Thursday, February 2, 2017

The free dumping of money is over and rooting for the underdog

Thursday was a day that I'd love to file in pile 13, or at least a manure compost. Day started with me having to hard start my computer, even though it was all on, when I woke up, but the computer wasn't working well. So I got all online and all was well. Then got called down to a short meeting of the High Council of both the Knytes and Wolf-Pack. The new President elect of the organization and the Treasurer elect, have said. No more expenditures unless accompanied by paper. No invoice , no bill, no pay. Seems that for what now 10 years since My cousin Bud who also did the bean counting for the organization , was a bit free with the money. As such we were running in the red a bit too much. Jonny said not on his watch. So firms and people working for or doing business with the Clubs, no paper, no money.
Okay then; I always root for the underdogs and or hidden products that all too many people overlook. Example; most know Mountain Dew, but few enjoy or have never tried its hidden product DewShine
 DewShine is nothing like its more famous cousin, its sweet, no caffine and goes down all so smooth. No after taste and its made with REAL sugar, but our local Pepsi delivery people don't display it as well as they should, never have it in a cooler, and just disguard it as a fringe product. DewShine is the ONLY soda allowed in the Wolf's Lair. Some people need to look more at this 
 Okay then the next product. When in herrific pain, the one product most notherners overlook is Goody's Headache Powders, 
 two of those tiny packets contains 2,000 mgs of pain reliever (I take 3) kills a headache and for people with blood flow problems like I do, Goody's keeps blood thin, without causing stomache irritation. But these products get overlooked. Another example that I have discovered. Advertising on Facebook is a dead end, the ads seldom get the eye attention and yet the $50.00 I have spent so far hasn't turned into even one phone call. However for HCC/RodeWolf Toewing, We're on Google's Business listings as well as on Yelp. Wanna take a guess as to what that costs? Absolutely nothing yet produces tow calls. No more spending money on Facebook.
Last but not least. With really no choices, went to Legal Tender for dinner. Ordered my usual there which was very good, service was excellent. But got home and after upchucking, completely passed out. Thank goodness one of the Wolf Pack came by, and found me, rushed me to the hospital. My Glucose reading 565. So the hospital gave me this yucky stuff in a tube, and two fresh oranges. So I recovered, but it was a touchy situation. 


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