Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Carma came to visit , today is not a good day

Middle of the month is a real pain, a week from a pay day, and long after the big money infusion of the month, both from the Club, as well as SSA/DoD. So I wake up with my stomach churning over like a cement mixer, but no meds to sooth the inner beast. Living without a gall bladder is a bad thing, especially if your trying to loose 70 pounds to recert to fly again. So been near starving myself, which is making me yucky at the tummy. So being as I'm short on immediate funds, no bread to fetch meds to calm the beast. But hey that's not all. Went to snag a cup of java, only to find the coffee pot had puked. Cold coffee here is the norm here, but not a great thing. So no sea to wake me up, add to that no bread to fetch my mind meds. So yea carma has arrived. 
Now yesterday, went to grab Zeb Bells show online, except the service he uses to stream would not load, no matter what browzer I used, neither Internet Explorer nor my Google Chrome. But Google Chrome would capture Beth Ann's show, so snagged that via IE. Found out that the joint down town, don't want us in their grand building unless we buy it. So the search is back on for a place downtown to put the radio op. Ever get the idea that the Knytes are barking up the wrong tree here? I'm rapidly thinking so. Of course there's the gig of keeping me out of the cross bar motel, for a Failure to Show cause on a Contempt of Court order. This is a result of grand little Dynamite over there in Pocatello, running low on money from my child support. Now here's the thing, first since my son was born, like clock work, every month the Idaho Department of Welfare, has gotten a check, for that every month to the tune of $125.00 a month. Which was only to age 23. Which he was in 2009. Which I paid extra until Bud passed away in 2013. Trouble is getting those documents is a bit tough since they are in the hands of my cousin Shar in a box in Utah. Yes the same one holding up fetching the heavy Chevy of Bud's. But H&W and Suzi wants more. So I'm fighting that, but the failure to show cause? I never knew who to contact at the court house here on that, and the one I did get in touch with , said they'd return the phone call, but never have returned that phone call. Now ya'll know why , I keep at a very long distance, any kind of getting close to ANY woman, or having intimate relations. Rubbers only protect so much, and all it takes is a tiny drop, near her and its adios amigo. 
Any mile, going to try grabbing a sandwich see if that calms my tummy down a bit.

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