Wednesday, May 18, 2016

They cut their noses off to spite their faces, but this time they cut their throats and bled.

They cut their noses off to spite their faces again, but a few of the more well to do, cut a bit more, they cut their throats and will bleed. What I'm sayin here is this, I saw this ad for a local Beerfest thing here in Evanston, that looked cool to go to. If it was this one ad I'd most likely would have just shook it aside, but then I saw an ad for some gig for the arts here. On Cozy TV which is part of KSL-5 TV of Salt Lake City. In Utah. The ad money they are spending there, at near $400.00 plus per ad air, is going into the pocket of Utahrds, not us in Wyoming, nor Evanston. Between the two ads running on schedule or ROS, is sucking $800.00 per aired ad. Yet the locals can't even pony up $100.00 for us here at HazzardAyre Radio to run? This is not swallowed easily, by myself and Knytes/AyreWolvez officers. If they can't spend money with us, maybe we don't need to spend money with us. This might not seem like much to them, because all they see is me on a daily basis. But thing is piss off one Club member , you just pissed off 49,999 other members, plus their wives, girlfriends, parents, grandparents , both extended as well as close family members. Of that 49,999 there is 500 just here in western Wyoming. That's 500 people as well as family members that wont go to this event nor spend money in Evanston. 
It's like , sure the Club could have went to Utah as well, to have someone build our website and the sub site for the radio station, but no, we chose to have someone local do it. Keep the money here in Evanston. Although haven't gotten a call back or that email for the bid on the site yet, but I think having local people serving local people is much better than farming it out to someone else out of state. It's like the Reaper Club/Boars Nest, sure we could buy the place in Morgan, Utah ; relicense there and probably even make more money. Yet we elected to buy a bar here to build Western Wyoming's version of our gearhead biker themed bar and grill. However if the arrogance and ignoring the club attitude keeps up, the attitude of the Club, might change too. I've even requested our Club President Rick, to start looking for a place in Hazzard Idaho for me if things continue to keep turning sour here in Evanston. But here's another concept. When you cross the border from Utah into Idaho, you don't start seeing TV from Utah. There's the TV stations from Idaho, on the TV, simply because you are then in Idaho. About a month maybe two of relocating here to Wyoming, one of the biggest hurling mistakes I have made in my life, I saw a small thing in both the Utah newspapers and one from here. The small article, mentioned a movement, by some in Utah, for the state of Utah, annexing Evanston into Utah, the article stated the reasons, that the electric company, natural gas company, cable/Internet , and all of Utah's TV stations are here in Evanston. While it may say Wyoming, it still stinks Utah. So the idea of Utah annexing Evanston and Wyoming moving its border up to Fort Bridger, was a thought and in many ways it makes sense. But here's the thing the small newspaper story said there would be a hearing to form a committee to do this thing, plus take public comment. Total amount of people that showed up from the community? 2. Me being one of the 2. Where was the Wyoming news? You don't see it on local TV, or a Wyoming channel on the Utah based cable tv provider. The satellite systems, like both Dish and Directv, has us as part of Utah. Where is the Wyoming input? 
One of the main things our radio and eventually TV station set to go on open air here, is to give the Wyoming news, NOT UTAH's. Because I hate to tell ya'll , THIS IS WYOMING NOT UTAH !!!! The Club is fighting to keep Evanston in Wyoming, yet as hard as we fight, as hard as we work, what we get is fought , held at bay, and told, go home. While myself , I'm not of this view, the Club is saying, fine; let em drown, in their own conceit and just get swallowed up by Utah. When that happens watch all the state and Federal aid, which 70% of the population is on here In Evanston. No more cash assistance on your EBT card, watch stricter compliance and application standards enter in, but hey if you want to keep pushing the Knytes out fine we'll go. Let you just burn in your own clannish attitudes.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The little Boy with the wagon full of Mormon puppies

There was a young male youth in a majority LDS, community. He had acquired a litter of puppies. So he loaded them up and paraded them right by a LDS Church. The sign on the side, of the red wagon said, FREE MORMON PUPPIES, the Bishop of the Ward, came over and said, isn't that nice. a few weeks after the same little boy pulling his way past the same Church building, paused and out came the same Bishop, but this time the sign on the side of the wagon read; FREE Amalgamated Church of Dixie Puppies, so the same Bishop, asked the little boy why he changed his sign? The boy simply responded, "well a few weeks ago, the puppies eyes had not been opened yet" . The thing is , while I learn much from the lessons and teachings of the services, Prophets and all, still all too few talks in Sunday services are really meant. There's always the Oh the Bishop caught me off guard so I' got tricked into giving a talk, or someone being a bit upset that they just might should carry out a calling, like Home Teaching, or visiting ward members, and for heck sake making you feel welcome at sacrament meeting or classes. Do you feel pushed aside when it comes to being asked to give the opening or closing prayer? When you explain you haven't fuel to even go to meetings on Sunday, but no response. 
Don't get me wrong, I truly love as a person and human brother my Bishop, and two of his staff, and one family of our Ward, that's why I go to church when I can afford to, but the rest of the congregation , forget about it. I have gotten a lot of financial and spiritual help , from my Bishop, but how about an occassional visit to talk about some of the emotional difficulties I have went through over loosing, by choice, but still loosing a potential mate. When was the last time and something related here in a few , but when has the Elders, or Teachers of the Priesthood has offered to go out to my shop, clean it up or put time on my tow truck so I can get in gear to make my own money? Not one. Yet, a member of the Amalgamated Church Of Dixie congregation in Idaho , had no problem, putting on some coveralls and coming over to work on the truck. 
I still will go to our local Ward when I can afford to, but , I will also be holding meetings of the Amalgamated Church of Dixie out at the shop as well. Bring you Bibles.

Friday, May 13, 2016

OOps girl you blew it again, keep trying eventually you might get me, If I'm still available.

Up until mid day, or 12:00 hours my day was absolute purrfection. The Contempt thing at the Courthouse was dismissed, and I am on a high. That and with the early morning wake up by Andrea, I was hitting on all cylinders. Of course, you know who has to start texting. There's some idea in fantasy of hers that she MIGHT get me back. Like I told her and others, I am not ready to settle down with ANY WOMAN. No how. I like trucking life's highway solo. I'm independent, what I have , is mine and any and all mistakes are mine as well as successes. So she starts barking about a bunch of crap, while I'm trying to produce Saturday morning's RodeWOLF FM show. Now in all fairness if I were to get involved, I'd lean strongly towards Andrea, reasons are many, but there's albeit low, but still chemistry there. Plus she don't bitch at me. There's a difference between having a life coach like Pam, reminding me of what not to do, or act or not in a certain way, and just bitching and trying to pick fights. Pam is doing up classes on Ballroom dancing and so on, which I'm signing up for, simply because, its fun, cultural, and good excersize. Which is something I could use, to loose this brew gut. So who gets jealous? Yep the witch from Florida. At what point does someone understand, that what might have been wont happen, again if ever, and lets be friends and move on. 
So then I explain, as the continued texts kept coming, that Andrea had the brains and package that has me involved there, and all she needs to do, is wiggle her finger, and her son and her can move right in. Then I went into the fact that Andrea isn't scared of flying, and I plan on taking her up next Sunday, in a Stearman. Of course Shelly has no idea what a Stearman is; for the rest of you not with your eyes to the sky, this is a Stearman>
 But of course Shelly thinks I'm taking Andrea up in the Lady 
 Which to do that requires a drive to Jerome Idaho to Hangar 5B then fly, too much for just a Sunday. But right away you know who has to get this Jealous kick, and start a fight. So I flat told her a few ago, if all your going to do is pick fights and bitch, there will never be a US, and honey you just blew it. I think too and its on purpose, that Shelly doesn't have and wont have the money she cost the club, paying off her hospital bill, which that was a bunch of junk, all Shelly was doing is feeling lonely, and wanted to just interrupt church services, which she didn't want to go to. Pretty empty of a life huh? 
Okay then moving off that.
Production is in gear for the SOA movie. Kurt is doing this up in top form. Now I don't want to kick the Dukes folks here, but if the Dukes people pushed , there could be as much affection towards another Dukes movie as well as a reworked series, just like Kurt is doing with the series, The First 9, the predates SAMCRO. 
SOA fans keep getting younger, and the hunger of the fans is never fully quenched. So to Shelly, oops girl you blew it, I'm leaning towards Andrea  

You messed up this time.
My life is getting better, I'm healing and Shelly all we'll ever be, is friends.
See ya'll on the radio at 10:00 AM I'm taking it easy tonight and getting some sleep.

No more from that door, case got dismissed , no cost no fowl.

Woke up this morning to the sweet sounds of Andrea, coming in the door. Apparently her room mate and her got into a cat fight and who does she come to? The old Wolf. So after going out to the shop, and then to take her kid to school, I was off to court, where I sat directly across a couple of hot honeys, one wearing this parfume that was giving a me a unctrollable stiffy. So finally went into what was a hearing, not court, met with this one gal and her aid, and after just about a half hour ago, out I came, no jail like I thought, no have to pay nothing case dismissed, and the Free Wolf remains free, to prowl.
I have a thought, Andrea is going to be by here in a few.
I'll get into details here in a short. But Bar is now a full go ahead, radio gig project renewed, and I'm feeling light headed but at peace. 
Need feed, more on this afternoons report. RodeWolf FM on tonight starting at 01:00 on . 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Some days you just need to unplug and reaccess today was that kind of day for me.

Some days ya'll just need to unplug, and reaccess where your at in a given time, reflect, and talk to those much smarter than I. Today that was the day I unplugged. I called many of the club members although half way around the backside of the world its night time where they are at. None the less, from the reports , pics and documents that have flown in the faces of the officers of the both the Knytes as well as the AyreWolvez, the simple question of why the hell here? If what we have been doing was such a hot gig, why is it that no one else has dived in. Both radio station , TV station, or the bar. There are the thoughts of is it just us, or would anybody else have this much of a hard push up the hill obtaining the in studio on air talent of the human female kind, as we are? Or is this a overall condition? Is it that we're a Marine/Navy military aircraft/classic truck/bikers organization? Is it we proudly fly and support the modern confederacy? Or is there another hidden element that we are not aware of? Is it just that we're doing this in Wyoming or at least LDS/Stuck up western Wyoming, or is there another part of the story, like the fact we not the kiss ass bunch that others are? 
As far as the bar, that issue has been put on indefinate hold until , the radio gig is up and flowing if it ever gets wind under its wings, theory is, if we can't even get radio talent, what makes the organization think, that bar keeps and cocktail servers are going to be any more plentyful. Next, as for me I'm at the point, that if its a task or a assignment I can do myself, fine, if not I ain't doing it. The work/labor force and human resources are just not here. As far as anything with the delapidated drag strip? Haven't yet been contacted by the powers that be there , and as such, Myself and the organization, is not in a big rush to hurry in there to assist. I love to death our associate Pam at Uinta Realty, but she's only one. All of those at that retirement dinner, for the former director of the local Chamber of Commerce, that said they'd call and or rattle my my door haven't. As bad as some things were in both Pocatello, Gooding and in some parts Twin Falls, Idaho. At least on one of our job postings one could expect at least 10 applicants of which 4 could be put to work, but at LEAST THEY SHOWED UP AND attempted the assignment. Here nothing. The Area Chambers-of-Commerce would follow up on an inquiry and dig this, even with the spread on population numbers at least the cost of a years membership was much less, and added to that, YOU DIDn"T NEED a business license number to join, since many business's are based on farms and such out in the county, just as ours here, in Evanston is. The Evanston Small Business Association, sent me an invite, all okay until it came to the license number. The shop and currently the radio station and the bar are out of town, in all cases, no business license, no business license number. 
So I disconnected, watched a bunch of network TV as well as a few LMN movies, ate well, and said to hell with it.
Nate or associate member withdrew the offer to sell the Explorer that he had . The thing being and I bet this to near be that had I walked in with cash, I'd have walked rather drove out with the Explorer. In this way Nate was being kind and said, I trust you but Dad don't. So too Nate's Knytes membership has been terminated and put in as an associate member, he can attend meetings just can't benefit from membership money, not can't vote on organization policy. 
I'll be on air at 06:00 hours, but tonight, I'm kicking back forgetting, Evanston exists, and in a few months as for me, it'll most likely be forgotten.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Thanks to all trying to help me and the club in Evanston, but if I'm going to drop anchor here I need a serious reason to

Even with all that's going on with the club's acquisition of A bar and of course a Wyoming sub station for HazzardAyre/SouthernSteele Media, I am not yet completely sold on Evanston as a place to plant my bones yet. I saw this thing on TV as Idaho and Utah being named the two most boring states in America, somebody took a wrong turn and must have ignored Wyoming. Not only can't you get much on the side of a brew and a steak on Sunday after church, but outside of people sitting around a fishing pond, most here just sit and watch the cars rust. Having a bit of peace and quiet, watching birds fly and mule deer run around your back yard, there is not a big bang theory here. In fact not even a small fizzle, nothing. Not that there couldn't be, but I think many here just don't want the troubles that urban or even sub-urban living brings. 
So I get this USDA form from my dear sweetheart of an associate, Pam, for prequalifying for a program to allow me to buy a home here. However since its Federal, I wonder would I be better off , if I could qualify, to buy a home say back in Hazzard or that area ? Rather than Wyoming? So what would make me drop anchor? Obviously more progress on the radio network, with at least one hopefully two women taking the risk of working on and in the studio and our network, two finding a area honey to share that home with, and last buying the shop of which I currently rent. I look at it this way, April of 2017, is when I renew my drivers license, If I can achieve what I'm needing, I relicense in Wyoming. if not I renew in Idaho, and move there. 
Still trying does not get it, there is no try, its either do or don't, since up to this stage its, been all too much don't , seeking things in Idaho is not a big mirage, more like real water on a big desert,.
This is a Hazzard Idaho sunset.>

Do you really want to be and are you ready to be married? Best think about it before you dive in. The cement bottom hurts.

Do you really want or need to Be married, and are you truly ready to be married. Is she really the one, or just a vision from a few barley pops? 
I recently went through the wringer here over this condition. After the better part of 21 years of trucking life's highway solo, I decided it was time to search for a potential mate. After all at the time of decision, I was just approaching 57 mile marker on that life highway, didn't want to die all alone, and the thought of having a warm body next to me as I slept was a grand idea. 
So one grand evening, was hauling the cyber super slab, saw this chick on a fan page of a TV show I have based much of my flying and radio career on. So with the concept of writing up a pilot script to submit to the execv producer of that show, this one gal, from Florida said she could write. Thinking of a blonde blue eyed beauty that is the common vision of honeys from the Sunshine state, I dove in and invited her out here, to help write the script. Over a super short online and me paying for a bus ticket, out she came. It wasn't more than two weeks that I realized that because of prior relationships, mental illness' and much more, that we both were not ready to be together under the same roof, and more over not ready to be married to each other. A one bedroom apartment was part of it, but hey on my credit of about 517, trying to build a business of a mc shop/towing service and of course my duties to the club, money was shall we say strained. This is a part of the lets get hitched situation. Love of each other is one thing and yes the right couple can over come that, but if the thought of Love really is nothing more than just a light crush, money and finances can really put the binders on a relationship. 
I feel pretty qualified any more about commenting on this subject as I have been at the alter 3 times, and near it 2 others. The first one was right after I lost my own Mom in 1983. I met her through her mother, who I was really pursuing, but CiCi, needed a date for her Senior prom, Our garage band played the gig, and I danced with CiCi. Now CiCi was a heavy girl, not a cosmetic or super model type, but what she lacked there, she made up in being a person that could turn a wrench, drive, and she was in law enforcement as a member of the Mounted Patrol of Gooding County. We truly clicked, but then a half year after, the trustees of the Montgomery Foundation moved me to Boise. I went back into the Marines , but when I returned on Liberty, CiCi was gone. Two years after was prepping to go to Avionics school at Idaho State University met Suzi, the mother of my son, now turned dyke. That would have worked but she was a 12 year old in a 24 year old's body. Parental influence created a rough sea, so she and I broke, and I'm only reminded of that when I pay child support. A year after the same people that introduced me to Suzi, introduced me to a gal named Marla from Irrigon Oregon. The only thing that killed that was my reluctance to move from Idaho to Oregon. Then finally in 1992 I met Janice, through a mutual friend. I called her Monkee from the rock song Monkee on my back. Only in this case it was a good monkee on my back. The difference and what made Monkee and I click is we could finish our own sentences. I truly loved and in a way still do. When I look at the quilts although badly wearing thin, she made by hand for me, or the shirts that barely if at all still fit, I remember Monkee. The thing that broke us up was my own infidelity, I made out with a massage parlor tech, and told Monkee about it , mostly I could not lie to her. She is what brought me to Evanston in the first place. 
Lets get past that, are you really wanting to be married? Are you ready to have all those hidden things, that YOU forget she goes through everyday? That during the month there's that invasion that arrives each month, and my she sure gets emotional, toilet paper if you run out of feminine pads is used faster that Boss Hogg eating raw liver, in fact emotions are greater with women than for men at least most of the time. Can you live with that. Everything you buy is now bought for two, there is no book or instructional manual, for couples. The few so called experts that offer advice really have no real idea . Is the situation your entering into stable? If your one that deals with women are a constant in your vocation, like mine is casting for on film and TV talent , etc, can your beloved look past initial thoughts or help in helping you to truly find that talent. If you do find a talent, like I did, here; like Lexi, strictly business, but the gal from Florida that I brought out here, got extremely jealous, even though I had no romantic intentions towards Lexi. I just thought it was funny that she had the same partial name as my tow truck, and two both looks and brains she would be my best choice for my 1st in command officer here in Evanston. But nope the little green monster moved in and ultimately destroyed much if not all of what could be. 
Are you financially capable of being married? I don't know how many times I have seen a marriage come apart, due to lack of funds. If your too pour to take her dancing on the weekend, your really headed towards the cliff of divorce, or a serious breakup. Are you so busy building YOUR career that you ignore her? If so, again your headed to that sharp drop off cliff. 
Finally if your picking your future wife, from what she looks like through a few glasses of whiskey , or what you think she should be from visions on TV, your not ready to be married, and shouldn't be. 
More on the air tonight. on; . Now before I get this next question asked again. The reason I spell my company and radio show as RODE rather than ROAD, is very simple. It started, from a quick glimpse on the Dukes of Hazzard. On one episode, Boss Hogg called his trucking company Rode Hogg Trucking, the next time I saw it was the bar on TV of the Blue Collar Comedy tour with Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy. The place was called, The Rode House. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Carma came to visit , today is not a good day

Middle of the month is a real pain, a week from a pay day, and long after the big money infusion of the month, both from the Club, as well as SSA/DoD. So I wake up with my stomach churning over like a cement mixer, but no meds to sooth the inner beast. Living without a gall bladder is a bad thing, especially if your trying to loose 70 pounds to recert to fly again. So been near starving myself, which is making me yucky at the tummy. So being as I'm short on immediate funds, no bread to fetch meds to calm the beast. But hey that's not all. Went to snag a cup of java, only to find the coffee pot had puked. Cold coffee here is the norm here, but not a great thing. So no sea to wake me up, add to that no bread to fetch my mind meds. So yea carma has arrived. 
Now yesterday, went to grab Zeb Bells show online, except the service he uses to stream would not load, no matter what browzer I used, neither Internet Explorer nor my Google Chrome. But Google Chrome would capture Beth Ann's show, so snagged that via IE. Found out that the joint down town, don't want us in their grand building unless we buy it. So the search is back on for a place downtown to put the radio op. Ever get the idea that the Knytes are barking up the wrong tree here? I'm rapidly thinking so. Of course there's the gig of keeping me out of the cross bar motel, for a Failure to Show cause on a Contempt of Court order. This is a result of grand little Dynamite over there in Pocatello, running low on money from my child support. Now here's the thing, first since my son was born, like clock work, every month the Idaho Department of Welfare, has gotten a check, for that every month to the tune of $125.00 a month. Which was only to age 23. Which he was in 2009. Which I paid extra until Bud passed away in 2013. Trouble is getting those documents is a bit tough since they are in the hands of my cousin Shar in a box in Utah. Yes the same one holding up fetching the heavy Chevy of Bud's. But H&W and Suzi wants more. So I'm fighting that, but the failure to show cause? I never knew who to contact at the court house here on that, and the one I did get in touch with , said they'd return the phone call, but never have returned that phone call. Now ya'll know why , I keep at a very long distance, any kind of getting close to ANY woman, or having intimate relations. Rubbers only protect so much, and all it takes is a tiny drop, near her and its adios amigo. 
Any mile, going to try grabbing a sandwich see if that calms my tummy down a bit.

Monday, May 9, 2016

A good show in the can, but I'm sore that I snubbed a toew

A good show over all this early Monday morning, most everything was firing on all 8 cylinders and then it happened, 03:35 toew call comes in. Can't just shut the radio show and station down, and there are FCC penalties for running just dead air. So as usual, had to make an excuse and turn down a call, which means another $85.00 lost. That may not sound like much but those lost calls are not a loss to the club, those lost toews, are a loss out of my pocket. Which is why I've been busting my ass all over the fair village of Evansgone here, to recruit, train and deploy a female counterpart or co anchor in the studio. Why female? Outside of the obvious, a female co-anchor is a method of having the women's point of view on issues and discussions on air, choices of music on air, and its worked for Stern, Dr. Demento and a few other folks like Bob & Tom, do you think Kristy is there for nothing? Now you can't just go to the WorkForce Services or even a temp outfit and ask for a exclusively female employee. So you need to hand pick people. Next too, currently, this radio gig is in my home, the Wolf's Lair, hasn't anyone ever heard of a home based business before? Any mile, I need to have serious idea or measure of certainty that when I leave the Lair, that everything that's in the Lair when I leave, is there when I get back and that the show trucks on, on the cyber highway on . But it grips my ass no end. Now I don't mean to piss off the village here, my advisor Pam, tells me to be nicer to the small minded here, but seriously, isn't there someone, in Evanston, Wyoming ; that can pull their fridgid heads out of the dirt or sand, put on some jeans and truck out here to the Lair and at least, be MY side saddle on air? 
The other night at the retirement party of the director of the Chamber of Commerce here, I visited with many people, but I found myself talking to the new director and his sidekick, about the greater of Idaho. I bring that up again because is it only in Idaho, at least the Twin Falls/Gooding area of Idaho, that has people like our Nurse GoodBody, who drove the 80 miles or so a day 40 times 2, from Jerome Idaho to Gooding Idaho, in all kinds of weather, on near bald tires, just to be with me from 12:00 AM to 6:00AM every weekday? And from noon to 6:00PM Saturday's? Is Idaho the only place that one can find that kind of out of the box thinking in an employee? And if your thinking, that well she wasn't subjected to the nylons and that junk, think again. Erin not only offered up her tiny webbed toes in hose, but sat on the desk and near on my lap, and even off the first interview the only question about that from her was stockings or pantyhose? She did what was needed and to date we still are extremely good friends. Is it that Idaho sees things not as sinister and more innocently than Wyoming does? Yet here I am, in Evanston, getting ready to buy a house and put down roots, but I am rethinking that, as if by the end of the month, no radio intern in studio, there might not be any bar bought, nor house, and me saying I've had enough and see Evanston as truly Evansgone, and be gone. 
Any mile, need to get my day started., See ya'll on RodeWolfFM at noon, to 5:00PM at 

Yesterday was fun, yea right and to Beaver Dick, I'd like to see you do what I do, for what I get out of it money wise.

Did someone say Sunday's were the day of rest and reflection, to worship and honor? If they did that magic steed flew right over the Wolf's Lair. Hell I didn't get to see my bed until 15:00 and even then it took the intervention of our local Police to do it. Seems that witch from Florida, for some odd unknown reason still has the hots for the old Wolf here. Not that I'm any great prize. Not demeaning myself or anything, but I'm certainly not Mr. GQ, I dress in what ever rags I can get ahold of, I drive what I can that will get me there, and Thankful it does, and because of a bunch of things including my investment in the club, I'm not exactly not bubbling over with green cash for my stash. Not doing bad, but there is so little wiggle room in extra bread that it makes old Abe's ears bleed when I squeeze that penny. So the Witch from Florida, kept texting, and texting and texting, finally after the texting started filling my inbox, on my cell, and that getting rather abusive, see women, it doesn't just happen to you, I finally called our local constabulary, who called her and the phone got remarkably quiet. So I crawled in bed, out went my lights, and did open em up until 22:30 . Only then, needed feeding. So I looked in on our RodeWolfFM channel on Livestream which still has some bugs in it, Jordan get your tech people to fix this will you? Any mile see our friend and obstructionist Beaver Dick in there croaking about lack of dedication to RodeWolfFM. My answer is simply, hey , Beaver Dick lets see you do what I do with the limited cash we have to do it with. Lets see you program 9 channels, on Livestream and keep them LIVE and still try to sell advertising both national as well as local, run a bike and truck shop, and rebuild a towing service. Let's see YOU find honey's for money to come into studio, to sit down and do a show. Sorry and if I'm wrong here, tell Sammi sorry she lost her job there BD. But I want to see someone else do this, and still buying a bar, check with Pam at Uinta Realty if you think I'm just barking, I want to see others do what I do, just to get hit in the head. 
The only reason, I'm not hitting a faster stride here, is I'm being catious on everything, because on Friday of this week at 10:00 I go to court, to answer a contempt of court order, or failure to acknowledge one. Depending on that if I'm still in the desert of the free, or in the cross bar motel, will dictate the expediancy of what happens to a bunch of things. Any help there Pam would be appreciated. 
Of course yesterday was Mothers Day, and I cried for much of the day, remembering all of the times both good and bad of my mother. Living in Hazzard, Idaho. And the farm we had there, and how I blindly allowed the trustees to just sell it out from under me, hey I was 23, in the Marines what the hell did I know? Moreover what could I do? Ultimately the club jumped in, and saved some of it, but the club members then were on ship and land in battle just as I was. 
Any way getting ready to fire things up at 10:00 hours for HazzardAyre Radio, 
But BD and all think you can do this better , go ahead and try.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Today is Mothers Day, let me tell you about mine for mine was extra special

Today is Mothers Day, a very special day where many honor and in my case remember their Mothers. Let me tell about mine.
My Mom was not just extra special to me, but to many people. In many respects my mom Mothered just about everyone, including some close as well as extended family members, like my cousin Bud 
 who was kind and sweet to my mom, but also wasn't shy about asking for help from time to time with his personal finances, as well as one of his xyl's Anne who bummed $100k , from my Mom for some odd junk, that never was repaid, yet for that and the relationship Bud had with my mom and me is why I'd love to own, repair and drive as a memorial to my mom through Bud, yet some family members want money out of the car. I can also remember both 2nd cousin Joe and 2nd cousin Jenny are on the shores of America, because of the loan/gift of $50,000.00 to bring them here, another debt never repaid. 
Of course beyond that is my tow truck LexiBelle, which through many angry and friendly discussions, was purchased in part by my Mom, out of HER bank account, in 1978. Mom thought that'd be a way to remember my dad who had passed away, prior to my birthday that year. Which is why I've kept the old truck, to remember both, and attempt to carry out the reasons it was bought in the first place, for me to build a life on. That old tow truck is much of what is left of both my parents, our lives in Hazzard, Idaho, and from which the voice of my Mom still sings to me from even today. Yet I get much opposision from family and other people when I ask for help in repairing and restoring it to the trucks original beauty. 
I can't count how many family members of mine whose children, now grown and kids of their own, were kept from freezing, and fed by loans to my senior cousins like Bud, Cousin Judy, Sally, Lonnie and others, because My Mom had a big heart, but that all too many took advantage of. But its not just family either, just about every corner and County of Idaho was assisted in some way from the purse and heart of My Mom, whether it was gifts that my mom contributed to causes or cases, but it was my Mom. I remember a group of families in our then Hagerman valley of Idaho, 14 families, with near 12 kids or so a piece had Christmas one year because my Mom urged me to give away a bunch of my older toys. Thing was many of those today would be worth millions as many had never been removed from their boxes or packages, and my mini cities like my Matchbox and Hot Wheels toys, whew, again millions, but dig this my Bishop and a few others gripe when now , because of my cousin Bud squandering away my Mom's money left for me, that I need to beg for help on utility bills. Yet want money for Buds car that ought to be given to me, just because its the right thing to do. 
Yes today is Mothers Day, my mom was special, not only to me ,but too so many people , just wish a few of those people would remember me because of her. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

When is it that its the end or we're over enough, and taking the weekend off

When does an XYL get the message, its over, adios go away will never happen, and wont happen ever get into someone's head? More over how do you make the point? Dig this friends, Good ole Shelly, is still trying to churn it up for the OLD Wolf here. I'm not interested in her, in fact , I'm not in a big hurry to settle down with any woman right now, although there are a few I might change my mind on that for, like Andrea, and one I met last night at the local Chamber's dinner for retiring Chamber Director. All day its been text, text, and text from Shelly, that finally to catch some sleep had to turn off my cell phone off for. Thank goodness I have TWO landline phones. No tow calls lost, but hey can't text over those. But Shelly kept on texting. I thought Shelly, had met some trucker guy and was getting hitched and that was a dust in the wind. Thing is, I think he too, got tired of her bs, and said adios to as well, so she comes charging after me. He snagged her, got his jollies and said no more for me. What does she see in me? For that matter what does Shelly think she's going to get out of me. If its money, she is looking up the wrong tree. Sure the club is buying property here in Evanston, like there's no morning, Thanks to Pam for helping us there, but as for me, I turn wrench's and drive a tow truck. Sure I'm on radio but that's a gift from the club, I don't make a red cent out of that, nor anything I do for the club. My reward is satisfaction of and for the club, its my duty to them, but there's no money being made by me for that duty. Sure mid year last year, I attained the status of club charter Vice President, but national President of the club still is the Ace, not me. I'm a mere rung on the ladder of officers of the club. The official Executive Director of the Knytes is Tommy Pistone of Tommy's Towing of West Valley Utah. I supervise and advise him, but he does the lifting in Utah, but I still carry out most of the important tasks here in our charter. But I'm getting off topic here. 
I'm not now, nor will I ever be involved with Shelly Nesbit, of Florida, ever. There's too much of a gap between personalities and all for that to ever work. I just don't want that. I like where I'm at right now on my company and in my personal life. There's not much if any room for a he and she relationship. But does one have to change phone numbers, or for that matter file charges for stalking to get a former live in, to just leave you alone? You'd have thought that me giving her the boot, and making her fend for herself would be message alone, but no it keeps coming, and finding ways to keep pestering. I'm fighting for my life here, and to get my stuff in order. Pam turned me on to a program that can help me buy , not just rent, but buy a house. My house. A Wolf's Lair that I can own. Make my own, and furnish and decorate myself. My shop, I might be able to buy, if not find one I can, so it'll always be mine. I like , even though it has its quirks, I'm partly settled, to where, I'm looking at finally transfering my Idaho DL, to Wyoming, putting Wyoming plates on all my trucks, and calling Evanston my home. Yet I keep getting hammered by Shelly. On her, next week , I'm consulting the club's attorney as to what legal steps I can take to keep her from bothering me any more. Shelly says she's going to pay me back all I spent on her. Really , she has no money. But , I am keeping all her texts and FB postings, in a legal file and forwarding all of them to the attorney, he says he can have her locked up for stalking. Guess its the price to be paid for being a celebrity, but dang, when is go away we're over, just that and when is Shelly going to realize that? 
Any mile, taking the weekend off, rejuvinating, here. Watching TV, tinkering on LexiBelle, eating and yes sleeping.
Be back on the air Monday morning.