Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Lady has a Facebook addiction and loves to pick fights with people she don't even know

My Lady has an addiction to Facebook. Nothing wrong with Facebook but when she picks fights with people she doesn't know and is not wanting to go out and meet real people being in the real world and professes those on Facebook are her real friends it begins to become a real problem. She says she's spooked she might say the wrong thing, or act improperly somehow. Then she carries our private stuff over to posting on Facebook. The whole world does not want or need to hear our private stuff. 
There is a great wonderful world out there offline. The sweet scents of fresh Wyoming air the view of mule deer running and playing, its not good to be cooped up inside ones home. Of course both of us have the flu and all, but even I am better off when I go out to the shop, as well as just out looking at the world out by our airport. I'll get into this and more on Sunday nights edition of HazzardAyre Radio.
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