Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Some body did something special for me today and yep its Brain Fart Wednesday

Money came in today finally, so went out, paid a few bills, got my meds refilled, got my tire fixed and then went out to the Pilot and got my new can of Skoal. So far so good, however as always Sidney was there to tend to my needs. Now awhile back I was having soda with Sidney, and said I really got my temprature raised by blondes. Guess what fellow Wolvez, went in today and didn't catch on right away, but there Sid was with her flowing blonde hair, just about floored me. She really was putting on the ritz. Now was it just for me? I don't think so, but then who knows maybe she's fishing. After all she has seen me with most of my clothes off, and was here to get me to the hospital, when I passed out in the shower in November. It was Sidney that brought me food, and Skoal, she never has to be told which Skoal I like she just gets it. She's smart as hell, and delivers like there's no tomorrow . I'm going to keep throwing out bait to see if I can get her to bite, since she'd make one helluva employee.
Okay then, Talked to one of AllWest's people this morning out at their warehouse. Seems as though there will soon be fiber out my way, trouble is before they do I'll be long gone with Etown a bad wake up at night memory. 
Okay then, again; On the real Wolf Crisis. Now this is not Trump bashing, or anything, but President Trump's exec order to remove the Wolf off of the endangered species list, as well as opening up open hunting of wolves in Wyoming, Idaho, Montana is just idiotic. If somehow the Wolves would have migrated to the lower 48 states and settled here that'd be different. The fact is the grey wolf was captured by tranq gun, loaded in livestock trailers and transplanted to Yellowstone Park, which was the upfront idea. However, Wolves do not have GPS or a topical map that says don't meander elsewhere. Of course their going to prowl beyond the confines of Yellowstone. Of course during very cold months like now, when other available prey is scarce, yes wolves will hunt and feed on livestock. The Buffalo and other normal foodstuffs for wolves is not there, put calves and sheep in a pen, as the old saying went, Beef its what's for dinner. If the farmers who are bitching about this want to cure the problem, why not put their dead livestock out for wolves to feed on? Look, outside of very raw occurances, wolves don't like people nor being forced to eat livestock or people food, but if one is hungry enough its feast time.
To whit, the Knytes-of-Dixie, The Iron Knytes, and of course the AyreWolvez, are reaching out to set up a defend and protect Wolves fund. It'll be on 

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