Monday, March 21, 2016

Free blogging and self publishing is fading, the host want MONEY, they NEED MONEY

I am a firm believer that America has not only lost its way, but has become lazy. The old adage of don't put off until Tuesday what you needed to do on Monday, however if you want to get in touch with someone important, you best do it on Tuesday, because nobody with any remotely amount of authority is not in the office on Monday. Be that as it may. The idea of anything FREE anymore on line, is fading faster than $2.00 a gallon gasoline. In fact such things as Blogger, WordPress and others are ganging up, to start charging you money to publish your content on their sites. Sure it may say its yours, but those outfits are in fact in charge, they own their sites, your just a guest publisher, and unless your laying down some serious cash with them. I got started with Blogger in 2004 I had just moved into a nice roost in Bountiful Utah. A friend and now a Knytes Club member introduced me to Blogger. Once I got going it was a gas to get things that were previously needed to be printed and snail mailed going out online. Of course every side of the club and club's enterprises were given a seperate blog title, some are still used many are just there. Thing is I have 65 individual blogs on Blogger and that's cool. However, and I'm not the only one , but seems as though some of the old features are no longer operational. Such things as automatic forwarding to your email in box, your cell phone, and all no there. Or just does not work. The frustration grows when you try to log into your WordPress account, but the damn thing forgot YOUR password. So you have to ask for a new one. I don't want to log in with what they conjured up, I want the password I set up two years ago, and leave it alone. Of course if your using the services to generate a side income , and many do and this relates back to my former entry, the blog hosting services now are nudging you to a paid service. Such as their business service unit, or to etc. Now I have wanted to set up the clubs official site for half a decade now it seems or feels like it, trouble is even or don't have the capability to include a embeded streaming service like say etc. I also remember the thing that nudged me to online radio. A groovy cat in Nashville Tennessee set up an online radio station called dig that the guy who set it up is blind, lives in a 3rd floor apartment in Nashville, rolls around in a wheel chair, my thought? If he could do it so can we. Back then if I had, had the geek ability, I could have done this for the club for around $4k, and been grooving now. Call it the difference of beta and alpha wolf's. But I didn't have the direct access to the clubs cash stash that I do now. We're still looking for a qualified individual to do this for us. 
Getting back on course here, finding the ability to do your blogs and all are soon going to be finding that needle in the hay stack. These people like Google, WordPress, etc want, hell , they need money. No more free more like fee blogs.

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