Thursday, February 25, 2016

A radio person or wanna be actor or film/tv/movie writer find out what the person in charge likes

You can always tell how dedicated a person is, in doing a task or applying for a spot on your team as to just how far they will go to please you. A few years ago, when I stumbled upon Sue Rogers radio show "Sex With Sue" ( I knew for the relationship benefit of all the heavy haulers and military aviators that tune into the over the air show, that Sex with Sue was a needed program. So I called and Sue said why not? But along with some cd's with the show on em, I told sue that' I'd love to get some of her rather used but persinally scented hose in the package. She did so quickly. It was a real gas,(no pun intended) when the package arrived, all musky, but I knew right then, that we had not only a voicetrack style program, for the station but a network partner. Of course going to when Robin (Miss Dixie-Diesel 1993) showed up for work from a small newsprint ad in a farm news newspaper, I told her what was to be expected , and Robin made sure not only did she wear nylons to the studio, but made sure her toes in hose were in my face all the time. We developed a great vibe that she could voice an ad or promo, and me there or not, I could roll in later and run the music under so easily, because I got the feelings just right. Of course there Nurse GoodBody. When she called me for the first audition and I suggested she wear hose to the gig, her only question was, Pantyhose or stockings? Not the million questions as to why or what for. Only to please me and the shows producers. There have been a few afterwerds, like Amber, who used to be manager of Radio Shack in Twin Falls Idaho. I told her I wanted her on our team. Not only did she drive 40 miles one way in some bad weather, to sit in on a show, but we still are good friends and someone I'd hire in a Hazzard County second, for managing the upcoming Twin Falls studio. I always say to those just getting into the business, that if your going to impress a new producer or audition for a new gig, you find out about the who is it, that's running and heading up the gig, then send him (or her) something kinda kinky or at least out of the norm. The United States postal service still works wonders, if you know the guy is into underwear, nylons or something and you want to get his real attention, take a slightly soiled pair , put em in the mail, with your resume, I gurantentee that he'll remember you on the open call audition and you can bet a call back will happen. It's like this gal we're bringing out here from Florida to be a writer and pr, assistant, for Ayrewolf(airwolf)fm, named Shelly, if she wants to really impress me, its not in FB chats or texts, its she should take a pair or two of her pantyhose(if she has them, if not buy some and wear them for a day) put them in a package and mail those out to me, here. Then I'd have a little of her long before she got here, plus I'd know that once she got here she'd be dedicated to me, the project, the Wolf-Pack, and that the expense of moving her out west was worth it. 
If your a guy actor , or supporting cast, or grip wanting to make an impression on a new lady producer/director, don't do the cliche lunch dinner thing, nope, do up a mix cd, some flowers and sprinkle it with your favorite body enhancement scent, or cologne. This tells her, your into her, her project and the gig. These things show , she's done her(or his) research on you, your company, and the gig. That your a self starter, resourceful when needed, and not someone whose going to have to be hand held throughout the learning process. Do that little extra, and it'll be you who gets hired.

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