Tuesday, June 27, 2017

But why can't Pinterest and others get it right?


Just about every day I will scan in my email inbox, some Picked For Me , photos from Pinterest. There is only one big problem there, outside of maybe and this is a huge maybe, that the things they suggest are far two and away from what my interests are or that of this publications readers and viewers.
The question I have is, is it just plain trolling of an automated piece of computer junk, that is choosing these suggested photos? Or is it some uninformed rookie in the updating department of Pinterest? Which ever it is I am finding a very strong parallel for much of online social sites and the foundation of what is at its core, web2.0 which enables this blog amongst other things, such as Facebook, and other sites like WordPress. That also has some very serious issues and from which I only use in that rare occasion that something Blogger don't work.  The Parallel that I find is 80% of them are nestled in the San Francisco California area. What was the nest of the hippy movement and the free expression and do it all anyway you want in what termed free love, that escalated to the AIDS and GAY movement in the early 1970's , of course it was also this all too much open minded attitude, that created much of our computer tech, and of course online social sites. While it's true Zuckerburg created Facebook in a Harvard dorm room, when he made his way west, and joined forces with the cat that created Napster, that ultimately became the Facebook that we use much more than usual, but use it we do. Of course what crumbs fell off the Duster, and became the fallout of both Google(Alphabet Companies) including YouTube that in its infancy was a totally separate company. Pinterest, and others including LinkedIn , and others followed , the trouble is once these firms got bigger the less they cared about you the endpoint consumer and more of pocketing their own wallets. With that said the trollers and information gleaners are all over the web crawls looking for both clients and victims. These trollers are what ignites the information files, of those that call you up on a late Sunday afternoon, or if your open for business wanting to fund your business. On that, any firm wanting to fund your business should be avoided as much as kissing someone with Herpies. What they do is fund you a truck load of money in exchange for your credit card payments, its similar to firms like J.G. Wentworth, that gives you a lump sum against a long term payout of money that comes from lawsuits. 
That said; I'll repeat my initial question; why is it that Pinterest and others can't get it right. I partly know why, that would require the need to hire people, and Heaven forbid they might need to hire ethnic employees. I say to Pinterest, have an idea, go ahead hire the ethnic employees, after all Burger King, and McDonald's does.


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