Thursday, March 3, 2016

Vynal is on its way back and hey can't help it, I love disco

Just one more nite until I sleep alone no more. SheWolf had a layover in Missouri so wont be here until 9pm or so Friday, meaning my ass is in the sack to get the Wolf's Lair in shape for her arrival. So producing music content for the show coming up here in just a few hours now, I have noticed a rapid return to vynal records and of course stereophonic content. Could Quadrophonic be coming back as well? Was reading in a trade paper this morning that with the stress of the FCC to rivalize the AM band that to reduce interference noise on AM such things as putting Cquam AM stereo is in the bag of tricks. And who better to wield that sword than HazzardAyre once we acquire the two AM properties we are going after as well as AM 1240 here in Evanston Wyoming. After all what was KEVR soon to fire as KDXZ or Kay-DIX-Zee , since the old studio here was already set up with a CQuam transmitter. Move over everyone the power of southern fried radio is here. Now just need to get things organized and into a facility here in Evanston. Of course there is also vynal footware. Saw on a variety page that the old style vynal go-go boots
 are once again popular. Dang why couldn't that be that way when we were looking for a pair for the diorama for General JaxSon in 1981? Course if we had found some, we never would have never went over to East Minico Junior High in Paul Idaho, and found General Lee. So things just happen that way.
Last here, I must say even though so many dispise it, I can't help saying, the I love Disco music of the mid to late 1970's, every beat, every color, every sensaion, when sex was easy to get, nylons flowed like milk over a dance floor, and the floor was lit. Could Disco be making a comeback? 
Later on the show we'll expose that.

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