Sunday, February 21, 2016

When things are not so transparent

I often wonder about news especially TV , but news providers in media. Go to their site, look for a story that SHOULD be ARCHIEVED and its not there. Of course there are the newscasters themselves or the reporters. Seems that even if you waste an hour of your time to chat with them on a story, either the story gets canned or scrubbed or doesn't even get printed, example: Had a reporter that migrated from Elko County Nevada to Twin Falls Idaho. As a former part timer for McDonalds on Blue Lakes blvd in Twin she calls me about my experiences there. Did the story get printed? Or was my part of it scrubbed due to a long standing feud between the Knytes and the Times News? Sunday they did a feature on the old Depot Grill there in Twin Falls, that is a long standing standard there. One that everyone there knows me and the Knytes by name and what I intend to order even before I sit down. Sammie (one waitress there) have known each other for nearly 10 years now, I remember there that I was so honored that LexiBelle was allowed to park right out the front door, in case I had an emergency call. The list goes on, and I thought I'd chime in on the comments there in the story, but then considered, what's the use? 
It doesn't end there. Lori P at KSL TV-5 out of Salt Lake City, did a thing on Veterans Hospital, and the fact HazzardAyre has a side network, just for news, views etc of military aviation, yet I'll dog my cat if any news organization including KSL, has dared to take the trip to Evanston, to do a story on our one of a kind online radio station/network. FoX 13 last week, did a story on when you don't get what's advertised on TV, how to report same to the Federal Trade Commission, of course I caught a service call, so had to hit the road, but do you think I can find a link or an archieved run on that story? Nope. Two things I can say here, one from our organizations newspaper to our online radio and upcoming TV network, HazzardAyre always has a archieved listing of ALL of our stories, blogs, reports, the whole thing. Our people are what you hear, and who you read. There is no bull here, what is, is, and you can count on us, to deliver every time, and be the real thing, not just front just for an image. 
One last thing, watching the Daytona 500 this Sunday, as all gear heads should, and noticed our fave driver Danicka Patrick, number 10 was not running the green / black colors of , maybe ought to deliver what they promise, for the price they advertise it for. Have you ever used They say they'll set up your website for you, for a $1.00, but before you check out the real thing is, your checking out for nearly $100.00 , its tollerated consumer fraud. 
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