Wednesday, March 23, 2016

So let's look at stupid marketing and things that might look stupid but holds value

So let's look at stupid marketing as well as those few things that truly work, although you might at first think in perverted, More on the perverted thing in a few.
Ad's for Internet phone services. Now in most locations if you have Internet access at all, what you have is a Internet Services Provider. If it's a cable TV company, you most likely have an option for telephone in the menu of options provided. If you get Internet through the telephone company, you most likely have a telephone. Duh, so why the hell would you sign up for Internet Phone Service? For that matter through an outside company? Why pay one more bill or get charged more through your bank through a debit or credit card withdrawl? Who does this? It's completely stupid. But there are those that will try, and many find what you get is not, Repeat NOT what's advertised. First You DO NOT get to keep YOUR old number or current phone number. Second in an emergency dialing 911 is an PAID option, it ain't free. If I'm there with my toe poking out of my ear and call the meatwagon the last thing I'm wanting or needing to do, is fiddle in my jeans for my credit card to buy access to call 911. Vonyage was supposed to fix that, but from experience no they didn't. 
Ok, cold coffee drinks. Anyone who drives a tow rig, or does radio like I do, knows there is no hot coffee break. Even if I do go to Jody's Diner here in Evanston, (WILL NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE) Wyoming, getting a really hot cup of java is just not going to happen. By the time I get to it, after eating, or driving a long haul tow or for that matter writing copy or on air, the stuff is already cold. I just decided that I'd readjust my tastes, and opt for cold coffee, but now Mr. Coffee, and others market Cold bottled coffee that's flavored. Not to be out done, 5Hour Energy, these pocket sized caffine jolts, only grip you for about an hour. They do little for a long haul. But hey people buy them. Then there's that Invetions Submission company, that has old George Foreman on there, guess what? The outfit says right at the end of their ads, Most inventions are not successful. Question is, why the hell waste a minute of my TV time telling me something that's pure bull? More over instead of spending ad money telling me that crap, how about using the money wasted on marketing peoples inventions? Or not charging them until it is successful, if it becomes so ? Of that there are those ads that are so perverted that you think wont stick but become a fixture and a marketing ploy that really creates attention. The first one of these is the one we at Cooter's A1 Toewing parent of both Highway Hooker, SpeedWrench, and RodeWolf Toewing of the Mountain West . When the idea hit, many found it absolutely disgusting. A guy kissing a womans feet, but no, her toes, which sounds like tows and so that's how it started. However for all its imperfections, the concept has became not only successful but a genuine trademark for our company. And many have tried to copy it, but few have duplicated it. Might be and I admit it is at least partly, my affinity for women's feet in nylons. Auditioning the right women with the right sized feet more over toes that still look good in nylons is a constant search. There's only been a very few that looked good on screen. Many could not understand how this> went with this However with the right application of copy many figured out that it was as per concept
 worked very well and we get this>
 So that has stuck and yes at times stunk. Creative ads don't need to cost a lot, just takes a bit of out of the box creativity, on the same course, a bad ad or one that's stupid , makes consumers turn away, and look at more exotic as well as well done ads and the firms that make them up. 

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