Thursday, March 10, 2016

Could be an outsider was right after all?

All I can say is I gave it the best I have and will continue to, but I'm thinking all of you might have been right, long distance relationships or picking someone from the Internet can and is risky. There has to be much more to the foundation of and to a relationship than being fans of a TV show or two. While that can be a common interest, a real man can't be the real guy or the mirror image of one off of a TV show. TV shows are scripted, and staged with everyone walking into the sunset happy as heck arm and arm. In real life there are bills to pay, food to buy and work to do. 
Some guys that have lived many years flying solo, take a bit longer to get into the groove of domestic bliss, or at least get tight with the concept of being domesticated. In my 57 years of life on Earth, I have had only 3 women that were of the kind of real Chemistry. CiCi who I met a few years after Mom died, Marla who I met after my son Eddy's mom decided to go dyke, and Janice whom I messed that up. All were women 70% of the time, somewhat tom boy the rest. In all there was little in the ways of the mentalstration , and mother nature invading each month. None had serious relationship issues. And all knew that I do film, that means eyeing all too many actress's for casting and creative process of making films. Much less club projects. All were knowledgeable of the club, and knew going in the requirements, from being sworn as a member of the Ladies of the Knytes, to the club tatt, being inked on the first born male and or girl of the relationship. 
There are relationship troubles here, it's not as envisioned and there are already signs of decridation yet I'm trying to keep an open mind. 
Any mile keep it between the ditches, but before any of you decide to cough up money to bus someone out here to the west to marry and all, ask questions, and don't hesitate to ask the guy that was her ex, why he got out of the relationship. Whether its sex or some other issue, a man will not leave home or cheat , if he does, there's the issue of was she so messed up that he just could not handle it? Was it that she might need professional mental help? Was it that she drove him out to drink and find affection from someone that was his ideal mate? If so, you might want to rethink the relationship, end it, and all before it hurts any more or deeper.
Us Male corpuscles don't show hurt as much or the same way that women do. We as males spend more time at the shop, or on the road in our trucks rather than be at home. We wont cry, or yell, at least I wont, but I'm feeling hurt, violated , confused and completely spent emotionally .

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