Friday, May 13, 2016

OOps girl you blew it again, keep trying eventually you might get me, If I'm still available.

Up until mid day, or 12:00 hours my day was absolute purrfection. The Contempt thing at the Courthouse was dismissed, and I am on a high. That and with the early morning wake up by Andrea, I was hitting on all cylinders. Of course, you know who has to start texting. There's some idea in fantasy of hers that she MIGHT get me back. Like I told her and others, I am not ready to settle down with ANY WOMAN. No how. I like trucking life's highway solo. I'm independent, what I have , is mine and any and all mistakes are mine as well as successes. So she starts barking about a bunch of crap, while I'm trying to produce Saturday morning's RodeWOLF FM show. Now in all fairness if I were to get involved, I'd lean strongly towards Andrea, reasons are many, but there's albeit low, but still chemistry there. Plus she don't bitch at me. There's a difference between having a life coach like Pam, reminding me of what not to do, or act or not in a certain way, and just bitching and trying to pick fights. Pam is doing up classes on Ballroom dancing and so on, which I'm signing up for, simply because, its fun, cultural, and good excersize. Which is something I could use, to loose this brew gut. So who gets jealous? Yep the witch from Florida. At what point does someone understand, that what might have been wont happen, again if ever, and lets be friends and move on. 
So then I explain, as the continued texts kept coming, that Andrea had the brains and package that has me involved there, and all she needs to do, is wiggle her finger, and her son and her can move right in. Then I went into the fact that Andrea isn't scared of flying, and I plan on taking her up next Sunday, in a Stearman. Of course Shelly has no idea what a Stearman is; for the rest of you not with your eyes to the sky, this is a Stearman>
 But of course Shelly thinks I'm taking Andrea up in the Lady 
 Which to do that requires a drive to Jerome Idaho to Hangar 5B then fly, too much for just a Sunday. But right away you know who has to get this Jealous kick, and start a fight. So I flat told her a few ago, if all your going to do is pick fights and bitch, there will never be a US, and honey you just blew it. I think too and its on purpose, that Shelly doesn't have and wont have the money she cost the club, paying off her hospital bill, which that was a bunch of junk, all Shelly was doing is feeling lonely, and wanted to just interrupt church services, which she didn't want to go to. Pretty empty of a life huh? 
Okay then moving off that.
Production is in gear for the SOA movie. Kurt is doing this up in top form. Now I don't want to kick the Dukes folks here, but if the Dukes people pushed , there could be as much affection towards another Dukes movie as well as a reworked series, just like Kurt is doing with the series, The First 9, the predates SAMCRO. 
SOA fans keep getting younger, and the hunger of the fans is never fully quenched. So to Shelly, oops girl you blew it, I'm leaning towards Andrea  

You messed up this time.
My life is getting better, I'm healing and Shelly all we'll ever be, is friends.
See ya'll on the radio at 10:00 AM I'm taking it easy tonight and getting some sleep.

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