, or may in other places never meet. Example; SheWolf, I met her over Facebook, at first I was a bit reserved in committing to her. Not that I'm scared of commitment , but that I have been prowling the great forest of life alone for so long that sharing my personal space with ANYONE, takes time to adjust. But even with very little in common, come this June she will inhabit my domicile. Of course there is my dear friend Sarah, who through her postings of southern history and heritage, and images I have learned a lot of my ancestors from areas south including Alabama. But why fight, one is to be my life's partner and mate, one is one who I turn to as one would a sister, to ask those questions that us male corpuscles have no idea of. Then there are former Facebook people who we once knew that just want to cause trouble and make mountains out of mole hills. Example; SheWolf has a former heckler named Nicole, somehow Nicole got Big Rick Knytes President's phone number and pestered Rick all through the weekend, even Christmas. So with the need for a pilot truck today Rick and I met up in Afton Wyoming so I could pilot him into and out of northern Wyoming with a big, big, snow cat.   So we got to talking and those fires are now extinguished . But my how the crap flew. The fact is Rick likes SheWolf, as a mate for me. While looks are not there as one would draw to, its what's inside that counts, and face it, I'm not exactly the pencil necked geek, model GQ type either. I have a balding head, I'm way over weight, with type 2 diabetes, along with a mess of other physical ailments like a diminishing little liquid soldier count that says no wolf pups for awhile. Although My Doctor and med adviser says will return in a year or two once I reduce my stress and get more physically active. Sure the past year with SheWolf has been a foundation of a battleground. Most of it is aimed at the possible loss of me to her, by or because of all the sweethearts that I work with through RodeWolf Films and Media, and HazzardAyre. Along with the subsidiary 214 Films. None are and most likely never will be a nesting threat or even a snuggle partner, they still are important to the continued growth of the media firms and the rest of the organization as a whole. Sarah is my Texan sister, who has become very dear, and a future associate, but I don't think she'd ever roll up here to cold Wyoming or Idaho to settle in with me. But she does help the organization. On the same road, SheWolf is unless she messes things up, will be one who will wear my last name, and be my snuggly PooBear. Let's face it the creators of the Internet, aimed it at increasing knowledge, not to be used as a weapon to bully others. In the courtyard, there was a town prostitute. The residents gathered together to punish her, and were stoning her. When Jesus Christ came and held a stone and said " Let the first of you that has never sinned cast the first stone" I say use social media to Enrich your minds and enhance your souls, not tarnish and punish people for things that you most likely have done yourself. I guess I'm very blessed. I had very great parents, who got married with a loan from my Grandma Treasure. My Grandpa on Mom's side, gave them their first bed and kitchen table. Together those people built a mini Empire, invested smart, became the one founding parts of the Flying J Travel Plazas, I'm the lone beneficiary, of that Empire. This empire could never have been built by parents that did not believe in each other or the goals they were thriving for. I learned when the Yes I do's are exchanged that you stick with that person, no matter how much junk flows through the manure chute. Same goes for the Knytes, over the years even at the founding, there were issues that nearly were settled by knife point, but patience and brotherhood love of each other, plus the desire to create an organization to where we all are family, someone to lean on, get advice from, and go through both good times as well as bad ones. We joined to become the basic information source of knowledge and history of military aviation, southern heritage with a love of an open highway two or 4 or 18 wheels. While I do not want or is this meant to take away from the Son's of Confederate Veterans, to be a member of their organization you absolutely have to have roots planted in Southern soil. My question, is; Why? If one has a sincere love of southern ways and history, and wants to increase their knowledge of southern heritage, and support the concept of the south to rise, I say why not accept them? Is that not one of the desires of Robert E, as well as StoneWall? I say yes. I'll get into more l8r, need food and shut eye, see ya'll on the radio.
Stay Tuned

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