Tuesday, February 23, 2016

One wyld knuckle ride

I am convinced the General JaXson does not want to go to Idaho, since I just barely made it back from Ogden, with the old General bleeding from undernieth . See pulled into Denny's there at the Flying J, there on 21st to grab some grub and head on up. Part of the relocation project. Saw that the old General was blowing some smoke as usual, so went in grabbed some tranny fluid, but the fluid ran out as fast as I put it in. So disgusted, got home and will take a peak when its daylight and a heck of alot warmer. 
Went to the so called work session of the Evanston city council this evening. Seems as though there is a seat or two on the P&Z so I'm looking to throwv my name in there. Like I've always said, if your not part of the solution your part of the problem./ One might ask why the hell if your moving why your looking at being part of Evanston' city Government? Reason, shop is still going to be here, radio station and upcoming TV station will still be here, so I'm getting involved. There are some that would just shrug it all off and split, but that's not the way of the club. Okay so I got this question at city council about number of active members in the Knytes as well as the Wolf Pack. Its pretty simple really, there is 1,000 member in all 50 states of the union, of that 1000, 500 are Knytes , 500 are AyreWolvez. Which broken down in the charters are 250 or so spread out over the region or specific states. In the case of the west, here; there are 25 members between Cokeville, Evanston, Rogerson, Mountain View, and Fort Bridger Wyoming. Then the other 250 are spread out all over eastern Wyoming, as well as up Jackson Hole way. In my specific charter its split between Eastern Utah and western Wyoming. Much of the membership are still deployed throughout the mid east of the Persian Gulf, as well as the South Pacific. Which means human resources being scarce to help with things like the radio operation and all , there is the problem of getting official club documents signed, and so on. It gets done, but FPO mail and our snail mail just takes longer than just sending something domestic. 
Any mile, gotta prep some more for mornings show, see ya'll at 10:00Am on www.livestream.com/rodewolffm 

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