Friday, February 26, 2016

NYC yes, LA/Hollywood yes, but not in the Mountain West

As the night evolves on into morning, I was replied to by one of those all too many FB ad deals of a new talent agency commenting on the fact that I leaned a bit too much on the nylon hose, and foot thing to focus attention on two words spelled only slightly different, sound the same and mean something else. The words TOE and TOW. This was a years gone by in an entirely different era, when people were game for nearly anything and obscure ideas were welcome, not trashed as something filthy. When I set that up it was in mirror of an ad that I saw from a plumbing outfit in Boise one year, where after the plumber unclogged a rich old gals toilet in a black marbled bathroom, gold fixtures and all with the gal sitting on the vanity, with a champaign glass in one hand and the plumber kissed the ladies hand. So I took the idea, of a kountry gal in a truck broke down in rural Idaho, where good old me shows up in LexiBelle, rescues her with the end scene with me putting lips on her toes saying we love Towz. It wasn't until a few years later I brought the idea up with my crew in Gooding Idaho, and our on air sex counselor Emme Lee, says why not just combine the words and make it TOEW? So Nurse Goodbody did the deed, 
 As such we made the thing work, and it did quite well. Since then its been one of my dedication to task tests, with the basic thought of if a model talent will do this she's open to just about anything. With that in mind, while many wont say it in public, if a producer of say the Howard Stern show , came around , there isn't much difference between he and I except Howard is in DC, was in Hollywood, and I'm in Wyoming on the Wyoming Utah line. But if that Stern producer showed up here auditioning, the same gals that push us off would be lined up around the block in twos vieing for the chance to be on his show either TV or radio. Which is the foundation of the sending of hose in a package to the studio, lets get as raunchy as can be and see if we can push the envelope of decency and find where it goes. HazzardAyre Radio and its 9 other sibling channels enters into our 6th year of being on over the air as well as 2 of those 6 being online. With two Emmy's, and 3 Grammy's plus two CMA awards, you'd think that more folks in the business would have more respect amongst other things, for our creation, that all too many others try to copy but rarely if ever duplicate. But this is , like it or not LDS land, where most if not everybody's nose is buried up their butts or in the rut of the BoM. Or are at least fearful of the chance that one of if not more of their talent might work with us and get banished from work with Bonneville Media or something, so its better to not. Around these parts, its very difficult to do something slightly out of the box of the normal in creation of film or otherwise, and most of the Metro Utah talent agencies, are so closely tied into each other, if one gets pissed, the others follow suit. Even though the experience might advance their agencies into the rest of the world. So yes our kind of wyld radio/tv might be accepted in say NYC or Hollywood, maybe even Nashville, or Atlanta, but not here in, the; blind sighted Mountain West. More on this on air Friday afternoon. 

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