Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I'm getting to think that the only woman that can handle being one of our Employees is a Female Marine

I'm beginning to think that the only person than can handle or even do our career and it is a career, not just a job opening, but the only woman that could, can and all our opening is a female Marine. Reason I say Marine, is that a Marine, never gives up, never quits even when the going gets a bit difficult, nor ever retreats. A marine will not stop until the objective or task is complete. Never. But then too, it just might be that the Knytes and the Wolf-Pack are trying to feed a community a bit more than it can digest, if even there's a trainable work force or the human resources to train from. 
So it was today. Met Andrea this afternoon after taking a ride up to Boise, running some salvage to a yard there, passing back through Hazzard thru Buhl thru Filer into Twin Falls and coming out thru Malta, I didn't see one dry or none operational company, nor nobody working doing something. There's not of complaints or complaighners in the entire region. Why? Because a bunch of old fart money died, innovative people moved in and thrived. Much of which I will say was due to the Knytes, introducing many a corporate exec to that area, just like we have done here in Evanston. Trouble is, you can buy buildings all over the place, you can create business's upon business's. But at the end of the day, if you can't find the human resources to work in those business's and you know you can elsewhere, one needs to think, would we be better elsewhere, or where those resources are? 
Got up today feeling groovy as I got some sleep, had every intention of going to the Evanston Small Business Association breakfast thing. But I saw my clock at 07:45 started to go back to bed, then one of our crew caught the call to go to Boise so we went. However this was one of those times our new hire, if she still is going to work here, was to do. I wasn't here, SHE needed to go to that meeting and represent the club and business's. She didn't of course. We were to meet up with the people at the Green Horn, but she never showed. The facility is there, the cost a bit high but not unreasonable, but again, how can I be in 5 different places at once? Number two being as I toew, if I gotta go toew, I need someone at the radio station and or bar to run those things. If you can't get those kinds of people, why spend the money? There's our old place near Morgan that came back on the market, the place in Echo Utah, and one in Tooele Utah. Starting to understand now. Things have until the end of June to start to show some improvement or this old high octane canine is meandering back into Idaho. I 've just about had enough.

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