Sunday, February 28, 2016

Unification on the Horizon and sweet tidings from Florida

Changes while part of life are not always welcome and takes us out of our comfort zones. Changes in the way we do business and for that matter how we go about our daily routines can really mess with our cebrebial cortex's yet in the long race of life these changes will benefit us. Out of which changes in the company are on the way. Bringing RodeWolf Toewing up to boil, I had to swallow a bunch of pride, in putting both Highway Hooker and SpeedWrench Toewing respectively on the back shelf. RodeWolf Toewing , marries well with AyreWolf Aviation as such since both are the prime focus for the immediate future, and works well for RodeWolf Truck And Diesel Shop, here as well as in both Tooele and Wendover Utah. While Hazzard County Choppers will remain in both Rigby, Burley and Hazzard Idaho, RodeWolf Toewing will be partnered up with the Dixie Diesel Shop in Boise, Grangeville and BlackFoot Idaho. So we are getting there.
Speaking of marriages, while that is out in the future a bit and premature to speak on now, it does look pretty seriously that this high octane canine is about to get somewhat domesticated. 
Got the return phone call finally from Shelly yesterday, and while its been many years since I cohabitated with a Alpha femal Wolf it does look like the bed amongst other places will soon be warmer than they have been, having another voice in the Wolf's Den here and all is going to be welcomed. It's also going to mean giving up a few things as well, like driving LiL Wolf more since Shelly will need General JaXson to tool around town and all with, and more time spent in the shop than in the studio, the difficult thing is going to be finding housing for her mother, but we'll manage somehow. The radio op will be in the evenings, mornings and all sleeping and afternoons at the shop as well as in the air, but having a second seat here as well as a mate is going to make my world a bit lighter, even though it may not seem like it now. Sure Shelly is a bit on the heavy side, but then so am I. Maybe she and I can shed some weight together who knows, but we have love of at least a TV show or two, and the fact that I think Heavenly Father knew that she and I need each other he brought us together. Considering Shelly is 2500 miles away in Florida, and me here , it took having enough distance from each others reputations bad and good, deserved or not , to find each other. At least for once one of my pitches didn't backfire. Sure none of are going into this with grand financial capability, as neither are rich as far as monetary status, I get what I get from both Social Security and Military Pension, Shelly gets Social Security, but together we'll make it work. Sure there's the organizations income from film and radio etc, but that usually comes at the middle and end of a film or series, and or advertiser support as for the radio gig, that's once a month, as well as the money made for the club through the shops and towing services and as well as AyreWolf/HazzardAyre Aviation, but its sparadic it don't come all at once and it don't always come in on time or as often as I'd like, but a home brewed team is being assembled here and all will be better off . 
Any mile have church at 09:00 so I'm off to bed, join me tonite for RodeWolf/AyreWolf Radio at 18:00(6:00PM) and HazzardAyre Ovrnite .

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