Thursday, February 9, 2017

This is something that has never been really tested and what about women who drive men into some other woman's arms

Before ya'll start saying, Oh my here we go again" Don't. Thing is since the subject did rise earlier as I finally cured my bout with that strange HeeWyin Diseses called Lackanookie. 
In the condition of the needed mission, I thought has this yet been researched? The first time I thought of this was many years back when a competing radio station in Twin Falls, had it where a bunch of college students put their hands on this VW bug when it was reintroduced, but they put their hands on this car. It was a fund raiser for some children's hospital. The contestants would get various merchants at the mall and around town to donate money, for each hour the student could keep their hands on this VW. In the end who ever kept their hands on the car, got to keep it as a prize. The hospital got some extra cash, the radio station got some thumbs up, or kudos, and a determined student got a new VW. So with my affliction of or attraction to ladys in stockings, my more open minded and exotic SheWolf at that time, said why not get one of our SheWolvez or Ladies-of-The Knytes to do the same? Get the gals to get pledges for the time frame, I'd get a thrill and a Hospital would catch some needed bread. Okay then fast forward to 2012. Once HazzardAyre Radio was created and all we thought we'd park LexiBelle in the mall, have a new hot honey to sit on the side of LexiBelle, and me kiss her toes in nylons and set the record, for the amount of time one man could kiss a ladys toes in nylons, with say Guinness . Trouble is outside of the SheWolvez and/or the Ladies-of-theKnytes, we just couldn't find anyone with small enough feet or cute toes that were willing to do the deed. The search continues. That said, if you Google the idea on the subject you come up blank. A bunch of suggestions, but never a real answer. Not even a answer on the possible health effects of inhaling stinky toes/feet for a long period of time. The concept was wrapped around the idea that these,toes.

 This is a Tow truck 
 Now then if you were going to set up a radio network for those in towing and you wanted to make sure you got people to figure out how to pronounce the word TOW in the proper way then what you might do is show the word with its cousin word TOE and then most would get the idea. I know there's a few people out there going , I still don't understand. Okay then. So before Emme Lou, in 1998 I was hot doing syndicated and over the air radio. I had just a bit of bandwidth and the idea of streaming radio had not yet entered the play book yet. So We as a station did three other syndicated programs with the legendary Overdrive Magazine. They were running radio shows like the Overdrive top ten countdown, Overdrive Truckers News . So we took those shows on. Now then, (stay with me here) Overdrive had Country radio host Bill Mack(Leanne Rhymes' Blue) doing the anchor job on those Overdrive shows. He would for free, do what is called intro's and station liners that we could use during the show. For two months Bill, kept pronouncing KTOW as Cow, rather than Tow. So it wasn't until I spelled the word TOW-TOE that he got the idea. Okay fast forward to 2009 in the studio in Gooding Idaho. Emme Lou, saw me always having to hyphenate the two words TOW-TOE. She said why not just scrunch the words together as TOEW? There's no mistake that way. So I did, the Nurse GoodBody suggested we go to the Mall or the area fair, and for say 12 hours or so, have LexiBelle there have her or another gal sit on the side of the truck, and gain publicity for the station, the Club and of course Cooter's A1 Toewing aka Dixie Toewing. Of course that only lasted for two months with us being shut out of our studios by a greedy landlord named Richard Strickland, because of no rent that was caused by some idiot at the Gooding Post Office not finding our mail and delivering it to us, and mail being returned as undeliverable. But the concept was and is valid. And that idea is going to be attempted at this falls Twin Falls County Fair. Where we also be selling beautiful pillows

 made by our Texas Angel, who we will be introducing you to around that time. Wont that be something to look forward to?

Okay then, don't want to end this on a bummer , but I need to. What about some women, that barks so much, and gives a man so much pain that eventually he, searching for relief, goes elsewhere and say's I have had enough. Shelly asked me earlier why I am drawn to cannibus and such chemicals? I responded simply, just look in the mirror, even me as patient and caring as I am, reaches a point to where you start weighing options and thinks, shit I have had enough of this. If its this way before we're hitched what's it going to be like after? Then she was barking about having wolfpups. My thought on that is, if she's this bitchy over the phone and all what would she be like as a mother? What if the wolfpup, talked back or sassed or did something just a bit off? Would she just back hand the kid? Or beat the kid nearly to death because she was filled with rage and emotion?  If and after last night right now its a very big IF we ever do settle down and she moves out west here and we cohabitate. There's going to be months and months of serious mental clinic activity. Long before I say I do. I have flat determined that even if I ever get mated to any female of our human species, that there are 2 things I'm keeping, My Back bone, and my testicles , and one thing that wont happen, me getting Pussy Whipped. It ain't going to happen. If Shelly can't live within the framework, of a high gear overly potent octane canine, biker,towtrucker,pilot, Marine. Then maybe its time to just say, simply she pays her final $600.00 to the Club, and we say we tried and she stays in Florida, and I stay put. With her meanness all the time, what Shelly is doing is pushing me into someone elses arms, if for no other reason than to find some peace. 
HazzardAyre Coast2Coast FM starts in one hour. 
Stay tuned

Sunday, February 5, 2017

I'm not going to be as social as I used to be, and have determined that Facebook advertising is a waste of money

Over the last 4 days I did an experiment. I tried the Boost and ad options on Facebook with no real tangible results. I spent just over $60.00 and got not even one snarl, or email, nor phone call. As a result, what our company and the Knytes conquer , is that Facebook is not of our demographic in that we're way too far out of the box, to wyld, and way too old for Facebook. Likewise during the time we are taking both Zuckerburg's tech company and a few misguided people to Federal court over defamation of Character I nor the Knytes will not be as social on Facebook. It's just that worth it. I'm tired of seeing the disrespect of people that think its a hoot to put make bikinis out of our flag of Dixie, I'm tired of all the drama, intellectual property theft and so on. The pain and agony of trying to do damage control, over topics of which many comment with no real knowledge is to the point of who the fuck,(sorry for the F-Bum there Bishop) cares? The Knytes' current President, doesn't even have a Facebook profile, or listing nor does the one coming into power in late July. I can spend my advertising money elsewhere online as well as traditional TV/Radio and get better results. I am also advising the Knyte' not to spend money on Facebook as well. In the lane , both our listings on Google Business as well as Yelp, which are free, I get tow calls, and I get some form of a return on investment. 
What your going to see over the next week or so, is the death of many of our Facebook groups as I download photos to thumb drives, and deactivate those pages and groups. 
I'll still be on Facebook, but only in the shadows, there's a great thing out here, its called life, and life isn't on Facebook. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Don't cuss out or make fun of beginners we all were rookies once.

There's another thing that I must hit up a few of the jerks on Facebook about. Every once in awhile I see some guy, mostly guys, who are trying to do a FIY project asking a simple question of some of the more seasoned wrenches on some of the automotive based groups and pages. You might get one or two good answers , then some jerk starts poking fun or condemning the guy asking the question. So let me share this with you, and one of the reasons I'm forever obligated to Charlie and Jared at A1 in Twin Falls. 
It all happened one day when through one of our Knytes members got me a part time gig at A1, well it started as a part time gig. I had never ever used, or worked a rollback in my life. Never used skates, never jerked a car off the bed, none of that. But one early morning Charlie was cleaning out his yard, told me to grab this older rollback with a International, with a Superior bed on it. Charlie without a blink, said here's the job, there's the truck, key is in the ignition. The truck had a bad clutch but I made it work, but I learned. My prior experience was with old style mechanical trucks like LexiBelle, not a flat bed. After that I was part of the A1 family and still am, that's why there is the A1 in Cooter's A1 Toewing. I was with that rollback a very none experienced rookie. But I learned, and the reason I learned was I had a mentor in Charlie who is the same age as I am. Oh and the answer to the question of, why am I in Wyoming and still not in Twin Falls? Owe that up to a few snobbish ladies in Twin Falls, as well as the duty to the Knytes to put the pieces together for HazzardAyre Radio. If it hadn't been for that, I'd still be in Twin Falls and living much better than I am now.
There's an old song by Alan Jackson called Itty Bitty, that applies here. Everything starts itty bitty, everybody has to have a start. Instead of being antagonistic towards newcomers try being of some help and a mentor. That don't know it all, but willing to learn new person, just might be your best wrench and tow truck driver.
Now to Martin and his clan. I can't go into too much detail since this is going to attorneys, but there have been two jerks from some group on Facebook, called Wrecker, that had the nuts to cuss out my SheWolf as well as call her some really bad things and very mean comments, only because she got on that group, to ask a few simple questions and announce our upcoming wedding plans. Instead of the group saying congrats, it was filthy mouth city. Then the same jerks started going after my credibility. Which hurt my company and reduced my call volume . So talked to two of our Knytes who are also Defense Attorney's who looked it over, and said lets file suits. On both the jerks as well as Facebook for allowing the fuss to continue. I also noticed, Martin jumped ship and decided to unfriend me. A spy from the other group? Think so. Like my Pa told me as a Wolf-pup, give em enough rope, and they'll hang themselves. 
That's all on that.
Next time someone that is just asking you a fix it question on Facebook, don't just give em sass, give em the advice they're looking for. That new person might just be your next hire. And your next best wrench.

People admire intelligence until you point out your smarter than they are

There are people that understand this and many who will be very confused. On an episode of the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Coopers mother points out that its okay to let people admire your intelligence, just don't point it out, because it pisses em off. In Star Trek circles; there's a doctrine of the Prime Directive. The Prime Directive simply put means not to attempt to interfere or educate populations inferior or not able to grasp even the most simplest of concepts or education. Example; My Dear SheWolf, with no blame of her own has been rather sheltered and protected most of her life. I'd like to akin this to being in a cave on some remote mountain side in some 4th world nation. To whit; We were chatting on the illustrious Facebook, and I was talking about Father Time. Now most people know what that means, and I tried to explain that to her even on the very basic level. Yet she just could not grasp it. 
This reduction of even the most basic of mental reasoning, seems to be even epidemic. Seems that our population in this nation, from grade school, to the late 30 somethings to the mid 40 somethings are just flat getting even more stupid. Many can't read, few can spell, the rest lack historical or even old fashioned grey haired knowledge. Now I'm not going to say I'm a blooming brainiac , but I decided years ago, that since I was never going to be a athlete might as well tune up that muscle between my ears. And I have, I do something few do any more. I open that thing called a book and I read. While some news or trade headlines I glean from the web, still there's nothing like holding a real paper filled hard bound book. Your mind can escape, and you really can go beyond the present dimension. You also can learn. I also do much of my intellectual input from going to places like Malls etc, and observing people. Writing down what I see and carving out my thoughts on the days research. On such things a Confederate history , I pick up a paper version of the Copperhead Chronicles. Written by Al Benson, is a very good read. Call him the Tomi Laren of Confederate History. No hidden anything and straight to the truth. Of course my early upbringing was by many standards very blessed as were my parents. One on the basis of the fact that from the time they said I do they did right up until their deaths. As such they worked hard, made good money and from being the sole beneficiary I was able to explore anything and everything my heart desired. Not saying any of our family was lazy, we worked hard on the farm. Up at 5:00 to milk cows, school all dang day, home just in time to milk cows again, feed the rest of the stock including our horses, in bed by 11 after the news, then back up again. Spring, Summer and fall, it was hay season, and harvesting peppermint . There were just things you learned on the farm, that most kids today have no idea of. My parents also taught lessons. One is if you can't afford to pay cash for it, forget it, never do credit. Second if there was a piece of equipment that broke on our farm my dad fixed it himself. Never calling for the farm equipment dealer. If Dad needed a thing on the farm, he didn't just go out and buy it , he dug out his torch, some steel, and his arc welder and made the whatever it was. 
Thing is no matter who it is, we can always teach others, so long as they are willing to be taught. 
See Ya'll

Friday, February 3, 2017

A teaspoon of Sugar makes the medicine go down, supposedly a cup of sugar makes you blackout

There's an old tune from the movie Mary Poppins that says just a teaspoon of sugar makes the medicine go down. First question what medicine was Julie Andrews giving those kids? And two; A teaspoon is good, a cup(or bottle of it ) makes you completely pass out. Especially drinking several bottles of it, like I do, every day. My suspucions are there was something in the mini steak dinner I ate at the Legal Tender cafe here. Add to that the place's big screen TV's don't work, I'm thinking this place might be up on the sale block in the not too distant future. 
Okay then, got online and at first after I had the dick waving contest from some idiot named John, saw a notice from Facebook, that said ad was rejected. reason? Confederate flag was deemed offensive. Really, I hate to explain to some that what we call the Confederate flag is really the cross of Saint Andrew and is the flag of Scotland, 
 so displaying this 
 is not a show of hate or descrimination , but a flag of honor and courage. Ya'll see from the time that anything but honest Abe, school history classes have yet to discuss or teach the truth of the war between the states, or as we call it the war of Northern aggression. That entire war was over states rights and tariffs as well as taxation, it had nothing really to do with slavery. Yet we have many people jumping down our ass's and up our throats, saying those who really love this flag 
 So if Facebook that is ran and owned by a little Jap loving communist, wants to ban my ads , okay by me, just saves me money. 
Went down for lunch with little Rick, today, good meal, bowl of soup and a cold ham sandwich. Hey when their serving Clam Chowder I'm in. Dark Horse looks a bit strange without her sinister grill and blacked out headlights. New hood , new fenders, she still looks good. I've told Rick, that truck is sweet as can be. Just about as equal to my LexiBelle. To me LexiBelle, is the absolute most beautiful thing on Earth, next to God, and the Marines, LexiBelle is my priority. Everything else is an option. Any mile gotta hit the store, catch me tonight on for HazzardAyre Radio.
Later ya'll need to haul to Walmart, need feed.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The free dumping of money is over and rooting for the underdog

Thursday was a day that I'd love to file in pile 13, or at least a manure compost. Day started with me having to hard start my computer, even though it was all on, when I woke up, but the computer wasn't working well. So I got all online and all was well. Then got called down to a short meeting of the High Council of both the Knytes and Wolf-Pack. The new President elect of the organization and the Treasurer elect, have said. No more expenditures unless accompanied by paper. No invoice , no bill, no pay. Seems that for what now 10 years since My cousin Bud who also did the bean counting for the organization , was a bit free with the money. As such we were running in the red a bit too much. Jonny said not on his watch. So firms and people working for or doing business with the Clubs, no paper, no money.
Okay then; I always root for the underdogs and or hidden products that all too many people overlook. Example; most know Mountain Dew, but few enjoy or have never tried its hidden product DewShine
 DewShine is nothing like its more famous cousin, its sweet, no caffine and goes down all so smooth. No after taste and its made with REAL sugar, but our local Pepsi delivery people don't display it as well as they should, never have it in a cooler, and just disguard it as a fringe product. DewShine is the ONLY soda allowed in the Wolf's Lair. Some people need to look more at this 
 Okay then the next product. When in herrific pain, the one product most notherners overlook is Goody's Headache Powders, 
 two of those tiny packets contains 2,000 mgs of pain reliever (I take 3) kills a headache and for people with blood flow problems like I do, Goody's keeps blood thin, without causing stomache irritation. But these products get overlooked. Another example that I have discovered. Advertising on Facebook is a dead end, the ads seldom get the eye attention and yet the $50.00 I have spent so far hasn't turned into even one phone call. However for HCC/RodeWolf Toewing, We're on Google's Business listings as well as on Yelp. Wanna take a guess as to what that costs? Absolutely nothing yet produces tow calls. No more spending money on Facebook.
Last but not least. With really no choices, went to Legal Tender for dinner. Ordered my usual there which was very good, service was excellent. But got home and after upchucking, completely passed out. Thank goodness one of the Wolf Pack came by, and found me, rushed me to the hospital. My Glucose reading 565. So the hospital gave me this yucky stuff in a tube, and two fresh oranges. So I recovered, but it was a touchy situation. 


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Some guys don't like being smothered or spied upon by their soon to be mates

Before many of you think and especially SheWolf, gets the idea that my engagement to SheWolf is snafu don't. I'm as much dedicated as I ever was. That being said, I have prowled life's forests for 58 years pretty much solo. Yes there were 5 attempts at some form of domestic pairing and all, but my lifestyle and professions don't lend themselves well at being tied down, or held in place by the proverbial ball and chain. I need to be me and do as I need to to make albeit medium, but a comfortable living. 
For many years I did exactly what SheWolf is doing, I hovered over the prospective lady of desire, until she couldn't breathe. Moreover I smothered her to the point she felt I did not trust her, or that there was some smidge of doubt on my part of her loyalty. That said, I never except for once stepped out to anothers arms and charms with another lady. The one time I did, was because I got slipped some sort of medication that made me very sleepy and loopy. What started as a simple back rub for my tired back, turned out to be exploitation of fraud gained sexual activity. When I awoke the next morning, with a massive headache, all the money in my wallet was gone, and I had to bum money from my Cousin to get back home to then Montpelier, Idaho. When I got home I told Monkee what had happened and of course she blamed it on me and split. She moved here to Evanston, Wyoming in 1996 and I did to , to somehow patch it up. That never happened and I vowed never to get connected to another woman on a live in personal basis ever again. That was up until a year ago, when from poking around a fan page for the TV show Airwolf, I bumped into SheWolf and somehow we soon after got together. 
Ever since that day in January 2016, outside of two rare occassions its been a living hell. Mostly due to SheWolfs hovering over me, and accusing me of banging every woman in a three state area. In April last year we split up, and for a month of decompressing I was fine, but come June, it was agreed that she and I would reunite in a year if she would only get rid of this hovering and dominating me at every turn. SheWolf asked why I don't want to get phone calls from her. Reason? About 2 out 5 phone calls are nice and peaceful, but the other 3 are made up of yelling at me for nothing at all or blaming me for harboring some hottie here in the Lair. Thing is when I'm not on the air doing HazzardAyre Radio, or busting my ass toewing, I'm right here in the Lair, watching TV . ALL BY MY SELF!! Then she has the gaul to go on every site I go to on Facebook, and tell everyone she's my lady, which in certain circles kicks the crap out of me attempting to do business. Just like a celebrity the who I'm with or not is nobody's business, a lot of a mystery or a mysterious aura needs to be maintained. But SheWolf does not get that concept. Either online or at home. I understand the why to the situation. SheWolf, like myself is not the most eye candy people. However I gained the ability to not step into the self pity, or the inferiority complex. I'm not inferior to anybody. SheWolf needs to learn this concept. My shy bone was broken in 7th grade doing on stage plays and acting, plus doing radio since age 12, I gained some boldness. I also decided to excersize this muscle between my ears, my mind. Granted I have my limitations, I can't make a pancake, I can't sew, even to shorten the legs of my pants or sew on a button, but I can snake a big rig truck out of a snow drift, as well as produce decent award winning radio, as well as TV. Yes because of my work in TV means working with all too many women of exotic beauty, but it don't mean I'd ever hit the rack with them. I learned years ago, never dip your pen into company or production ink. Once you have intimate relations with a talent all too many things happen, including but not limited to removing all authority and objectivity. All of a sudden your pussy whipped and the talent starts running the gig, rather than me that's paying her for her to be in the gig in the first place. I always make good friends with the talent I work with , just not bedroom friends,. 
I'm one guy who just flat does not want to be smothered or hovered over. If SheWolf, or someone you are in the spot of soon to be a permanate relationship with and she does not Trust you, then your not really in love to begin with.