Saturday, March 5, 2016

What I found overnight

What I found overnight. First AllWest Cable here, offers the Velocity Channel, which is a Gearheads cable TV channel, that is equal to if not better than PowerBlock, yet still not quite SpeedTV. We here at SpeedWrench Media a subsidiary of SpeedWrench Toewing/Hazzard County Choppers, are looking at reviving SpeedTV. So moving on here, found this show called All Girls Garage, which is not a bad show, and its good to see Jessie Combs found a new job, she first appeared on Xtreme 4X 4 on PowerBlock/on Spike TV. But due to being a diva, wanted more money, and guess what? RTM Productions gave her the boot, but looks as though she has a new gig. Second as I watched I saw a bunch of procedures on a few service jobs they were doing, that were both backasswards, and two , not complete, more over not something you should do the way they did it. It's like many of these Gearhead style shows, first they are not full of the right information, and two they seem to be more of a showcase for new parts from manufacturers, that are more peddling product, just not complete in their installation. Which means somewhere down the drive train, some shop like ours is going to have to shove it back together. Not a bad set of shows, and this program is good to the point that it says even big breasted , blonde hottie women can turn a wrench and get things done, my question is; where is the he male that is telling them how to get the job done? I say this because there is only one of the three hottie babe hosts, that knows anything about performance automotive anything, that is Jessie Combs. Jessie is a graduate of WyoTech, out of Laramie Wyoming. One of if not the finest automotive schools in the nation. 
Sometimes it pays to stay up overnight, you get to take a look at what you didn't see or hear elsewhere. But I need to catch some sleep.

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