Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's way too bright and too early in the afternoon

It's way too bright and way too early for this old wolf to be awake, let alone beginning a new day, I'm used to doing one thing in mid morning to early afternoon , that is wake up long enough to stumble into the latrine unload my bladder , then creep back to by oversized bed and crawl in I no longer care about being awake or at least bust my balls any more. About anything. I used too, I used to give it my all plus add 100% , to where no thank you, no acknowledgement of anything, or inventions nor given credit for a damn thing. Except for a few projects of the Knytes or AyreWolvez, the public or industry peers are more frightened by my accomplishments rather than a "hey that can help me too thank you" nope, like KSL, or KUTV in Utah, They damn well know me or know of me, in fact I'd be surprised if not every TV , Radio station in 4 states has not heard the howl of this old wolf, as well as the infectious power of all things HazzardAyre Radio. They have felt the stings of that pointed knife of the Knytes as well, but few media companies can say they have not heard of us, and most know to hold tight and not even squawk. Nope , nor will they ever do much if anything without me lining their pockets with ad money. On the subject of advertising, I want and have the money to pay for an extensive ad campaign including that for Hazzard County Choppers and all, but since Claressa and Ace broke up one of the founding Knytes as well as when due to a lot of bellering by a quirky gal we hired in Gooding, no not Erin, But Miss Nurse GoodBody after never has agreed to stretch her limbs in front of a camera since. It's not that there's no money, its the fact of not being able to hire talent. Anything that resembles this kind of photo of our love of tows just spelled quirky as in we love toewz 

the project goes sour and nothing gets done. Sure I have thought of suspending that image and trying something different, but that don't work well . Anytime you mess with number one all you get is number two in your face and nothing happens . My thing is after much of everything but getting nothing whether its in church, in teaching a class, or out here trying to ignite a economic improvement fire, all I get is get kicked in the teeth and brushed aside. So why even make the attempt? Why not just kick back, write my book, do my radio shows online, and as far as anything else, let someone else do it. The reason I don't do that is the way I was brought up and taught, that when your pointing your finger at the mythical someone else, there's 3 fingers pointed back at you, don't say why doesn't someone else do it? Say I might as well do it, why not me? However any good wolf will tell you, its not good to hunt unproductive terrain and in places with no game. When you have plundered the feed in a given area, and no more is coming anytime soon, its time to say I've gave all I have. So I am looking very hard at relocation to Utah, then eventually back to southeastern Idaho. A wolf is not a solitary creature, nor am I , and I have trouble existing in a place for too long all by myself. Except for my domicile, I have to be able to be out and be sociable. Even if it is a trip to the local coffee cafe, I need people, which is what Heavenly Father was aiming at when he said, " Man does not live by bread alone" He meant for us to be out with fellow humans. But we and I'm being far more selective , but I need to socialize and network, rather than being a one Knyte(Knight) militia. I'm just feeling blue a bit. All too many people here in Evansgone, to a few club members that are too far removed, from me geographicly that come to the RodeHouse, say they are all into a project, say they know, of people that can help, yet when push comes to shove or the need to put their shoulder to the wheel, they are no where to be found. I'm tired of it. So I kick back, enrich my mind, go through the motions with LexiBelle, do my media work for the club, the rest of the time I really don't care any more. Why get off social support programs? Why not let the ungrateful tax payers pay for my food, and shelter and just leave the public parish under their own ignorance and arrogance? 
So I'm headed back to my nap sack, crawl under my covers, and rest as Wednesday, I'm at the shop buttoning up LexiBelle, and LiL Wolf, so I can store them , and looking at finding a home port in Utah starting the first of the month.

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