Wednesday, March 23, 2016

So let's look at stupid marketing and things that might look stupid but holds value

So let's look at stupid marketing as well as those few things that truly work, although you might at first think in perverted, More on the perverted thing in a few.
Ad's for Internet phone services. Now in most locations if you have Internet access at all, what you have is a Internet Services Provider. If it's a cable TV company, you most likely have an option for telephone in the menu of options provided. If you get Internet through the telephone company, you most likely have a telephone. Duh, so why the hell would you sign up for Internet Phone Service? For that matter through an outside company? Why pay one more bill or get charged more through your bank through a debit or credit card withdrawl? Who does this? It's completely stupid. But there are those that will try, and many find what you get is not, Repeat NOT what's advertised. First You DO NOT get to keep YOUR old number or current phone number. Second in an emergency dialing 911 is an PAID option, it ain't free. If I'm there with my toe poking out of my ear and call the meatwagon the last thing I'm wanting or needing to do, is fiddle in my jeans for my credit card to buy access to call 911. Vonyage was supposed to fix that, but from experience no they didn't. 
Ok, cold coffee drinks. Anyone who drives a tow rig, or does radio like I do, knows there is no hot coffee break. Even if I do go to Jody's Diner here in Evanston, (WILL NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE) Wyoming, getting a really hot cup of java is just not going to happen. By the time I get to it, after eating, or driving a long haul tow or for that matter writing copy or on air, the stuff is already cold. I just decided that I'd readjust my tastes, and opt for cold coffee, but now Mr. Coffee, and others market Cold bottled coffee that's flavored. Not to be out done, 5Hour Energy, these pocket sized caffine jolts, only grip you for about an hour. They do little for a long haul. But hey people buy them. Then there's that Invetions Submission company, that has old George Foreman on there, guess what? The outfit says right at the end of their ads, Most inventions are not successful. Question is, why the hell waste a minute of my TV time telling me something that's pure bull? More over instead of spending ad money telling me that crap, how about using the money wasted on marketing peoples inventions? Or not charging them until it is successful, if it becomes so ? Of that there are those ads that are so perverted that you think wont stick but become a fixture and a marketing ploy that really creates attention. The first one of these is the one we at Cooter's A1 Toewing parent of both Highway Hooker, SpeedWrench, and RodeWolf Toewing of the Mountain West . When the idea hit, many found it absolutely disgusting. A guy kissing a womans feet, but no, her toes, which sounds like tows and so that's how it started. However for all its imperfections, the concept has became not only successful but a genuine trademark for our company. And many have tried to copy it, but few have duplicated it. Might be and I admit it is at least partly, my affinity for women's feet in nylons. Auditioning the right women with the right sized feet more over toes that still look good in nylons is a constant search. There's only been a very few that looked good on screen. Many could not understand how this> went with this However with the right application of copy many figured out that it was as per concept
 worked very well and we get this>
 So that has stuck and yes at times stunk. Creative ads don't need to cost a lot, just takes a bit of out of the box creativity, on the same course, a bad ad or one that's stupid , makes consumers turn away, and look at more exotic as well as well done ads and the firms that make them up. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Free blogging and self publishing is fading, the host want MONEY, they NEED MONEY

I am a firm believer that America has not only lost its way, but has become lazy. The old adage of don't put off until Tuesday what you needed to do on Monday, however if you want to get in touch with someone important, you best do it on Tuesday, because nobody with any remotely amount of authority is not in the office on Monday. Be that as it may. The idea of anything FREE anymore on line, is fading faster than $2.00 a gallon gasoline. In fact such things as Blogger, WordPress and others are ganging up, to start charging you money to publish your content on their sites. Sure it may say its yours, but those outfits are in fact in charge, they own their sites, your just a guest publisher, and unless your laying down some serious cash with them. I got started with Blogger in 2004 I had just moved into a nice roost in Bountiful Utah. A friend and now a Knytes Club member introduced me to Blogger. Once I got going it was a gas to get things that were previously needed to be printed and snail mailed going out online. Of course every side of the club and club's enterprises were given a seperate blog title, some are still used many are just there. Thing is I have 65 individual blogs on Blogger and that's cool. However, and I'm not the only one , but seems as though some of the old features are no longer operational. Such things as automatic forwarding to your email in box, your cell phone, and all no there. Or just does not work. The frustration grows when you try to log into your WordPress account, but the damn thing forgot YOUR password. So you have to ask for a new one. I don't want to log in with what they conjured up, I want the password I set up two years ago, and leave it alone. Of course if your using the services to generate a side income , and many do and this relates back to my former entry, the blog hosting services now are nudging you to a paid service. Such as their business service unit, or to etc. Now I have wanted to set up the clubs official site for half a decade now it seems or feels like it, trouble is even or don't have the capability to include a embeded streaming service like say etc. I also remember the thing that nudged me to online radio. A groovy cat in Nashville Tennessee set up an online radio station called dig that the guy who set it up is blind, lives in a 3rd floor apartment in Nashville, rolls around in a wheel chair, my thought? If he could do it so can we. Back then if I had, had the geek ability, I could have done this for the club for around $4k, and been grooving now. Call it the difference of beta and alpha wolf's. But I didn't have the direct access to the clubs cash stash that I do now. We're still looking for a qualified individual to do this for us. 
Getting back on course here, finding the ability to do your blogs and all are soon going to be finding that needle in the hay stack. These people like Google, WordPress, etc want, hell , they need money. No more free more like fee blogs.

You wait for it, you expect it and all of a sudden it's no longer there, Trumponomics is already taking hold

It's not that big a thing, the amount is not that much but if your on a controlled structured income, and your looking for that $25.00 from your EBT card cash benefits department, and it doesn't come, what do you do now? Spend 8 times the amount to drive to Wyoming's state capitol? Call DFS ? They don't handle that, but to get the dingy $25.00 you fill out the paper work there. Did the mail mis deliver the damn thing? Who do you call? The Evansgone Post Office is about as messed up as the rest of the government agencies. Of course you want to work and make a decent living, but here where I'm at, hard work gets you nothing, 80% of our local population is on public assistance. Oh sure you can blame it on Obamanomics and all but he has little to do with anything, in fact our commander in chief doesn't care, all he's doing is riding high until the end of his Presidency and if you think its going to be any better with these jokers running for the big chair seat, think again, in fact you may find those benefits reduced or completely gone.  Again sure you'd like to be making more , many on fixed incomes are running small business's but if your budgeting and you include in that budget that mere $25.00 in that budget, and it doesn't arrive or there is a snafu, or computer glitch, your just screwed. So there your sitting, needing toilet paper, and prescriptions. Your about to enlist some outside help to get YOU to the hospital ER , just to get your sniffles treated, and yet someone screwed the pooch, didn't call, write, email or anything, so you COULD have planned ahead. All I can say is; Hello Idaho.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Goody's one of the best reliefs for maniac women.

I have come to know Goody's Headache powders even more. They do relieve the headache of maniac women. There is this condition here at the Wolf's Lair, that my Lady SheWolf is jealous of the hot women with the perfect bodies. Is there a perfect body of the human female? After all no matter how much plastic surgery, makup, and covering clothes, women still have smells, and don't always have the most pleasant odors. Even the super hotties still shit and stink, the perfect models still wake up with bad breath, vagina odors, and oh yes the bitchy attitude when the invasion of Mother Nature occurs. Then there comes the male corpuscles. Us men are crude, rude and direct  we are not the cleanest animal on the planet, we only require, the smallest amount of things, food on the table when we get home, a clean house and our animal needs met on a timely and regular basis. Men do not want to hear the gossip of the neighborhood or the junk they read on Facebook, Twitter or social media. We don't need to be treated like the goofball they saw cutting the throat of some stupid bitch on LMN or LifeTime movie channels. Nor do we like being compared to the hunky junks on TV or film either. My Lady is all kinds of tweaked on the fact that I look at scads of women all day , in my defense its to find acctress's and such for our TV and film projects, and ads. By contrast however until just a few days ago, all I heard for a week was oh Jan Vincent was so great, so sexy, so dreamy. What did that make me feel like? The male ego is more fragile than crystal glass. Being compared to the young fellers with their perfect bodies, hurts. Us in real life, can never or fewer still can measure up to that, but if she does it, its okay, If I do it its oh, I'm going to go kill myself. Excuse me. REAL men bust our knuckles all day , getting greasy, bruising our bodies, and yes sweating to provide for our women and families. While some men , the geeky kinds venture off to offices and use their brains rather than muscles, but they still are working. Some like I have the luxury of being able to work from home, say writing, and producing radio and or TV/films , but its still work. Hey and I've said this before to her , here and to many of you, I sure as hell do not have the perfect body. If I did, I could be in front of the camera instead of being behind it, and earning a helluva lot more money. While I'm not lacking any kind of self demiciating, low amount of self confidence, still if I had the perfect body, it'd be me out with the likes of April Scott
Instead , I'm living in western Wyoming, doing a day job turning a wrench , going towing and flying, at night serving my MC doing radio, and producing ads and films etc . All men want is a TV, a beer, and allowed to be a man. The adage of being pussy whipped is bogus, in any case thank goodness for Goody's headache powders.
Next time 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It's a bad moon rising

You know your day is headed into the toilet when you first wake up and your computer needs a reboot just to get on line. Then you need to do a field level 4 diagnostic scan to find the little varmint that's clogging up the works. But hey it gets better, got up and while I love my lady completely, I was set back cuzz friends, she stunk. I mean pee ewe. I couldn't determine if it was pussy stink, underarm odor or butt, thing is whew. I had to get in my little corner and try to ignore the stench. Yes friends it was that bad. I always am reminded of that old adage of , girls and women are made up of sugar and spice and everything nice, but if that shit house poet was in my house this morning , his nose would have curled and he'd have to hurl. Of course there are those women you see on TV that always look so fine no matter the scene. Most of that make up is tattooed on, but I wonder when they in real life wake up, do they too stink? Don't get me wrong I love my lady to death, but there's some lessons on personal hygene that needs to be looked after here.
I grew out of a family that mandated at least two maybe three showers or baths a day. Cleaning every part of my anatomy. Getting rid of smagma and all. In case your not hip to that, smagma is the dried up ejactulation that occurs, and the same is for women as well as men. The ejactulate from all too many self induced orgasms and us men who cum at the slightest thoughts of sexual contact and stimulation. Then there's ass crack clean, during the day men are not the best at wiping ass. Hence the concept of skid stains. So one needs at least a good soaking. A shower just does not count. Here lately the bath tub area has been taken over by overhanging panties, and no cleaning of the tub after a shower. I am not faulting my Lady as she like I have been sick as can be with the coughing and gunk for about a week. But our bathroom looks like a battle scene out of the movie Combat. Its not the discharge of female excretions from mother nature. I remember the first time I was in contact with that. It was in mid 1984, after I had moved to Boise from Hazzard Idaho. There was this sexy intern, who had sought refuge at my Wolf's Den there, who was on the rag. She one day had no clean undies, and we had to go to the store. So she sat on this towel. Not being raised up with sisters or females in our home, I had never really seen this fluid before. So I dipped my finger in the fluid, and smelled it, in truth the fluid itself did not smell bad. So if you ask what about all the coin fed seatcovers I have been with, fact is I never had the thoughts of Mother natures revenge . Most all covered their vaginas in pantyhose and such to where only a finger and or tounge as well as Herman could explore. So I never came in contact as far as I knew with the fluids. None of my former wives nor those that were just bidding to be a SheWolf wife, never exhibited the discharge that I had ever seen any way, so I'm not accustomed to seeing the nasty's. I guess the adage of turn em all upside down at a race track and they look the same is not completely accurate, While they all might look the same, their bodies behave differently.
Livestream was down for two days so we could go online with HazzardAyre Radio, overnight, that in itself is being examined as well as locating a in town location to erect a studio office. As SheWolf needs to sleep at night and the next door neighbors need quiet and sleep too.
Just waiting for the main computer to finish its level 4 diagnostic. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

The domestic wolf pack is sick needs meds,

This morning I woke up with a splitting headache, and coughing up gunk in chunks. SheWolf has the same junk in her broncial passages too. Yesterday hers was so bad we had to go to the hospital, and I had to sit and hear the tragedies of some gal and her guy pal hitting a mule deer. The only good point of all that was eyeballing this one blonde nurse there at the hospital, who was a mirror image of one of the gals who used to play on the Little Cat House on the desert. So with my voice to the point of no near a howl, I decided to forgo the radio show this morning and afternoon, as well as this evening. Then found out the bill on LiL Wolf was not just $400.00 , but just over $1,000.00 so need to rethink that a bit, or at least work out a payment plan. Might just pay Chad's for what they have done, do the rest myself. Can't wait to see Evansgone in my rearview mirrors. 
Then my lady is still wanting to fuss on FB, thought we had that fixed. It seems that we exchange conversations more on FB rather than just talk to each other. Which is not I think, the way to do it. I also think that way too much is that way. Granted it is better than yelling at each other, but you can chat all you want online or on fb and you still don't get the tone of voice, the intonation and inflection of the voice. It's like watching silent movies. I thought we all got past that once they started Mickey Mouse. This Wolf looks at it this way ,
Okay then, I'm nearly convinced that whether it be a online radio gig or finding money to replace a jar full of money for a medical need , such things as KickStart , Go-Fund-Me, and such are only good if you happen to be a woman of an ethnic group, that is culturally challenged. If you happen to get something going, there, and happen to catch the mainstream press' attention you'll get mucho denaro. However if your a reassigned Marine in Wyoming trying to put a boot in the rear end of the local economy, through an online radio station , forget it. Had a chat on the phone with my friend Dave on getting the partial payment for AllWest. He suggested contacting the MC, I already did that, and this like so much more of it, is simply, " Get that radio gig and your ass out of Evanston " The feelings are that we can keep drowning, or put the operation where the frost is not yet off the pumpkin. As it is not only has the frost melted off the pumpkin, but the pumpkin is starting to rot. So once LiL Wolf is healed, and LexiBelle is ready, and then the General JaXson is healed, its head out on I-80 to Wendover, or at least Tooele, to bring this wolf's potion to a boil. 
Still having trouble with Google and Blogger, even though my business' are now verified on Google my Business, still the usual exchange between having my posts go to those I choose them to go, mainly my phone and gmail inbox, still isn't working right.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Lady has a Facebook addiction and loves to pick fights with people she don't even know

My Lady has an addiction to Facebook. Nothing wrong with Facebook but when she picks fights with people she doesn't know and is not wanting to go out and meet real people being in the real world and professes those on Facebook are her real friends it begins to become a real problem. She says she's spooked she might say the wrong thing, or act improperly somehow. Then she carries our private stuff over to posting on Facebook. The whole world does not want or need to hear our private stuff. 
There is a great wonderful world out there offline. The sweet scents of fresh Wyoming air the view of mule deer running and playing, its not good to be cooped up inside ones home. Of course both of us have the flu and all, but even I am better off when I go out to the shop, as well as just out looking at the world out by our airport. I'll get into this and more on Sunday nights edition of HazzardAyre Radio.
More L8R Aviators 

Friday, March 11, 2016

You know your wardrobe is getting thin when your wife's undies look like they would look good on you, oh and yes I like these

So there you are, trying to bust a move, in the latrine, reading your best techno magazine , when you look above you and see the unmentionables of your wife hanging over you, and one pair looks like they might just look better on YOU!! 
    So you just have to take an instamatic shot of em , that's when you know your own closet must be bare. At least your underwear. After all the money was spent on relocation from the Trust allocation and all, I only barely bought some Haynes shorts, and sox. But still missed at least a pair of pants or two and some new sneakers. 
Got LiL Wolf over to Chads to get repaired, and most of my stuff shy the Subaru, and the s-10 parts truck. Now just need to fetch them and turn over the key . It's not that I didn't want to stay in the shop I had, nor divorce my old partner Rick, but personalities and shop visions were different and for what I need a shop for, what I got is all I need. 
At least now I have undies to look at. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Could be an outsider was right after all?

All I can say is I gave it the best I have and will continue to, but I'm thinking all of you might have been right, long distance relationships or picking someone from the Internet can and is risky. There has to be much more to the foundation of and to a relationship than being fans of a TV show or two. While that can be a common interest, a real man can't be the real guy or the mirror image of one off of a TV show. TV shows are scripted, and staged with everyone walking into the sunset happy as heck arm and arm. In real life there are bills to pay, food to buy and work to do. 
Some guys that have lived many years flying solo, take a bit longer to get into the groove of domestic bliss, or at least get tight with the concept of being domesticated. In my 57 years of life on Earth, I have had only 3 women that were of the kind of real Chemistry. CiCi who I met a few years after Mom died, Marla who I met after my son Eddy's mom decided to go dyke, and Janice whom I messed that up. All were women 70% of the time, somewhat tom boy the rest. In all there was little in the ways of the mentalstration , and mother nature invading each month. None had serious relationship issues. And all knew that I do film, that means eyeing all too many actress's for casting and creative process of making films. Much less club projects. All were knowledgeable of the club, and knew going in the requirements, from being sworn as a member of the Ladies of the Knytes, to the club tatt, being inked on the first born male and or girl of the relationship. 
There are relationship troubles here, it's not as envisioned and there are already signs of decridation yet I'm trying to keep an open mind. 
Any mile keep it between the ditches, but before any of you decide to cough up money to bus someone out here to the west to marry and all, ask questions, and don't hesitate to ask the guy that was her ex, why he got out of the relationship. Whether its sex or some other issue, a man will not leave home or cheat , if he does, there's the issue of was she so messed up that he just could not handle it? Was it that she might need professional mental help? Was it that she drove him out to drink and find affection from someone that was his ideal mate? If so, you might want to rethink the relationship, end it, and all before it hurts any more or deeper.
Us Male corpuscles don't show hurt as much or the same way that women do. We as males spend more time at the shop, or on the road in our trucks rather than be at home. We wont cry, or yell, at least I wont, but I'm feeling hurt, violated , confused and completely spent emotionally .

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The end of one Chapter opens the door to another. 
In mid May of 2015 , through some gab with a friend of my complex manager I rented a shop with the understanding that he would partner with me in the shop. However after I had already signed the contract, Delbert decided he wasn't interested. For a month I tried everything I could to hold onto the shop, but just couldn't afford it. I was about to get out of it when another cat decided he would partner up. That took care of July, and thinking all was in good, began to gather some business. However that August he bagged the operation. In came another, after two months of declining sales, no business and all he left , then came in Rick. This I thought was solid, all was going good until November. Instead of paying rent, with the money generated through Highway Hooker Toewing, Rick decides we are going to Twin Falls Idaho to fetch LexiBelle. We did, but no action on that with LexiBelle needing work to get operational sitting for near 2 years, we blew off a promising towing season. No rent , utility bills past due, Rick and I decided to part ways. Leaving me with the expense and worries. 
$900.00 a month for that shop , is just too expensive. I don't bring in enough to make that happen. The MC declined support in mid October 2015, so I found a smaller shop to store two of my rigs, and now am in the process of relocating to Twin Falls Idaho. There is no way anyone except those that deal on the black market to make any kind of real money here in Evansgone any more. 
With me having a sweet heart now and about to be married, and with the business climate of Evansgone so bad , I have to go where the money is.
Radio station is still a go, once that's running, I'll turn that over to a friend here to manage, but I need to be making an income. So that's life here.