Monday, March 21, 2016

You wait for it, you expect it and all of a sudden it's no longer there, Trumponomics is already taking hold

It's not that big a thing, the amount is not that much but if your on a controlled structured income, and your looking for that $25.00 from your EBT card cash benefits department, and it doesn't come, what do you do now? Spend 8 times the amount to drive to Wyoming's state capitol? Call DFS ? They don't handle that, but to get the dingy $25.00 you fill out the paper work there. Did the mail mis deliver the damn thing? Who do you call? The Evansgone Post Office is about as messed up as the rest of the government agencies. Of course you want to work and make a decent living, but here where I'm at, hard work gets you nothing, 80% of our local population is on public assistance. Oh sure you can blame it on Obamanomics and all but he has little to do with anything, in fact our commander in chief doesn't care, all he's doing is riding high until the end of his Presidency and if you think its going to be any better with these jokers running for the big chair seat, think again, in fact you may find those benefits reduced or completely gone.  Again sure you'd like to be making more , many on fixed incomes are running small business's but if your budgeting and you include in that budget that mere $25.00 in that budget, and it doesn't arrive or there is a snafu, or computer glitch, your just screwed. So there your sitting, needing toilet paper, and prescriptions. Your about to enlist some outside help to get YOU to the hospital ER , just to get your sniffles treated, and yet someone screwed the pooch, didn't call, write, email or anything, so you COULD have planned ahead. All I can say is; Hello Idaho.

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