Thursday, March 3, 2016

If your doing up a page to intice a southern person, don't put in the title anything to do with broccoli or steamed

I need to say this before I begin my opening rant this morning. Last night stopped into our old shop and viewed Rick my former partner in business here loading up his things, apparently the guy that owns a shop Rick suggested does not to keen on having me there, so it is Rick and I are now cleaning up after our divorce, and that chapter is now closed or at least rapidly closing. Rick and I were not really keen on being together , the first bark out of his mouth was an insult to me about my home grown rides, and as such the thing was destined for failure to begin with. But hey, his way is not my way nor my way is not his way, we have different visions on a shop, or at least a reason for a shop. Too much money lost between he and I, and if he thinks there's more money to be made without me, so be it, I say thank goodness and Chevy its over. I say its one more door closed, while a new door opened and me and my lady SheWolf. Together she and I can make it. Which is going to be interesting since I have not cohabitated with anyone, for the best part of 15 years, and only briefly in Heyburn Idaho with the little twitch from here in Evanston. Things are going to be turning around here. Okay then; opened my Google mail and saw in there a recipy for Steamed broccoli, yuck, under the guize of Southern Cooking. Really? No southern person likes broccoli, and 2nd anything that ain't fried, or fully cooked and baked ain't ate. 
Too many people think they know what being southern and from the Heavenly land of Dixie is all about. In fact many don't. Most of the images are from TV and folk lore, the reality, is not all from the south are stupid, rednecks that can't spell, read or write. Some of this nations best minds have southern roots. Even so there are some traditions that are from the land of cotton, and those there are not forgotten, like food. I finally got Jody's Diner to put deep fried okra on the menu. Now if we get some crawdad soup and fried crawdad on the menu, things will be tasty. 
Then I dropped the bomb on my new lady SheWolf, of the deficit in our finances here. Sure its one thing to own aircraft as well as tow trucks and run a small shop, its another to keep money flowing. Plus those aircraft need fuel, tires, insurance, repairs, inspections by the FAA, all of that costs money, hangar space costs money, electricity at the hangar costs money, and winter is not a time that aviation at least ours is making much if any money. That's why there's the tow truck and shop. As far as the radio gig, and film/video production side that's owned by the Knytes/Wolvez, not me, I just manage that as my duty to the club. Last month we had money, this month its going to be lean, sure 3 to 6 months from now some more money from the FIRM, will come, but for now its on our own. But as I told my lady, we'll manage. Nobody here is getting rich. That's for those that do the acting and all of the stories I write, but writers only get paid when those scripts are bought and money comes in from the end product. 
Any flyte the mind is awake, my body isn't , I've been awake for 72 hours, with only 4 hours of sleep since Sunday morning. This body needs sleep.

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