Tuesday, March 1, 2016

ya'll have to hand it to yankees and go Greyhound needs a better website and customer experience people, cuzz they suck

The prime directive certainly applied today, woke up at 11:45 hours went to make arrangements on getting SheWolf's bus ticket which took two hours. By the time I was done it was near time for SheWolf to board the bus, and didn't get in touch with SheWolf until 4:00PM my time. Somehow this nation needs to advance into the modern century, I mean really after going through all the frustration Greyhound ought to refund their customer help fee back to me since they were very difficult to work with, especially on diction and spelling. Plus all those people in the background when I called. 
So It means that SheWolf will have to wait until Wednesday afternoon, to get on the bus, and even then not get in here until 10:00PM Friday night or so which puts a squeeze if not a damper on going to the Utah AutoRama where sweet Daisy in going to be , for a meet and greet. Then SheWolf spent all her money on her dingy brother, which means its going to be slim pickins here at the Wolf's Lair this month. 
Any flyte, headed for bed so I can be on air tonite, more then.

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