Friday, March 11, 2016

You know your wardrobe is getting thin when your wife's undies look like they would look good on you, oh and yes I like these

So there you are, trying to bust a move, in the latrine, reading your best techno magazine , when you look above you and see the unmentionables of your wife hanging over you, and one pair looks like they might just look better on YOU!! 
    So you just have to take an instamatic shot of em , that's when you know your own closet must be bare. At least your underwear. After all the money was spent on relocation from the Trust allocation and all, I only barely bought some Haynes shorts, and sox. But still missed at least a pair of pants or two and some new sneakers. 
Got LiL Wolf over to Chads to get repaired, and most of my stuff shy the Subaru, and the s-10 parts truck. Now just need to fetch them and turn over the key . It's not that I didn't want to stay in the shop I had, nor divorce my old partner Rick, but personalities and shop visions were different and for what I need a shop for, what I got is all I need. 
At least now I have undies to look at. 

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