Monday, June 19, 2017

Skin lotion good for body, not good in mouth and still fighting with Google.

Earlier this overnight I nearly had a point of considering reversing going home to Hazzard, Idaho. Thing was earlier Sunday for at least 3 and a half hours, Shelly and I were feuding like ya'll can't believe. The center of this is many past experiences surfacing to the point that I'm being compared to male corpuscles she has had before. As such I'm a darling stud one minute and a traveling gigilo the next. Thing is and its the honest to God truth, the last real get down pig sex that I have had, happened in 2002 in Layton Utah at a old house that the WolfPack rented to create then AyreWolfFM. That happened when on some damn chat room I got drawn into this Cerebal Paulsey chick, who I dared to come out there to see me. To my surprise one morning I was in the tub, and there was a knock at the door. I was standing there , near buck naked in a bath towel, having to fish out I think $30.00 for her cab fare. Now to be fair, she wasn't the hottest gal on the looks department, but didn't refuse to wear nylons, and when it came to oral fun, I mean she'd Hoover everything to where you got emptied extremely well. And she was not in the least bit with holding at any time. Her problem was as Shelly is, anamoured by the Computer, I can't remember the site, but she went by the screen name, Wingsofadove. And she was online nearly 12 out of every day. The only time she stopped was to eat, sleep, have sex with me and to pee. Past that it was online she went. Shelly is nearly as bad, she just can't go a few hours without being on facebook. Not that facebook is all that bad, I am on there in most of the time to read things on groups for those of us who toew and those who turn a wrench. Granted I do have a few groups I'm into that features mostly women in nylons and a few biker groups, but over all its rides and rebels, not much else. Shelly has to devour every damn group, create some, and then if its some honey I'm into for being a cover model for my company or the WolfPack, She's all over that. Okay then.
With that being that I got a headache that would not quit. Thank Heavenly Father for enabling the medic who created Goody's Headache Powders, that and a few barley pops, and the headache went away. Which returned when one of the WolfPack toggled me and informed me that one of our listings on Google My Business was suspended. Really Google? So I went and looked. Sure as hell, something about until I submit a new confirmation number on a 3X5 card they mail you, that remains. Hmm, so there was a call me back lets get me back on the listing. So I called. Got some gal that was fumbling with English, who spoke so softly I had to turn up my earpiece on my phone. So after I scrounged up a photo of the shop and LexiBelle 
all seemed okaay just haven't heard back from the lady and/or Google. So we are currently at a stalemate. Was doing a online chess game modeled after Chess Titans, while trying to again chat with Shelly on the phone, which is about anymore getting to be a real pain. Look, friends I love my Alpha SheWolf very much. The fact that we are very apart atoms is quite noticeable , but that is the grind. She is not into serious exotic sex, trucks, rods,bikes or broadcasting. She's not into me doing casting for the WolfPack's jambs and such, but she some odd in her mind in love with me, so it ain't so bad. Its the damn fighting. Just once, if she called and wasn't accusing me of being a womanizer, I would fall over bassackwards. Last but not least here. Under my sink, there has been this tube of skin lotion conditioner stuff, that Andrea brought over once. Somehow the heat from the dishwasher made the damn stuff explode. Which meant that goo, seeped all over the floor. Which I cleaned up however in doing so, now all I can smell is that gooey stuff, and it tastes like I ate liquid chalk, yuck. Bringing this in for the landing, have you ever been so peed off at one of these so called social websites like Facebook, that if its creator was in front of you, you'd strangle the guy? I have had this thought many times of creating both a extreme search engine coupled to a similar thing as facebook, without the extreme, limitations and all that Facebook has. So been thinking of downloading everything we as both the Knytes/WolfPack, on facebook, my blog posts, videos, everything and just pulling the plug on ye ole Fakebook. So been considering once I do that, set up a business fakebook account. for the Knytes/WolfPack, and not me. Just the Knytes/WolfPack, and leave me out of it. But also creating a new social site for just us two wheeled winged warriors and do it without all the limitations and restrictions. Add what fakebook doesn't like a full on chat room, free email and blogging options. That's how my world turns, see ya'll on the cyber radio at and on at 17:00.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

And the boobs and butts keep you coming back for more

On any day, one can scan a look at a facebook newsfeed most of the time the one YOU keep up to date of those hobbies and vocations that appeal to you. If the subject matter has anything to do with performance automotive, trucks, cars, bikes or vintage warbird aircraft, you'll see after the, Where are you from, and such you will find somebody posting a photo or two of some hot looking lady in rather body favoring and not covering much of anything, just to keep you returning to see what just might give you a peep, at those lucious legs. Problem it isn't even legs, its mostly boobs and butts. So why do they do this? Simple; despite the condition of the LGTC people, if your a guy, a healthy looking display of a foxy honey gets and usually retains your attention. So if you also want to get past the obvious, lets look at the national situation. Fox News Channel's Foxes and Friends and the anchors are not there because of their expertise on news, and information, they are there to be eye candy so YOU'LL watch the channel. While an example of someone that was hired because of her beauty which is Glenn Beck and the channel on TV called BlazeTV, Tomi was hired mainly because she's one helluva great looking blonde bombshell. What impressed me of Tomi was that she really knew what she was talking about and got the message across to viewers. The only reason she was canned is she voiced on the View that she was not in favor of the U.S. Government to be invading our privacy especially in matters of reproduction. She DID not say she was in favor or disfavor of abortion. But all too many did not look before they leaped and Tomi is still in demand and welcome here at ConfederateSteele Media. 
But its eye candy, and you need and those in TV demand those they hire especially women to be hot honeys. Locally at least the Metro Utah market. FoX 13 News has several they have added on, one completely a tourist anchor on the weathercast during their newscast at 9:00PM. That is Fox 13, over at nearby and always duplicating and vice versa, KSL-5 News, has hired over the last 5 years or so, several sweet bodies both as reporters, as well as two anchors on their newscast. Do they really know news? Probably not, but my are they easy on the eyes. About the only one that was hired in the last 5 years, that does know her craft, as well as looking hotter than a yellow Corvette on a Saturday night, is Nicole Vowell. She delivers and does it with flair. Likewise one that I know very well, is Jodi Saeland. I met her back in 1997 at FoX 13, she was prepping for her weathercast, and a sales person was giving me the dollar tour. When I had the few spare minutes of her and my time that day we talked for quite a few minutes and yes, her toes in hose are very cute. More than just great looking, Jodi knows weather and I trust her weathercasts more than anyone else's problem is she's a fill in, and in my opinion, she ought to be given at least one news slots. I'm getting off topic, sorry; the fact is: its all based on eye candy. FNC bases their hires on just how short their skirts are. Despite two nationally known male news program anchors and several Fox executives getting in conduct law suits, still; the fact is, if your going to flaunt it if you don't want someone to want it. From Facebook, pages and groups to TV news, when lacking content depend on someone posting a super fox on the page. Like I said it is simply Boobs and Butts keep you coming back for more.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Fraud alert for all in our towing industry and forget my nap for a few

So there I am working on deets for Toew Jamb 2018 and get a text for a gig towing and storing high end cars for some outfit out of Texas. Thought my situation might change for the good real fast and so I sniffed a bit further. So called a few of our Toew Bro's Association members and many of them got this text as well. The phone number to watch for is: 325-400-4549 don't bother calling as its a text only number. Called Tow Times Magazine as well as our local Sheriffs office here in Uinta County. Found that this is indeed a fraud. I'm glad I didn't bite, since this could have been a real mellofahess if I had done so. So if you get it, forget it its a scam so don't make a deal there.
So with that, it killed my thoughts of a nap. 
Started looking for a new location for Hazzard County Choppers and all here, so it looks like the move groove is still on for back to Hazzard Idaho, just no places here to plant the seed. With that in mind starting Saturday we'll be off the air at least cyber air for about a month or so, until we get cable and what not installed and such. But we'll be on air full time come July 21st 2017.
Until we toew together this evening on Talking Toews 

And why not show your face on Facebook or other social sites?

Now this entry to my blog publication might be placed in the category of , You might have to have a vagina to understand. Or perhaps the difference between the introverted and the extroverted , be that as it may. I recently gained the follower on our radio show and on my fb friends listing of a gal, from Louisiana. When I asked why she doesn't post a photo of herself on her fb ID, she just said that she doesn't put her photo, on social media networks. Now to me I'm not spooked of some mad person no matter the gender coming to my door, and growling at me, or my safety. Yet it seems that too many just use a moniker , on these social pages and just place an object or go by a moniker that is not really them. Now my Mom used to tell me if I asked , " Does this shirt look dirty?" She would reply, "If you think its dirty, then it's dirty, take it off and get another one." She also used to say that if your trying to hide from something by not showing your face, or do whatever it is your doing in the dark , do you feel uneasy doing it, that you'd rather not be seen doing it, if so, your fixing to mess up. The Knytes/WolfPack have taken that to heart. We are as transparent as can be, and never hide or do things that are not for prime time viewing. Its called honor and integrity, bottom line we don't hide, and I WILL put my photo up on facebook, and several places even my phone number , why hide?
Okay then another piece of honor preservation.
Even my Bishop, called into question my military Marine service. Well friends here's my patch and MY WINGS, being proud to be both a Marine and a member of the finest combat air squadron ever to fly, The VMA214 BlackSheep.
Any more questions?
See you on the radio, its time for my nap.

When will Facebook and/or Google get it together on categories of groups/pages?

When will these Goliaths of social media get it together when it comes to categorizing groups and or group pages. Example, our MC's page/group is listed under motorcycle repair, on Facebook, why can't they just create a category called Motorcycle clubs or Motorcycle organization? Or on our Hellbilly Truckers group/page, its listed under truck repair, since there is no category called trucker trade or truck enthusiasts organization. 
Of course these giants have no real phone number to contact them to get the thing right, so why can't they just creating new listings or categories? I have never seen such a disregard to upgrading or updating things in my life, should there not be someone working at either these companies that should be reconsidering these minor points? 
While I and the Knytes/WolfPack would never claim or say we don't make mistakes, or are so purrfect that our poop don't stink, still with just now shy of half a million members a combination of our two main organizations, they being the Iron Knytes Association and the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association, with all our subsidiaries, from the Hellbilly Truckers Association, to our MC the Knytes-of-Dixie, as of the last census taken at our Memorial Day run, the Knytes hit 350,000 members across the UCSA as well as Canada and now Australia. The thing is truly KNYTE FEVER. This from that tiny little bunch that met for breakfast one Saturday morning in 1982 at the then Polish Palace aka now known as the Snake River Grill, in Hazzard Idaho, with 10 rural, rebel gearheads, Jimmy MacDonald was elected President, Rick Lemmons Vice President, Ron Adams Treasurer, Allen Culbertson Junior Sgt at Arms, Venessa Wood Secretary, and myself as Executive Commanding Officer, a title I still hold today. The then Hazzard County Knytes received its state charter on May 1982 and was made official on November 23rd 1982. Too bad my Mom who invested some $800,000.00 into the organization can't now see what she helped to make happen. Mom died on March 3rd 1983. With the aid of Skip Ward Association Producer of the hit TV show the Dukes-of-Hazzard and the support of Gy and the rest of the crews and cast of the Dukes, the Hazzard County Knytes grew substantially over ten years to become the authority on anything Hazzard County. The title Hazzard County Knytes remained the handle that lit the candle until October 2008, when through divine inspiration the name was swapped out to be the Knytes-of-Anarchy, with some disapproval by a slight majority in 2013 the Knytes-of-Anarchy was changed to the Knytes-of-Dixie and remains the motorcycle club sub, and in June 2016 the parent organization became the Iron Knytes Association, which is how it stands today. Yet with all the growth and financial stability, the Knytes's cash stash remains although tight, but still strong, despite Obamanomics, and now Trumponomics. In short and cutting to the rock here, if we can get it together, why the hell can't these Goliaths of web social media firms like Facebook, and/or Google get it together and offer a more wider choice of categories for the groups/pages that the host on their sites? More over why not allow the inclusion of a option of allowing organizations to select their own category? 
See you on cyber radio, on at 18:00 that's 6:00PM for you none military folks.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Even though I'm moving home to Hazzard next week, I am still at odds with that thing called the Dukes-of-Hazzard

Looking at Hazzard Idaho in the windshield and thanking God above for being able to view Evanston Wyoming in my rear view mirror is one of those things that has me quite twitterpaited and still feeling like I got ditched long before I ever got started. Looking at it all, after the first week or so of nearly freezing to death here in Evanston out in that crappy, mice ridden trailer, and all, had I known that the big fat woman and her guy pal who conned me into residing there had the money I gave them, smart move then would have been get the money back less two weeks, and went back to Utah. But a Knyte and a Marine have at least one thing in common, when we are deployed on a mission we see it through to conclusion, if there is a conclusion. But as Robert E, once said, A wise soldier knows the value of retreat, as well as victory. Sometimes its best to cut the cord and vacate. And that's what I'm doing beginning this week, come Thursday. Oh I'll be here in Evanston for the month finishing a few things, but Jon is close by to handle the sale of the radio station license, LexiBelle will be secure over at Ricks, but I don't have to be here any more. When I checked on the temp between Evanston and Hazzard, it is 57 here in Evanston, and nearly 70 in Hazzard, now where would you rather live? 
Okay then I saw that our friend Tracey Duke put up a thing of the Dukes on our media companies page SouthernSteele Media. If things were like they were during the series' hey day I wouldn't have any objection to that but over the years since about 2012-1/2 , those DOH feelings have rather cooled between myself as well as the Knytes, to anything Dukes. The entire basis of the Knytes was and is, to not be so much Dukes, and more Hazzard County. 
While I'll always be appreciative to Ben, John, Tom, Kathy, and all for attending my Mom's funeral in 1983, and supporting the club for quite a few years after, until Associate producer Skip Ward passed away, and a few others, those yearly Knytes contributions, salutes, or even the small gifts from the cast just have not been there. I remember after the 81 AutoRama in Utah, Where I finally got together with Kathy, and all, she would send me a yearly gift on my birthday and sometimes near Christmas, a pair of her rather scented nylons that she wore on the show, that we as a Club, would put in our radio studios. Or that treasured few mugs of shine from Uncle Jessie, I never thought that UPS had no idea they were running shine, as they hauled those fragile mason jar mugs in a wooden crate up here to Idaho. Then of course the people at the studio would send a yearly financial gift, for a few thousand bucks or so , just to say thanks for keeping the fire lit for the TV show, by being a off camera example and creating a fan base. Then there was the yearly phone call that I got near the yearly anniversary of my Mom's death, as well as the salute card from the show that said thanks for keeping the Hazzard County Garage fire lit. 
However in about 2001/2002, when Ben and Alma was firing up Cooter's Place, the first one, I made a phone call, Alma answered and it was agreed that she, Ben and I as well as the Knytes wouldn't compete against each other , but work together to keep what Hazzard County and all was and is alive. But then came the first stripping the General of his banner, that Alma got in touch with me and the Knytes as well as others to urge Warner Brothers to keep it on there. Not only did we write the letters, I and our Club President flew to California sat down with the powers that be and got a stay of execution of the removal of the General's flag. Did I get even or did the Club get even a thank you? Did we even get a phone call? Or mostly did we get any backing for HazzardAyre from Cooter's Place or for that matter any of the fans? Nope. When some guy decided to open another Hazzard County Garage, did Alma, Ben or anybody from the fan base say, " Hey you can't do that a treasured fan in Idaho has that name for his shop" nope but heard tell, Ben and Alma endorsed the other guy. Really? Look I'm going to defend and stand up for my Confederate southern heritage and ancestry until I'm gray in the face. However I'm not such a big butt kissing cousin of the old fabled show the Dukes-of-Hazzard as I once was. So please Tracey and all of you who might be tempted, don't put things Dukes related on our Club's Pages and groups on Facebook any more. When some of ya'll start contributing to the Knytes-of-Dixie then we'll examine a rekindle of the relationship. Until then thanks but we're the rest of Hazzard County, not just the Dukes.
We'll be back on the air at 06:00 Sunday morning on 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

If you hadn't noticed and thought its your phone or computer its not, Facebook is down, and not accessable

If you noticed or perhaps ya'll didn't, but Facebook is offline. That's right the multi billion dollar indestructable powerhouse of gossip and gab, is down. No notice of why and no news yet as soon as we get some information we'll tell you.
Could it be too much too late? One young seatcover says she is in for the model gig, however except for inking the new Wolf's Lair near Hazzard Idaho, I'm already in a move mode. Found the big mess with LiL Wolf. Not a rear main seal, but the O-ring under the distributor can you say law suit against the jerk who was supposedly supposed to fix it the first time?
Any mile I'm in deep production here for the evening HazzardAyre show, yes we'll be doing HazzardAyre.
But if you can't snag Facebook, on your phone or desktop, its not your computer its Facebook itself, all while Zuckerburg is giving a speech at Harvard. Oh how the mighty has stubbed its toe.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Did you see this? And A1C level kicking my ass

You might have scanned this if you were trolling your Facebook, newsfeed. Tomi Lahren is really pressing to stay in the publics eyes and minds. Seems as many of the Trump supporters, and those that trashed Hilary Clinton, are finding out that Clinton, might not have been as raunchy as President Trump has become. I am not bending either way since the only President that would please me right now is one that was nominated and ran as a candidate of the Confederate States Party, yes we need some southern spice in the White House. I'm not one to sit around and say I told you so, but I did tell you so, that Trump would be the one that gets our nation into one big scrap somewhere to get our economy rolling again, in building products and equipment to support and supply a war effort. If you think I'm wrong you don't know or see what I am. Espionage seems to be the buzz words in our nations capitol, with those that are to upset that their support with Mr. Trump, might be a effort that brought us a real threat to our nations security. I'm also not going to quibble, over the President handing off some secret codes or information to some Russian, diplomat. But there is a condition there in DC, where some padding a nest, is happening, and all too many are quietly realizing they made a serious mistake, in supporting Trump, and yet on the surface giving President Trump high fives. Tomi, as well as our beloved BethAnn of CSC Talk Radio, are just licking a wound that wont heal until Trump is either impeached or resigns, or gets beaten at the next election. Friends this is serious and you need to make your preperations now for a nuclear disaster, or a total, rebellious civil war part two, that is just on the cusp from being engaged. 
When the statues and memorials of our Southern Generals, and President Jefferson Davis are being removed from the usual public eye and placed in a place that few will ever visit, the Yankees are just drawing the line in the Sands, to edge on a conflict. These are the things that such talk news hosts and all should be talking about. I agree with Tomi, in that too much attention by mainstream media is on all this junk of President Trump's foreign policies that find too much interaction between a few of the President's staff, as well as himself, instead of those things, that deal with the topics of putting food on the table paying rent, and generating jobs. Okay then; I'm still light headed with this sugar imbalance or fluctuation of my A1c levels. So our radio network is on a recorded basis, instead of the LIVE version. So if you glean an old ABC newscast on the station you now know why. This is one of the reason, we need LIVE in studio hosts here no matter the gender. Want a good job paying $30.00 an hour for on air host here at HazzardAyre/RodeWolf Radio, then get in touch.
Until Thursday/.

Having A1c issues, so staying home and goofing off

Woke up today and got so darn dizzy you'dve thought that I had ingested two pounds of loco weed. Too bad it tain't since that might fix the problem . So crept to the store, got some Goody's Powders and some hygene products, a bag of razors and some other stuff, and came home. So sitting here resting.
Watched a movie on FX(must be ratings sweeps time) but the film is called Gone. Stars Ben Affleck. This was a film that just as you figured out the plot line, it switched on you. The film was released in 2014 and is one thriller. 
Okay that leads into the one subject I wanted to cover. Two film studios have gave a green light to the movie Rode-Wolf , the story of a one man towing service in the rural west. This film of ours, takes cues from the old TV series, 18 wheels of Justice, that featured a futeriffic Kenworth T 600 , in our case its a souped up tow truck with design cues of KITT, Airwolf, batmobile and StreetHawk all mixed together. Kind of a General Lee on steroids. Film will be shot in western Wyoming and Eastern Utah as well as southeastern Idaho./ Casting is under way, both women and some guy parts. Find out more by ratteling our phone 307-444-3014 okay?
We'll be on air overnight , but need to rest now, need my sugar levels to even out.

Friday, March 10, 2017

If you don't like the homeless, give them a home

If you don't like the homeless in your neighborhood, give them a home. I watched with some interest about some folks in the greater Salt Lake City Valley, wining about the proposed construction of facilities for the areas homeless population. The main things were dangers to children and the lowering of property values. Why? Because somebody got kicked out of their home because of some greedy landlord or property owner? People that become homeless don't become that way out of choice. Most become homeless due to economic hardship. Loss of a job, spouse, home even a child. To throw an entire population under the bus just because they have no roots does not make these people evil. This entire problem is simply due to money. Property owners want to cut a fat hog in the ass, by charging outrageous rates yet even in Utah and many areas the minimum wage, has yet to break the $20.00 an hour, so paying $800.00 a month or more for a 1 bedroom is way out of line. How about an expansion of low income and no income housing? Now granted some of the lower income population have masked their troubles with alcohol or narcotics, instead of getting all uppity why not get behind treatment programs. Now granted there may be an exception to this rule, but overall speaking, give these people a damn break. They are after all humans. I also know some of those stuck up prudes that are crying foul on these homeless facilities in Utah, also sniff a lot of nose candy, and consume cannibus , just as much if not more than those without a secure warm, well lit home. Then I was hearing something about a mom that's trying to divert attention from porn. Have you ever noticed? That the women that are against porn, are women you really wouldn't want to go to bed with in the first place? Now I'm not a big fan of smut, in my view why thirst after something you can't have? Sure its nice to look at but you know that common ordinary working men will never get the saucy babes on any porn film or website. If more of the better looking women, wouldn't get the Cinderella complex, and truly love a man like my Shelly does me, who needs to look at smut? 
Sure Porn stokes the desire to an inferno , however and I have said this for years, why not have state and community supported brothels? Guy goes in, pays to have his needs satisfied he walks out, no harm to anyone, including under age girls or worse. It may be a curse or a blessing, but Heavenly Father gave us males testosterone that keeps our fevers high 24/7/365. Just a certain amount of pressure on the right place and a man is ready to go ten rounds. The belief that a man can last hours with a stiffy, is a myth. Depending on the superficial enhancements of the woman, a usual every day guy can last if he's lucky 10 minutes. On average its usually 3 to 4 minutes then he needs to recharge. Even with me, I have only been able to get off 2 in one hour and that happened only once with a woman that was so tight, and knew how to do Kegal Excersizes that I was there inside her whether I wanted to be or not. To think about it I should have went with that one instead of Monkee. Any mile, most guys are able to go for no longer than about 10 and again on average 3 to 4 minutes. Then its about an hour or two for mother nature to recharge. 
But to stop Porn? That argument has been going on since the Cannans and queen Ashera . 
Much to do in the AM then its head to Pocatello for my Grand Daughters funeral. 
See you on air Sunday morning.

To those sending texts and comments using a SmartPhone, damn it learn how to spell

It's Friday morning, two and a half weeks until departure from Etown Wyoming. Some finishing up on LexiBelle, mostly wires and buttoning things up, getting LiL Wolf to Nate, LexiBelle out to Ricks, then me and General JaXson,(mis-spelled on purpose.) then come the 1st and just after my SheWolf sends out her money, I'm out of here headed to Idaho to get the relocation gig in motion. Looking forward to much warmer, and having much more things parts and such within my grasp, rather than having to order it all the time. This would be great if it was just to Salt Lake City, problem is if your in need you might as well go to Salt Lake get whatever it is your in need for and haul back, to Etown. Which means you have to waste a half day that could have been used to do a task. No wonder nobody in their right mind moves here. 
Okay then: If you open up your newsfeed from facebook, and look at comments from all too many, many of them can't spell or form up a sentence. It'd be easier most times if they just showed pictures kind of like the scratchings on the sides of caves of ancestors. Many people have been cheated out of serious book learning, the rest of the malady, comes from controlled chemical abuse, either after birth or while inside their mothers. However its not just the people who comment on facebook, its also serious journalists if there are any, anymore . Doesn't anybody proofread what they carve out anymore?
How about runs on sentences? And using paragraphs? It's like were they choking their chickens in English and creative writing classes? 
While I'm the first to admit there are times some words's construction is beyond my train of thought, still I have figured out how to work around using other words or combinations of words to get my thoughts out.
Magazines, newscopy from trade publications, many times I have to mentally add words to sentences to get the jest of what the writer has or had to say. 
These damn SmartPhones that help not so smart people write things the devices themselves are not too intelligent either. Sure there are those of us from southern culture that include such words as You'ns which is Ya'll plus three people. Or Yaunt-to?  As well as others, but many old timers and even I to a small extent remember when school was in one room. All grades crowded in, and ya'll got taught by one teacher. However my English teachings never came from, nor my reading ability never came from any teacher nor any school. Nope my reading teaching came from my Mom reading with, not to me before bed and a tiny magazine called Humpty Dumpty Magazine. By the time I was age 4 I could read a College level dictionary, tell you each word and what it meant. By 1st Grade I was tested to being quite a bit ahead of my peers as far as my reading and speaking abilities. 
I can remember as a kid, I think age 8 or so, I had to give a talk on something in Sacrament meeting, can't now remember what it was. Back then , you memorized the talk, not read it off a piece of paper. I can remember the Bishop of the 11th Layton Utah LDS Ward, telling me that I had to define each word, because I was using big words out of the comprehension of the youth and adults of that Ward. In truth the people there were too stupid to figure out what I was saying. 
Now too, we have my honey Shelly, who I love to death. Yet for some unknown reason, she can't spell very good. She will just use the letter -n- instead of and. I guess this comes from the early days of these blooming Cell phones where you got charged a heap for air time texting. So many started scrunching words together or making the phrases short. 
Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for technology, I can see the latter part of my days where science will have figured out Warp Speed, and we begin testing the ideas of going to not only nearby planets but too galaxies. I'm even on the list of those that when the call comes to go to MARS, I'm there. Sure I wont be coming back any time soon if at all, but I'm ready to go.
That said; technology has eroded the minds of today as bad as any narcotic. Cell phones, SmartPhones, even total all out computers have made humans stupid. 
All I ask from anybody is this, if your going to write, ANYTHING, learn how to spell.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

This is something that has never been really tested and what about women who drive men into some other woman's arms

Before ya'll start saying, Oh my here we go again" Don't. Thing is since the subject did rise earlier as I finally cured my bout with that strange HeeWyin Diseses called Lackanookie. 
In the condition of the needed mission, I thought has this yet been researched? The first time I thought of this was many years back when a competing radio station in Twin Falls, had it where a bunch of college students put their hands on this VW bug when it was reintroduced, but they put their hands on this car. It was a fund raiser for some children's hospital. The contestants would get various merchants at the mall and around town to donate money, for each hour the student could keep their hands on this VW. In the end who ever kept their hands on the car, got to keep it as a prize. The hospital got some extra cash, the radio station got some thumbs up, or kudos, and a determined student got a new VW. So with my affliction of or attraction to ladys in stockings, my more open minded and exotic SheWolf at that time, said why not get one of our SheWolvez or Ladies-of-The Knytes to do the same? Get the gals to get pledges for the time frame, I'd get a thrill and a Hospital would catch some needed bread. Okay then fast forward to 2012. Once HazzardAyre Radio was created and all we thought we'd park LexiBelle in the mall, have a new hot honey to sit on the side of LexiBelle, and me kiss her toes in nylons and set the record, for the amount of time one man could kiss a ladys toes in nylons, with say Guinness . Trouble is outside of the SheWolvez and/or the Ladies-of-theKnytes, we just couldn't find anyone with small enough feet or cute toes that were willing to do the deed. The search continues. That said, if you Google the idea on the subject you come up blank. A bunch of suggestions, but never a real answer. Not even a answer on the possible health effects of inhaling stinky toes/feet for a long period of time. The concept was wrapped around the idea that these,toes.

 This is a Tow truck 
 Now then if you were going to set up a radio network for those in towing and you wanted to make sure you got people to figure out how to pronounce the word TOW in the proper way then what you might do is show the word with its cousin word TOE and then most would get the idea. I know there's a few people out there going , I still don't understand. Okay then. So before Emme Lou, in 1998 I was hot doing syndicated and over the air radio. I had just a bit of bandwidth and the idea of streaming radio had not yet entered the play book yet. So We as a station did three other syndicated programs with the legendary Overdrive Magazine. They were running radio shows like the Overdrive top ten countdown, Overdrive Truckers News . So we took those shows on. Now then, (stay with me here) Overdrive had Country radio host Bill Mack(Leanne Rhymes' Blue) doing the anchor job on those Overdrive shows. He would for free, do what is called intro's and station liners that we could use during the show. For two months Bill, kept pronouncing KTOW as Cow, rather than Tow. So it wasn't until I spelled the word TOW-TOE that he got the idea. Okay fast forward to 2009 in the studio in Gooding Idaho. Emme Lou, saw me always having to hyphenate the two words TOW-TOE. She said why not just scrunch the words together as TOEW? There's no mistake that way. So I did, the Nurse GoodBody suggested we go to the Mall or the area fair, and for say 12 hours or so, have LexiBelle there have her or another gal sit on the side of the truck, and gain publicity for the station, the Club and of course Cooter's A1 Toewing aka Dixie Toewing. Of course that only lasted for two months with us being shut out of our studios by a greedy landlord named Richard Strickland, because of no rent that was caused by some idiot at the Gooding Post Office not finding our mail and delivering it to us, and mail being returned as undeliverable. But the concept was and is valid. And that idea is going to be attempted at this falls Twin Falls County Fair. Where we also be selling beautiful pillows

 made by our Texas Angel, who we will be introducing you to around that time. Wont that be something to look forward to?

Okay then, don't want to end this on a bummer , but I need to. What about some women, that barks so much, and gives a man so much pain that eventually he, searching for relief, goes elsewhere and say's I have had enough. Shelly asked me earlier why I am drawn to cannibus and such chemicals? I responded simply, just look in the mirror, even me as patient and caring as I am, reaches a point to where you start weighing options and thinks, shit I have had enough of this. If its this way before we're hitched what's it going to be like after? Then she was barking about having wolfpups. My thought on that is, if she's this bitchy over the phone and all what would she be like as a mother? What if the wolfpup, talked back or sassed or did something just a bit off? Would she just back hand the kid? Or beat the kid nearly to death because she was filled with rage and emotion?  If and after last night right now its a very big IF we ever do settle down and she moves out west here and we cohabitate. There's going to be months and months of serious mental clinic activity. Long before I say I do. I have flat determined that even if I ever get mated to any female of our human species, that there are 2 things I'm keeping, My Back bone, and my testicles , and one thing that wont happen, me getting Pussy Whipped. It ain't going to happen. If Shelly can't live within the framework, of a high gear overly potent octane canine, biker,towtrucker,pilot, Marine. Then maybe its time to just say, simply she pays her final $600.00 to the Club, and we say we tried and she stays in Florida, and I stay put. With her meanness all the time, what Shelly is doing is pushing me into someone elses arms, if for no other reason than to find some peace. 
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