Monday, February 29, 2016

Fearing the first tug bug, lack of creates quick willie wetness.

Happily anticipating my Lady She Wolf's arrival, and yet concerned that at least for our first few rounds at least the first one is going to be a one if not hardly that pump chump. It's the fearing of the first tug bug, not that Harley can't perform, nor will not have enough juice, but hey its been what now? 15 years since I have had any serious action in the nap sack, at least by someone real. The thing is it scares me to death, that for once, I'm going to be in a situation condition, where Harley will not fear of having a rain coat, or not, or that there will not be a mount dismount, add to that if SheWolf is going to be able to keep a smile on me for longer than a quick stick, that you know that these 
 are what lights my desire fire, however that said, I'm very sure that a different hand and real flesh brushing over Harley and all is going to have him done in less than 30 seconds. Over time I'm sure the duration will improve, but I am fretting a bit on that, just a bit.
See Ya'll in the AM, I am in the Wolf's Den much to do, to get my Lady SheWolf out here.

Should you pay with a debit card or even use a bank card? Whatever happened to taking out the money at the same time you make a purchase?

I'm still thinking that we are all trapped by the establishment, and the fact that piece of paper called paper money. Yet, if you pay with paper money you don't see on your bank statement that a payment or payment for purchasing something is still pending. Why can't they just take the money out of your account, the very second you use your debit or check card to pay for something? I mean why make it a credit thing, pay for it its yours use paper money , yet if you do purchase online or all of that the seller or vendor can't just send you a written invoice through snail mail, hell no, they demand you use that damn debit card. When I opened my account at Wells Fargo Bank in Ogden two years ago, I was nearly adamant that I did not want a bank card. I said then, the damn things only cause trouble, and the purchases were always delayed so you always show a minus balance. But old Shae says you need one, set up an overdraft program, yet since then if I see one month with some not expected purchase or one that should have already cleared that hasn't, I get hit with a overdraft. Bullshit, so since I'm beginning to settle down here and about to get married and all, I'm going to look around for a better deal, for my and my company's banking needs. I read not too long ago, that Wells Fargo is one of the most hated banks in the nation. I'm starting to see why. I still think that the small rural local banks are better, no stockholders, no corporate boards and most decisions can be done with just a phone call and/or a visit, more personalized service and concern. 
Will not be on air overnight as I'm working to get things arranged here for the arrival of my new Lady SheWolf, somehow her MamaWolf decided not to make the trip, which makes my work a bit simpler, course I think MamaWolf decided that it was time that my Lady SheWolf, got to experience the world. Moreover me. 
See you at 11:00AM on

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Unification on the Horizon and sweet tidings from Florida

Changes while part of life are not always welcome and takes us out of our comfort zones. Changes in the way we do business and for that matter how we go about our daily routines can really mess with our cebrebial cortex's yet in the long race of life these changes will benefit us. Out of which changes in the company are on the way. Bringing RodeWolf Toewing up to boil, I had to swallow a bunch of pride, in putting both Highway Hooker and SpeedWrench Toewing respectively on the back shelf. RodeWolf Toewing , marries well with AyreWolf Aviation as such since both are the prime focus for the immediate future, and works well for RodeWolf Truck And Diesel Shop, here as well as in both Tooele and Wendover Utah. While Hazzard County Choppers will remain in both Rigby, Burley and Hazzard Idaho, RodeWolf Toewing will be partnered up with the Dixie Diesel Shop in Boise, Grangeville and BlackFoot Idaho. So we are getting there.
Speaking of marriages, while that is out in the future a bit and premature to speak on now, it does look pretty seriously that this high octane canine is about to get somewhat domesticated. 
Got the return phone call finally from Shelly yesterday, and while its been many years since I cohabitated with a Alpha femal Wolf it does look like the bed amongst other places will soon be warmer than they have been, having another voice in the Wolf's Den here and all is going to be welcomed. It's also going to mean giving up a few things as well, like driving LiL Wolf more since Shelly will need General JaXson to tool around town and all with, and more time spent in the shop than in the studio, the difficult thing is going to be finding housing for her mother, but we'll manage somehow. The radio op will be in the evenings, mornings and all sleeping and afternoons at the shop as well as in the air, but having a second seat here as well as a mate is going to make my world a bit lighter, even though it may not seem like it now. Sure Shelly is a bit on the heavy side, but then so am I. Maybe she and I can shed some weight together who knows, but we have love of at least a TV show or two, and the fact that I think Heavenly Father knew that she and I need each other he brought us together. Considering Shelly is 2500 miles away in Florida, and me here , it took having enough distance from each others reputations bad and good, deserved or not , to find each other. At least for once one of my pitches didn't backfire. Sure none of are going into this with grand financial capability, as neither are rich as far as monetary status, I get what I get from both Social Security and Military Pension, Shelly gets Social Security, but together we'll make it work. Sure there's the organizations income from film and radio etc, but that usually comes at the middle and end of a film or series, and or advertiser support as for the radio gig, that's once a month, as well as the money made for the club through the shops and towing services and as well as AyreWolf/HazzardAyre Aviation, but its sparadic it don't come all at once and it don't always come in on time or as often as I'd like, but a home brewed team is being assembled here and all will be better off . 
Any mile have church at 09:00 so I'm off to bed, join me tonite for RodeWolf/AyreWolf Radio at 18:00(6:00PM) and HazzardAyre Ovrnite .

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Its warm in Florida, cold in Wyoming just hope I'm not counting the chickens before they hatch

A recent acquaintence of mine online, has be all over twitterpaited. For you not in the know or too young to remember, when Bambi became aroused by a mate, Thumper said he was twitterpaited, which means all in the glow of things of a emotional thing humans call love or at least wanting to be in that condition. However my partner at the old shop, told me to be very careful, since he has heard of this kind of thing, the guy thinking its grand, but her just wanting a fling,  not wearing a ring. There's also the fiscal reality, having a mate costs mucho denaro , plus there is the ultimate part of this, is she as much into me as I am into her? The fact that she's always throwing up the image and all ov Jan Vincent who for one is long deceased and two became nothing like the character he portrayed on the screen. I too have fantasy movie and TV illusions, of the female side, like Keri Russell from Pacific Shores into Felicity, now on the Americans on FX, of course there is Selena Gomez, sure I'd like to trip the night fantastic with her as well, but unless your holding a million dollars in your hands or wallet, neither is going to want to spend any time with me, likewise I don't think my new honey would get the time of day from Jan, not taking anything away from Jan, on both the productions we worked on together , White Line Fever,(Blue Mule was my creation) or again with Airwolf, Jan worked hard, but his narcotic problems, drinking, over spending and eventual health decline, all I could see was a once bigger than life man dwindle down to a near hobo, that passed away quietly in 2014. I am in the way of thinking that if your going to lust after a celebrity, go after one attainable, like say a local TV newscaster , not some big time actor, or actress that unless your of some grand celebrity yourself you stand not a chance with. Over the years on air interviewing many , like Heather Locklear, Katie Holmes, and Selma Hyack , I have broke bread with many, but a serious relationship was far from reality. The only one I ever, ever had a shot with was Miss Cathy Bach aka Daisy Duke
 But fear of being fired from that show, and all kept me away from that. I especially remember the time when I first met Cathy. We had brought our version of the grand General Lee to the Salt Lake City Autorama, although the studio had one that had no engine in it, on tour. People loved ours, but there was the thing that Mick Ellis , not having anyone else and me being the fan of the show from whence the car came from, delegated me to escort Miss. Bach from the show where she was making a personal appeerance to her hotel and to eat. We spent one night just talking and eating a boat load of ice cream and sundaes, it was grand, yet I never pursued that. Today I still have the key to her front door and get Christmas cards for but that was a once in a lifetime. I have sought company from other actress' but got no reply from agents nor them personally. Of all the gigs I have done the Dukes was and is a family and we all from the stars down to us in the trenches me being just a mechanic on set, are still friends, but getting back on course and topic here. 
It's one thing to be a fan and have a lust and dream of a star to be your one and only, but in reality if you knew them in person or worked with them, you would not want to be their special someone. Its better to detune your lusts and all for someone that is real, and that wants you for you. I'm reality, Jan is a deceased fantasy. While I'm trying to keep an open mind here, I might remind the lady of my interest here, it may be warm in Florida, and sleeping in ones back yard may be great, I give you a warm place that while its cold outside here in Wyoming, I have a very warm heart and home. I'm just praying I'm not counting the chickens before they hatch here. I'm though reminded of the words of both my cousin Shar, and partner at the old shop, Rick, you met her online, it ain't real, until she's here in your home all cuddled up. 
Remember RodeWolf Radio at 1:00PM today and overnight on HazzardAyre. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

When its snows I tow when its dry I fly

When it snows I tow, when its dry I fly, the two marries RodeWolf Toewing with AyreWolf Aviation. The true meaning thereof is when the weather is so bad and frozen, my butt is in LexiBelle out snagging and dragging trucks, and light trucks from the comedian lane to somewhat broken snow floor highway. But when the weather begins to look upon getting into the air, dusting crops, exterminating insect pest from the sky, and of course med transport by air and when needed fire suppression and search and rescue. When I can I slide in behind the mic to do radio on our Livestream channels and over the air here, as well as write for TV and film, with some producing alongside that. Right now there are three of those being worked on, the revized movie of B.J. & The Bear, and AirWolf, and an original, expanding on the Hazzard County concept called the Hazzard Knytes. 
See you on the radio in the AM Saturday, and on Sunday afternoon. 
Good Nite Shelly,

and the rest of you 

But did it take someone from Florida?

I suppose being one that can see things for what they could be or can be rather than what they are is somewhat of a gift, but that kind of futuristic ability can be a curse as well. Last night Rick at the shop was somewhat not conversational, looks like there might be a divorce coming on there at least as far as he and I and what was our shop. That ball is in his court, since I did invite him and crew to the new facility, but no firm answer there.
I'm not one who follows the rest of the establshment, in fact I'm very much anti establishment, anti system, and extremely rebel. Maybe its the fact that I think outside of the box, and very much beyond what many think is normal. I'm a wyld wolf, and I make no apologies for that. I am me, you get what you see, nothing super fancy, not rich by any means and certainly not conventional. Just a creative film producer, radio personality and a pilot, that dabbles in towing and building radical rides, cars, bikes and trucks. I do the impossible with the improbable and usually with only a few area tools, much of the time imported from slightly more advanced areas, and then there has been thoughts, of relocation, near where the Lady is now located, and all, but I got to thinking a few weeks ago, why move. Sure the first inning of the shop game with Rick went sour, but its he who gets back up on his horse, in this case back into the cockpit, that succeeds. My only thing in regrets and all was no lady human, to be with , that shares at least a few of the things and interests I do. The fact that there is no Yankee northern woman that would have me, one evening found this sweet heart from Florida, that at least was into all things Airwolf. Since then much of a lot of common interests and all have been explored and just as I predicted, it took a honey from Dixie, that if all works out, can be my personal SheWolf, rebuilding AyreWolf Media and Films, here. Yes , I'll have to teach her how to fly, and get her GA(pilots license) and all, but hey its a beginning. But I got to thinking and no I ain't been drinking, isn't it a real slap in the face that with all these upity stuck up egotistical women in Evanston and surrounding area that I needed to reach beyond the great divide to find a woman that could easily become my bride? Beyond that a mind that has the same wyld ideas I have that can and will create some memorable future films, TV series, and yes co run AyreWolfFM/HazzardAyre Radio.  Her name is Shelly , and I have a good idea that for once my time has arrived. 

  I need this and have needed this. More over needed her. I look at things like this; God never has people cross each others paths or enter into each others universe if he doesn't want things to happen. Sure its going to be difficult, both of us are on a fixed income, me on both Social Security and military pension, her on Social Security. Me I've been blessed, I have except, and it was my choice, but as for me I have never been homeless. Close to it, but I've always had a roof over my head, creature comforts and a life. From birth through and because of some great parents that too, had a dream, made it happen together, and me being the prime beneficiary. True for about the last 12 years while a law suit from my trust fund against a annuity investment company that had the executives caught with their hand in the cookie jar. But Now bit by bit the fund is now being paid, just over $15,000.00 in interest over the next 5 years, and more after that until the Principle of $30k, is paid. I'm not doing badly. Its when you allow God to take the steering wheel, that blessings happen, the word most use is faith, I call it Gods gifts, and when you say its his will, not ours, that things happen. I'm still producing the show, so no overnight, but will see you on the radio, at 10:00AM at and on 

NYC yes, LA/Hollywood yes, but not in the Mountain West

As the night evolves on into morning, I was replied to by one of those all too many FB ad deals of a new talent agency commenting on the fact that I leaned a bit too much on the nylon hose, and foot thing to focus attention on two words spelled only slightly different, sound the same and mean something else. The words TOE and TOW. This was a years gone by in an entirely different era, when people were game for nearly anything and obscure ideas were welcome, not trashed as something filthy. When I set that up it was in mirror of an ad that I saw from a plumbing outfit in Boise one year, where after the plumber unclogged a rich old gals toilet in a black marbled bathroom, gold fixtures and all with the gal sitting on the vanity, with a champaign glass in one hand and the plumber kissed the ladies hand. So I took the idea, of a kountry gal in a truck broke down in rural Idaho, where good old me shows up in LexiBelle, rescues her with the end scene with me putting lips on her toes saying we love Towz. It wasn't until a few years later I brought the idea up with my crew in Gooding Idaho, and our on air sex counselor Emme Lee, says why not just combine the words and make it TOEW? So Nurse Goodbody did the deed, 
 As such we made the thing work, and it did quite well. Since then its been one of my dedication to task tests, with the basic thought of if a model talent will do this she's open to just about anything. With that in mind, while many wont say it in public, if a producer of say the Howard Stern show , came around , there isn't much difference between he and I except Howard is in DC, was in Hollywood, and I'm in Wyoming on the Wyoming Utah line. But if that Stern producer showed up here auditioning, the same gals that push us off would be lined up around the block in twos vieing for the chance to be on his show either TV or radio. Which is the foundation of the sending of hose in a package to the studio, lets get as raunchy as can be and see if we can push the envelope of decency and find where it goes. HazzardAyre Radio and its 9 other sibling channels enters into our 6th year of being on over the air as well as 2 of those 6 being online. With two Emmy's, and 3 Grammy's plus two CMA awards, you'd think that more folks in the business would have more respect amongst other things, for our creation, that all too many others try to copy but rarely if ever duplicate. But this is , like it or not LDS land, where most if not everybody's nose is buried up their butts or in the rut of the BoM. Or are at least fearful of the chance that one of if not more of their talent might work with us and get banished from work with Bonneville Media or something, so its better to not. Around these parts, its very difficult to do something slightly out of the box of the normal in creation of film or otherwise, and most of the Metro Utah talent agencies, are so closely tied into each other, if one gets pissed, the others follow suit. Even though the experience might advance their agencies into the rest of the world. So yes our kind of wyld radio/tv might be accepted in say NYC or Hollywood, maybe even Nashville, or Atlanta, but not here in, the; blind sighted Mountain West. More on this on air Friday afternoon. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A radio person or wanna be actor or film/tv/movie writer find out what the person in charge likes

You can always tell how dedicated a person is, in doing a task or applying for a spot on your team as to just how far they will go to please you. A few years ago, when I stumbled upon Sue Rogers radio show "Sex With Sue" ( I knew for the relationship benefit of all the heavy haulers and military aviators that tune into the over the air show, that Sex with Sue was a needed program. So I called and Sue said why not? But along with some cd's with the show on em, I told sue that' I'd love to get some of her rather used but persinally scented hose in the package. She did so quickly. It was a real gas,(no pun intended) when the package arrived, all musky, but I knew right then, that we had not only a voicetrack style program, for the station but a network partner. Of course going to when Robin (Miss Dixie-Diesel 1993) showed up for work from a small newsprint ad in a farm news newspaper, I told her what was to be expected , and Robin made sure not only did she wear nylons to the studio, but made sure her toes in hose were in my face all the time. We developed a great vibe that she could voice an ad or promo, and me there or not, I could roll in later and run the music under so easily, because I got the feelings just right. Of course there Nurse GoodBody. When she called me for the first audition and I suggested she wear hose to the gig, her only question was, Pantyhose or stockings? Not the million questions as to why or what for. Only to please me and the shows producers. There have been a few afterwerds, like Amber, who used to be manager of Radio Shack in Twin Falls Idaho. I told her I wanted her on our team. Not only did she drive 40 miles one way in some bad weather, to sit in on a show, but we still are good friends and someone I'd hire in a Hazzard County second, for managing the upcoming Twin Falls studio. I always say to those just getting into the business, that if your going to impress a new producer or audition for a new gig, you find out about the who is it, that's running and heading up the gig, then send him (or her) something kinda kinky or at least out of the norm. The United States postal service still works wonders, if you know the guy is into underwear, nylons or something and you want to get his real attention, take a slightly soiled pair , put em in the mail, with your resume, I gurantentee that he'll remember you on the open call audition and you can bet a call back will happen. It's like this gal we're bringing out here from Florida to be a writer and pr, assistant, for Ayrewolf(airwolf)fm, named Shelly, if she wants to really impress me, its not in FB chats or texts, its she should take a pair or two of her pantyhose(if she has them, if not buy some and wear them for a day) put them in a package and mail those out to me, here. Then I'd have a little of her long before she got here, plus I'd know that once she got here she'd be dedicated to me, the project, the Wolf-Pack, and that the expense of moving her out west was worth it. 
If your a guy actor , or supporting cast, or grip wanting to make an impression on a new lady producer/director, don't do the cliche lunch dinner thing, nope, do up a mix cd, some flowers and sprinkle it with your favorite body enhancement scent, or cologne. This tells her, your into her, her project and the gig. These things show , she's done her(or his) research on you, your company, and the gig. That your a self starter, resourceful when needed, and not someone whose going to have to be hand held throughout the learning process. Do that little extra, and it'll be you who gets hired.

So just what does her feet smell like anyway?

Many of you who know me well, knows that a woman dressed in a skirt wearing pantyhose will make me loose any kind of self control. The look , the texture the finish of a look, the entire package. I have always considered that a woman that dresse's to the nine's but doesn't accent the package in wearing nylons , does not care about finishing anything, nor does she care about her appearence. Now that said, I'd say that not everybody finds this a must, but its a good sign of character and self esteem if the lady takes the time to have her toenails trimmed, some simple but tasteful polish on her toes and as said wearing nylon hose of some sort. Then there is the case of the aroma. Or scent. There are several, simple sweat, with bare feet for most men not a serious turn on, the Fritos Cornchip smell, means hasn't taken a bath in days, so she's unkept and that means to many men the house is a mess, wont work much to tend to domestic house chores, and does little to keep her man (if she has one) happy. There is the slight musky scent that is inviting, then there is the lady that has just the right combination of scents, both natural as well as synthetic, applied such as Exclamation sparing applied to her body, behind her knees and yes her feet. This is the kind of lady that will make a man become subserviant to her and she will command that mans attention for hours. Its a symbol of confidence, of pose and of a well serious but playful attitude. Angel by day, a vixen of sexiness and love of adventure by night. This is the kind of woman a man looks for, but rarely finds. 
Yellow dungy toenails, bare feet that are just filthy, and all is the one who will not be chosen to or for a dance at the ball. 
Still in production for todays show, serious computer problems here, its not the computer its the bandwidth of Allwest in our area. Seems as the come down speed is okay, but can't we get an near to equal upload speed? Say at 20 to 50 mbps here? 
See you all this afternoon on KKOD FM 104.7 and online at 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

One wyld knuckle ride

I am convinced the General JaXson does not want to go to Idaho, since I just barely made it back from Ogden, with the old General bleeding from undernieth . See pulled into Denny's there at the Flying J, there on 21st to grab some grub and head on up. Part of the relocation project. Saw that the old General was blowing some smoke as usual, so went in grabbed some tranny fluid, but the fluid ran out as fast as I put it in. So disgusted, got home and will take a peak when its daylight and a heck of alot warmer. 
Went to the so called work session of the Evanston city council this evening. Seems as though there is a seat or two on the P&Z so I'm looking to throwv my name in there. Like I've always said, if your not part of the solution your part of the problem./ One might ask why the hell if your moving why your looking at being part of Evanston' city Government? Reason, shop is still going to be here, radio station and upcoming TV station will still be here, so I'm getting involved. There are some that would just shrug it all off and split, but that's not the way of the club. Okay so I got this question at city council about number of active members in the Knytes as well as the Wolf Pack. Its pretty simple really, there is 1,000 member in all 50 states of the union, of that 1000, 500 are Knytes , 500 are AyreWolvez. Which broken down in the charters are 250 or so spread out over the region or specific states. In the case of the west, here; there are 25 members between Cokeville, Evanston, Rogerson, Mountain View, and Fort Bridger Wyoming. Then the other 250 are spread out all over eastern Wyoming, as well as up Jackson Hole way. In my specific charter its split between Eastern Utah and western Wyoming. Much of the membership are still deployed throughout the mid east of the Persian Gulf, as well as the South Pacific. Which means human resources being scarce to help with things like the radio operation and all , there is the problem of getting official club documents signed, and so on. It gets done, but FPO mail and our snail mail just takes longer than just sending something domestic. 
Any mile, gotta prep some more for mornings show, see ya'll at 10:00Am on 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Two things good today two bad but in the end a sigh of relief

First good thing happened today, got the checks from the Metro Insurance Trust account cashed. Although one had to be held for verification, bullshit. But I got one of the smaller ones cashed. Damn near went to Wal-Mart since they cashed one Saturday night. Okay, then , got the lease signed on MY new shop, its out in the wilderness, sort of, but for what I need a shop for right now, its fine and in MY price range. Then coming out to the new shop, just inside of city limits, this jerk in a newer model Toyota 4Runner damn near hits me from a rolling stop. Normally something like that, I just let slide by , but this was way too close for comfort., So went to the fuzz station to get a ticket written on this asshole, Like I said before, there's more assholes everyday. Would the cops do anything? No, but I will tell you this, they sat up and called me, when I sent the DCI dick a text that told em, next time I wont call no cop, next time some SAMCRO justice would be dealt out. Welcome to Evanston, drying up and this is one of the reasons it is. Law here is by and for a chosen few. I saw as I rolled out from a meal at Sud's Brothers, which was as tense filled as could be , Kara was working and Kara for those that forgot, was one that signed up to be one of our main wait staff at what was to be here , as the Reaper Club. It ain't our fault that the city wouldn't issue a liquir license. But what I noticed was that main street is near dried up as far as business's are concerned, the old city hall building has few tenants trouble is the town folk don't understand nore care, Thing is you throw em a lifeline and they toss it away. Which is why I leased the other shop, enough for me and my rides, so I can reside in metro Utah to get my butt making money again, just hope cousin Shar can help me find a place to hang my hat, in May as that's when I'm looking to exit. 
Time for my nap so I can be on air later.