Thursday, December 22, 2016

Butt will you let me get off the toilet before you leave?

So there I was just unloading my insides into the white throne when I hear banging on my door. So I finish pinching off, finishing the paper work, and pulling up my pants, and by the time I answer the door, whomever it was, was gone. Okay then seems that whoever it was decided to call me or at least I think it was whoever so I fetch the phone and tried to call the number back on my caller ID, but no answer. Oh well, must have not been that important, but it interrupted my evening toilet session.
So woke up a bit more and devoured a pint of soup, and a ham sandwich watched some TV of which I caught the news. One story dealt with the ongoing battle between the LDS church and some questionable dealings and some guy who is pumping a well handle of something called LDS WikiLeaks. Here came the weather. But hey the forecast for here in Evanston was to be of snow. Where was or is that snow? A slight dusting. Good cause , with a winch cable busted can't do much. Plus one of the heavies being out, the other two in Boise getting work done, couldn't go anyway. I get the call, but had to throw it off. Don't think Haji liked that. But hey I'm not going out with just one winch line operational. 
So there watching Rosanne on LAFF TV, SheWolf texts. All ruffled about the fact that I get the stiffy over Becket from the TV show CASTLE that is replayed on TNT. 
 and why not? She's hot and me trying to see who her agent is to investigate having her in the Knytes' movie. So SheWolf says she's going to call at 23:00 okay, but all the texting runs the little battery in my phone down, and since I got it wet several weeks ago, to charge the battery requires removing the battery and put it on a revamped charger that takes 12 hours instead of the usual 6. So no phone call. Seems SheWolf also likes to text at the worst times, either when I'm driving, going to the potty, taking a hot bath to get the blood in my legs to flow, ever since my DVT in 2010 that had my right leg swelled the size of a football, I have to take Goody's Powders twice a day, 3 packets in the morning, 3 at night. Plus the hot baths. Or she texts while I'm at the shop, at about the time I'm into a project, the other day racing to snag the text from her, I slipped on frozen water on the floor of the shop and fell on my butt, which fortunately didn't damage anything including me , but might I add I cracked my tail bone last month. Its sore. 
She Wolf thinks that like her all I do is sit on my butt all day, doing nothing but texting. Unlike her per duty to the Knytes' and my wallet, I have to work, although what I make is mere dimes on the dollar, still, its money and anything helps, especially with the big move next year in March back to the Twin Falls area of Idaho. So to those who visit me, when you knock , I hear you, allow me to get off the potty, and get dressed so I can properly answer the door. To those like SheWolf, when you text me, give me a few minutes to reply by text to you before you feed me another text. If your going to call me, leave a message on voice mail or a phone number so I can get back to you. Otherwise, don't go away mad, just go away.

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