Friday, February 26, 2016

When its snows I tow when its dry I fly

When it snows I tow, when its dry I fly, the two marries RodeWolf Toewing with AyreWolf Aviation. The true meaning thereof is when the weather is so bad and frozen, my butt is in LexiBelle out snagging and dragging trucks, and light trucks from the comedian lane to somewhat broken snow floor highway. But when the weather begins to look upon getting into the air, dusting crops, exterminating insect pest from the sky, and of course med transport by air and when needed fire suppression and search and rescue. When I can I slide in behind the mic to do radio on our Livestream channels and over the air here, as well as write for TV and film, with some producing alongside that. Right now there are three of those being worked on, the revized movie of B.J. & The Bear, and AirWolf, and an original, expanding on the Hazzard County concept called the Hazzard Knytes. 
See you on the radio in the AM Saturday, and on Sunday afternoon. 
Good Nite Shelly,

and the rest of you 

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