Thursday, February 25, 2016

So just what does her feet smell like anyway?

Many of you who know me well, knows that a woman dressed in a skirt wearing pantyhose will make me loose any kind of self control. The look , the texture the finish of a look, the entire package. I have always considered that a woman that dresse's to the nine's but doesn't accent the package in wearing nylons , does not care about finishing anything, nor does she care about her appearence. Now that said, I'd say that not everybody finds this a must, but its a good sign of character and self esteem if the lady takes the time to have her toenails trimmed, some simple but tasteful polish on her toes and as said wearing nylon hose of some sort. Then there is the case of the aroma. Or scent. There are several, simple sweat, with bare feet for most men not a serious turn on, the Fritos Cornchip smell, means hasn't taken a bath in days, so she's unkept and that means to many men the house is a mess, wont work much to tend to domestic house chores, and does little to keep her man (if she has one) happy. There is the slight musky scent that is inviting, then there is the lady that has just the right combination of scents, both natural as well as synthetic, applied such as Exclamation sparing applied to her body, behind her knees and yes her feet. This is the kind of lady that will make a man become subserviant to her and she will command that mans attention for hours. Its a symbol of confidence, of pose and of a well serious but playful attitude. Angel by day, a vixen of sexiness and love of adventure by night. This is the kind of woman a man looks for, but rarely finds. 
Yellow dungy toenails, bare feet that are just filthy, and all is the one who will not be chosen to or for a dance at the ball. 
Still in production for todays show, serious computer problems here, its not the computer its the bandwidth of Allwest in our area. Seems as the come down speed is okay, but can't we get an near to equal upload speed? Say at 20 to 50 mbps here? 
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