Monday, May 2, 2016

Why do I always get the chubby ones? How about a Dove Cameron once to audition for a spot on our on air team?

Why is it that HazzardAyre/RodeWolfFM radio always gets the bigger than usual, chubby women to audition for spots on our on air team? How about just once a Dove Cameron, type just once, something skinny mini, super hottie? Just once. One might ask why does she need to look hot after all its radio? Because the gig is online, 70% of the time, which means pics and sound, this requires at least one of us in the studio, to look extra good. At least to where someone don't hurl, when they tune in, plus it would be nice to have the in studio gals on our website and TV ads rather than just models from Utah, or Boise or wherever. Sure looks shouldn't count a great voice and personality should be the criteria, but this is both radio and TV online, and its got to look super fine. But we see what goes with the flow in the afternoon here with the interview.
There might be a situation that is they have to interview at a residence rather than at an office studio, in town. Which I'd be happy to do, but there's three pieces to that puzzle, One Mr. Bliss that owns the structure we want does not return phone calls, Two; most people here could not find the shop if they tried at least unless I held their hand to go out there, even then many might find that creepy, and three: The club has gone the route of an office/studio, twice. Both times , a slight improvement in somebody showing for an interview much less going on air. So if you can't qualify or justify the expense of a pro office/studio, why bother? We do though live in a different era than the one that was when we created the network in 1974. Back then, it was nothing for hotties and not so much hot, gals to show up, do shows, writing and producing. They'd come to our big home near Hazzard and be on air all night sometimes, some would do, albeit old skool by today's standards, but videos while Mac, myself, Ron, and Bro would rock & Roll. That was back in the days of Betamax, when we used that format. Today getting a gal, much more so getting one of drip dry quality, to show up to do a gig, is like pulling hens teeth. Oh they might get mauled , or worse. BS. But they think so. However that said, we are looking for another place to plant the seeds for HazzardAyre, KDXD here. Maybe our gal pal at Uinta Realty, can find a stand alone place, that's less than $500.00 a month.
You'd think that $20.00 an hour would excite these honeys here, but nope. They'd rather work for maybe $9.00 an hour at Maverick stores or tend tables at the Legal. On that, when Lexi, said no, I thought BS. What her guy pal, would rather have her being oogled over at the Legal slinging beer, rather than secure working at our studio? On air, for twice what she makes at the Legal, even considering tips? 
Any mile see you on air in the AM, have been having tech glitches all night, so now wrapping on production, to air in the morning. 

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