Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Some guys don't like being smothered or spied upon by their soon to be mates

Before many of you think and especially SheWolf, gets the idea that my engagement to SheWolf is snafu don't. I'm as much dedicated as I ever was. That being said, I have prowled life's forests for 58 years pretty much solo. Yes there were 5 attempts at some form of domestic pairing and all, but my lifestyle and professions don't lend themselves well at being tied down, or held in place by the proverbial ball and chain. I need to be me and do as I need to to make albeit medium, but a comfortable living. 
For many years I did exactly what SheWolf is doing, I hovered over the prospective lady of desire, until she couldn't breathe. Moreover I smothered her to the point she felt I did not trust her, or that there was some smidge of doubt on my part of her loyalty. That said, I never except for once stepped out to anothers arms and charms with another lady. The one time I did, was because I got slipped some sort of medication that made me very sleepy and loopy. What started as a simple back rub for my tired back, turned out to be exploitation of fraud gained sexual activity. When I awoke the next morning, with a massive headache, all the money in my wallet was gone, and I had to bum money from my Cousin to get back home to then Montpelier, Idaho. When I got home I told Monkee what had happened and of course she blamed it on me and split. She moved here to Evanston, Wyoming in 1996 and I did to , to somehow patch it up. That never happened and I vowed never to get connected to another woman on a live in personal basis ever again. That was up until a year ago, when from poking around a fan page for the TV show Airwolf, I bumped into SheWolf and somehow we soon after got together. 
Ever since that day in January 2016, outside of two rare occassions its been a living hell. Mostly due to SheWolfs hovering over me, and accusing me of banging every woman in a three state area. In April last year we split up, and for a month of decompressing I was fine, but come June, it was agreed that she and I would reunite in a year if she would only get rid of this hovering and dominating me at every turn. SheWolf asked why I don't want to get phone calls from her. Reason? About 2 out 5 phone calls are nice and peaceful, but the other 3 are made up of yelling at me for nothing at all or blaming me for harboring some hottie here in the Lair. Thing is when I'm not on the air doing HazzardAyre Radio, or busting my ass toewing, I'm right here in the Lair, watching TV . ALL BY MY SELF!! Then she has the gaul to go on every site I go to on Facebook, and tell everyone she's my lady, which in certain circles kicks the crap out of me attempting to do business. Just like a celebrity the who I'm with or not is nobody's business, a lot of a mystery or a mysterious aura needs to be maintained. But SheWolf does not get that concept. Either online or at home. I understand the why to the situation. SheWolf, like myself is not the most eye candy people. However I gained the ability to not step into the self pity, or the inferiority complex. I'm not inferior to anybody. SheWolf needs to learn this concept. My shy bone was broken in 7th grade doing on stage plays and acting, plus doing radio since age 12, I gained some boldness. I also decided to excersize this muscle between my ears, my mind. Granted I have my limitations, I can't make a pancake, I can't sew, even to shorten the legs of my pants or sew on a button, but I can snake a big rig truck out of a snow drift, as well as produce decent award winning radio, as well as TV. Yes because of my work in TV means working with all too many women of exotic beauty, but it don't mean I'd ever hit the rack with them. I learned years ago, never dip your pen into company or production ink. Once you have intimate relations with a talent all too many things happen, including but not limited to removing all authority and objectivity. All of a sudden your pussy whipped and the talent starts running the gig, rather than me that's paying her for her to be in the gig in the first place. I always make good friends with the talent I work with , just not bedroom friends,. 
I'm one guy who just flat does not want to be smothered or hovered over. If SheWolf, or someone you are in the spot of soon to be a permanate relationship with and she does not Trust you, then your not really in love to begin with. 

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