Friday, June 30, 2017

Earache bite and every business Should operate like us in towing

So on the way back to hell which is Evanston Wyoming, I'm hauling good down old 30 just outside of Snowville Utah. When this bug about the size of a hornet on steroids decides he wants to commit suicide on my left ear, yep flew right into my ear at 70 mph and took off a small piece of my left ear.
So I limped back into Etown with a rag attatched to the side of my head, and got home here, just as Jenna was leaving the clinic. Got her to patch it up as best as she could, gave me some antihistemeins(however its spelled) which knocked me out, until just a few ago. 
Really didn't want to go up there yesterday, waiting on Shelly and her delivering, but figured I'd have my own money in by 00:30 this Friday morning took the chance and went. Took a look and its still not updated so need to cruise into the infernal bank here have a serious discussion, and find out what's up, which means two runs Saturday, one solo, and one back up with Vern Cole, Saturday morning. Then if Sweet Shelly keeps her word, go up early Sunday, there isn't that much left. Radio gear, dishes, one couch, one bed, and some small furniture. If all goes to the plan, Monday morning I'm up with the chickens, go over to Simerly's pay an old power bill from 2013 to Idaho, Power, by mid morning Monday then Cable comes, and by Monday eve, should be back here on time to roll over the 4th which for any Confederate we are far from true independence. In fact 80% of all American's are dependent on some Yankee Government agency, or some Yankee state agency for our bread and butter. I propose that there ought to be some sort, of declaration of Independence be signed between Yankee America and Confederate America. Leaving OUR heritage and liberty alone. 
In towing, there is the thing that we are a needed evil of all who drive, any kind of vehicle. Now granted few people want to think of who or what tow company to call that day, nor the issues and concerns of us in this industry. However that when there's a need any time day or night , no matter the weather we are to be called on and 90% of us respond at a moments notice. Now then shouldn't there be that REAL human on the other end of a damn phone line? Be it a bank, Government agency outside of Police and fire, and even Power Cable or other utilities. Sure there are the Emergency lines to Power companies, Natural gas companies and so on, but if there's 24 hour banking If however there's no HUMAN on the other end of that help line, they should not label themselves as truly 24 hours or available 24 hours. The old adage of Bankers Hours applies here. I have always mistrusted anything Yankee controlled including Yankee owned financial institutions, including Yankee Banks. The only and I mean ONLY reason I have a bank account is so that the damn Yankee Government can deposit my Government payments such as SSI, and of course my military pension. If it was not for that I'd never have a bank account. Oh sure there are those nice sweet bank cards, and those that are set up as collateral bank cards that means you can take out only that what is put in. But independent of any bank. Since that is what it is I need to spend a full damn day on the frigging phone and go down to this idiotic bank of Etown Wyoming, and have a rather heated conversation. My am I going to enjoy living back in rural Idaho, put all my money into a trusted bank there that is staffed and owned by the people that live there.
Just hope that I can get what's coming from Shelly Friday.

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