Monday, March 14, 2016

The domestic wolf pack is sick needs meds,

This morning I woke up with a splitting headache, and coughing up gunk in chunks. SheWolf has the same junk in her broncial passages too. Yesterday hers was so bad we had to go to the hospital, and I had to sit and hear the tragedies of some gal and her guy pal hitting a mule deer. The only good point of all that was eyeballing this one blonde nurse there at the hospital, who was a mirror image of one of the gals who used to play on the Little Cat House on the desert. So with my voice to the point of no near a howl, I decided to forgo the radio show this morning and afternoon, as well as this evening. Then found out the bill on LiL Wolf was not just $400.00 , but just over $1,000.00 so need to rethink that a bit, or at least work out a payment plan. Might just pay Chad's for what they have done, do the rest myself. Can't wait to see Evansgone in my rearview mirrors. 
Then my lady is still wanting to fuss on FB, thought we had that fixed. It seems that we exchange conversations more on FB rather than just talk to each other. Which is not I think, the way to do it. I also think that way too much is that way. Granted it is better than yelling at each other, but you can chat all you want online or on fb and you still don't get the tone of voice, the intonation and inflection of the voice. It's like watching silent movies. I thought we all got past that once they started Mickey Mouse. This Wolf looks at it this way ,
Okay then, I'm nearly convinced that whether it be a online radio gig or finding money to replace a jar full of money for a medical need , such things as KickStart , Go-Fund-Me, and such are only good if you happen to be a woman of an ethnic group, that is culturally challenged. If you happen to get something going, there, and happen to catch the mainstream press' attention you'll get mucho denaro. However if your a reassigned Marine in Wyoming trying to put a boot in the rear end of the local economy, through an online radio station , forget it. Had a chat on the phone with my friend Dave on getting the partial payment for AllWest. He suggested contacting the MC, I already did that, and this like so much more of it, is simply, " Get that radio gig and your ass out of Evanston " The feelings are that we can keep drowning, or put the operation where the frost is not yet off the pumpkin. As it is not only has the frost melted off the pumpkin, but the pumpkin is starting to rot. So once LiL Wolf is healed, and LexiBelle is ready, and then the General JaXson is healed, its head out on I-80 to Wendover, or at least Tooele, to bring this wolf's potion to a boil. 
Still having trouble with Google and Blogger, even though my business' are now verified on Google my Business, still the usual exchange between having my posts go to those I choose them to go, mainly my phone and gmail inbox, still isn't working right.

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