Monday, December 26, 2016

Yesterday was a pretty cool day. Had misgivings on going to Church what with every road in or around Evanston here being snow covered or a snow floor, but went I did. SheWolf texted me right in the middle of Sacrament but I silenced the phone, and got back in the groove of the presentation of the service. We did the normal, Mark our Bishop tried to do a narration of some Christmas story, intermixed with Christmas songs. One little kid from the Primary decided he wanted to do a solo act, grabbed the podium mic and attempted an impromtu voiceover. My friend Vern tried to do a guitar overlay on Silent Night but the audio system was overcome by the piano, of course the male corpuscles got up to do a song, few were in key, must be a bunch of tone deaf guys in our Ward, but it was cool. Talked to Vern and family, including Dave, then they were scampering off to some wedding. Church over. Caught a call, just leaving Church, went out, and attempted to get out of the little lane up to the shop where the trucks are, but got stuck in the process. So took advantage of a small John Deere and got the truck out, and back in the shop. Went home, watched Meet the Press, and went off to dreamland and did not wake up till 23:00 hours, only then thinking of food, poop, meds and back to sleep. Nope, SAR mission came in so went to do that and now just getting ready to do a show at noon or so today. Christmas is over for 2016. Unless weather improves by then, my butt is not leaving this house except for a milk and grub run and paying the heat gas bill. I was going to do that several times last week, cept between weather mostly snow and snagging and grabbing people out of it, I kept my butt where its warm and dry. Chatted with our good friend Sarah on Facebook, she said that if I forwarded her our snail mail addy, she'd try to get some green flowing to the radio op here. Which would be great cause we could sure use it.
Sarah makes these pillows with our Dixie flag and such on em, Some of which look great on FB, but I'm looking for one in my snail mail box so I can show it off on HazzardAyre TV. Speaking of TV. Watched this thing on one of the ongrowing Discovery Channel network about the happenings leading up to Sturgis. Fairly good show, but sadly outdated. Many of the destinations on there are gone due to the economy, as well as man made disasters like the flaming of the Full Throttle Saloon. Now if your wondering now where I'm going here and how this relates to Sarah, just hold on a few centons. The Road to Sturgis TV show was great in much of the content and I'm not wanting to take away from that in anyway. However what if a group, did up an aviation show featuring all branches of military aviation, in all forms, old, new, copter all of it, but had about as much hijinx as say Sturgis. After all our brother organization the AyreWolvez, have always had as our mantra being bikers who fly, and start a trend? How about a TV show that showed the reconstruction of a warbird or vintage copter. Highlighted air shows, etc. Sure I like the CAG shows of air battles, but there is albeit not for as many due to cost, but still men and women rebuilding; vintage, military aircraft to flyable condition, and showing them off. Now how this relates to Sarah and all. I though if we can talk her into it, but how about, doing pillows and such with warbird aircraft, as well as squadron patch logos like that of the VMA214,
 or the original Hells Angels logo 
 which was a military air squadron, long before becoming the infamouse MC that the name brings to mind. In my way of thinking, military aviation is near like the soda I like best Dewshine 
 the unsung heros or at least the unsung champions of any war. Without air cover, air support, air rescue and air med EVAC where would all those ground troops be? Even our illustriuos new President , the Don, is wanting to kill the F-35 , which if it happens, might take away from the economic revitalization of both metro Utah and metro (Boise/Mountain Home) Idaho. The Super Hornet is a great bird, but in my opinion, will never exceed the Tomcat 
 sure the 14's tooling and jigs and all are mostly gone, but why not rebuild? For the cost of the 35, you could. But I'm getting away from the subject. As I watched this docudrama of going to Sturgis, I came away with two thoughts. One the series seems to be more aimed at the cops busting bikers, and two a narrator who more than likely had never been up on two wheels. I also thought, what a great tribute and a hand off, to those of us, who when called, rallied to the task of strapping on a piece of turbine powered aircraft, and going into combat to protect those under us and this nation called America. Than to have air rallies, similar to the biker rallies. What do you think? Well gotta get out of here and begin to carve things out for the Monday after Christmas. 
Keep it wings level


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