Friday, December 23, 2016

Don't be in fear to show your colors or let our flag fly

All too many of our rebel brothers and sisters have taken the road often traveled. Because of retribution, and violence they have put away our southern flags, and try to hide behind the Yankee myths. Instead of being proud and accomplished in our victories albeit small, but are still victories, of all wars. Corporate fear caused wide spread panic after that idiot shot up that southern place of worship, soon Walmart, a southern based company BTW, Amazon, Warner Brothers, and Viacom/aka CMT, decided to hide behind a hidden curtain, and pulled all merchandise with our battle flag on it. As for me I've never been in fear of the bigots and yes, even racists called northeners.I proudly fly that flag on my car, my trucks, my business cards on my shop and at my home. Sure I may be planted here in Wyoming where its downright cold and snowing, but here's some historical things ya'll might not know. Over in my home state of Idaho, just about 30 miles roughly from Mountain Home Idaho, sits what was once known as the Rocky Bar Project. A silver extraction facility that was around in the 1870's. In that complex is a operation called the Confederate Star Mine. Just up the road is a town called Atlanta, as well as over in the foothills of Idaho City Idaho, is a very small town called Dixie. When the war between the states was in full swing, many of our southern ancestors not willing at least in body to being in the heat of battle, moved here to the Mountain West, and places like Dixie Idaho and so on sprang up. The small town of Aberdeen Idaho, has a camp ground/ golf course called Hazzard Creek, Between the towns of Hagerman, and Tuttle to the east and Wendell to the southeast is the small town of Hazzard Idaho. All very much southern rebel. At youth sports events, both the Dixie anthem and the unions anthem are sung. People still open doors and call women mam. Oh and yes Hazzard Idaho, grows the best Gator meat ya'll would ever want to flap a lip over. Our Knytes member Mirinda had a post this morning, about what it was to be a rebel. I wish I could have captured that better but here it is
 That pretty much says it all don't it?
It starts with bikers, all over the world being told to hide their club colors. But it carries on to car clubs, truck clubs and even aviation organizations. The powers that be and even the great Don, to soon to be sworn into being top dog in the White House, are trying to pigeion hole us into being all the same thing. No individuality, no creativity, to sense of self worth or pride of those we associate with. Nope they want us all to be assimilated unto one order, and one population. Beyond skin color, they want to regulate what body ink you have, what food you eat, and pretty damn soon, they will assign genders their partners, or husbands and wives. The they are squeezing us into one little controlled box. Throw us some grain and syrup, some water and maybe a prefab bed of sorts. Remember the now dead show called Weeds that ran on ShowTime? 
 In the opening credits  theme song it talked about all people being all just the same. In Star Trek story lines it went 
 I for one say I will not be assimilated , I will remain an individual, and I will stand my ground as a proud Confederate Rebel. If they don't like it too bad, the only symbol I recognize are 
No others.
On the domestic front, SheWolf and I once again got into a fuss. I'll dispense with the paticulars but there has to be a quieting soon, or this will not last very long. While physics says that two unlike atoms will attract, still do they need to be so far opposed? 
Finally, the Bishop and his Son came over last night, had a nice visit, he dropped off some trinkets and such, which the cookies are no more of. Them was good. But at least somebody remembered this old high octane canine this Christmas. Which leads back into the deal tween SheWolf and I, one of the biggies is that outside of this worm dirt as Monkee used to call it, damn I miss her, any mile Monkee called my Skoal worm dirt. But I told SheWolf last night two things that set her off, although it don't take too much to set her off these days. But that although I pray its not for good, my little liquid swimming soldiers are pretty much goners. All I can do now is shoot blanks. The other thing, and I don't know why, as it would calm her soul, as well as her mind, but I told her , as I did here when she was under my roof, that if she was not Temple worthy, or at least working towards that, that there would be no marriage. I have went at marriage 5 times before. All started in sin, and all ended tragic. This time and at my age this one to her was the last go round, I want to be married or at least eventually sealed and all in the Temple, my choice is the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple, the way the water flows over the falls just outside and all, if you can sit, even in the parking lot and not get a slight tear and feel closer to Heavenly Father(God) then your not human. Any mile need to get this day started. 
Don't be afraid or in fear to show your colors, and/or your Our flag. Take pride, not fear.

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