Thursday, February 18, 2016

RodeWolf Gazzette Toew Notes1

There ought to be a real funny farm for us who tow, yet I can't think of hardly any other profession outside of military that equals what we do, under the conditions we perform our tasks and for the mid ball money we make doing it. While one could argue that law enforcement, medics, firefighters and so on have it as bad, if law enforcement needs a new piece of equipment the tax payers pay for it, if we in towing need a piece of gear, its dig deep in our pockets, or save up a ton and a half semi trailer full of cash and go buy it, in our business there is no tax subsidy or enhancement, like that of public safety agencies. We live right on the edge of the line, since many of us are performing our tasks just off the white line and no matter how many public service messages including trying to get TV(wait for it) or other media to air anything about moving over for tow trucks, the idiotic public will ignore it, until one that is texting Janie for that hot date Friday night and runs over one of us, then oops it was a tragic happening. Yet area media(wait for it) wont air a damn thing on TV, although there are insurance companies willing to support and sponsor such things, KSL will do promo ads for Zero Fatalities or move over for law enforcement , but when was the last time you saw an ad on local TV for moving over for tow trucks, on local or area TV stations(wait for it) Enter in Confederate Star/SouthernSteele Media . Through SpeedWrench Radio, and Highway Hooker Radio(soon to be a full one hour cable tv show) few if anyone has done anything for us in towing, but we do. 
Okay finally speaking of Highway Hooker, while in Wyoming, Highway Hooker Toewing is known as SpeedWrench Toewing, both companies are the same company. As far as RodeWolf , is concerned, that will be the new name on the alternate shop, as in RodeWolf Truck and Diesel Service here in Evanston and soon in Woods Cross Utah. In Woods Cross it'll be Highway Hooker Toewing backing up RodeWolf, as well as here in Evanston it'll be SpeedWrench Toewing backing up RodeWolf Truck and Diesel Service. , that's the afternoon Toew Notes, catch me on air hopefully if bandwidth allows at 23:00(11:00PM) on 

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