Friday, February 19, 2016

Why most women don't make as much as men do, because they can't make important decisions

Women do not make and usually can't make none family, or none maternal important decisions. There are some exceptions to the rule, and women from the frontier could, but overall speaking few women if its involving money or business decisions rarely if ever can make on the spot, immediate decisions. It's part biological, and up bringing, as most women were taught as young girls that Man or the husband made those decisions, for the family. Man was the family head and thus even when its critical women just are not that good in business environments. Not that they can't be, not that women can't work, nor that women are less physically able than men, its a cultural thing. Man, chief, woman servant and that's it. Man goes and hunts game, woman cooks it. No more, no less.
The arguments of bringing more women into more important vocations and all is a theory destined for ultimate failure. Putting women in Navy subs, and in the air is a more political move than practical . Women on the firelines, in combat, not a thing I'd do, if nothing else do you want a woman in the years she's productive in essence having PMS with an AR15 in her hands, or flying an F-18, with Mark 82's and snake eyes. Not me. 
In the Victorian age farm women could and did make important decisions, but they were mostly made for and of the farm, the selling of livestock and or crops was left up to the male side of the family. Not saying all women are stupid. Up until 20 years shy of the current era, girls progressed 2 year for every year of a boys age. Yet during the last 20 years women brains have strained to unrestrain their mental drain. In essence few women can think on their own. May still think in little girls levels, they dream of the White hero on a white horse riding up, and both fading into the sunset. Visions of being queens (not divas) and all are in their heads, being a dainty princess, when 80% of most women these days are fat sows, that huff and puff worse than any hippo that I ever was around, but this is not the case with all women and of course there are exceptions to the rule. But its a overall observation, that if its important , man does the ordering, women just follow orders.
Still having bandwidth problems here, so no radio show until 23:00(11:00PM) . No check yet from Metro Summit Creditors Trust, so awaiting that. As I close , I'll tease you a bit on the subject of our next entry here, can I have a side of smelly toes in nylon hose with that?

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