Monday, May 9, 2016

A good show in the can, but I'm sore that I snubbed a toew

A good show over all this early Monday morning, most everything was firing on all 8 cylinders and then it happened, 03:35 toew call comes in. Can't just shut the radio show and station down, and there are FCC penalties for running just dead air. So as usual, had to make an excuse and turn down a call, which means another $85.00 lost. That may not sound like much but those lost calls are not a loss to the club, those lost toews, are a loss out of my pocket. Which is why I've been busting my ass all over the fair village of Evansgone here, to recruit, train and deploy a female counterpart or co anchor in the studio. Why female? Outside of the obvious, a female co-anchor is a method of having the women's point of view on issues and discussions on air, choices of music on air, and its worked for Stern, Dr. Demento and a few other folks like Bob & Tom, do you think Kristy is there for nothing? Now you can't just go to the WorkForce Services or even a temp outfit and ask for a exclusively female employee. So you need to hand pick people. Next too, currently, this radio gig is in my home, the Wolf's Lair, hasn't anyone ever heard of a home based business before? Any mile, I need to have serious idea or measure of certainty that when I leave the Lair, that everything that's in the Lair when I leave, is there when I get back and that the show trucks on, on the cyber highway on . But it grips my ass no end. Now I don't mean to piss off the village here, my advisor Pam, tells me to be nicer to the small minded here, but seriously, isn't there someone, in Evanston, Wyoming ; that can pull their fridgid heads out of the dirt or sand, put on some jeans and truck out here to the Lair and at least, be MY side saddle on air? 
The other night at the retirement party of the director of the Chamber of Commerce here, I visited with many people, but I found myself talking to the new director and his sidekick, about the greater of Idaho. I bring that up again because is it only in Idaho, at least the Twin Falls/Gooding area of Idaho, that has people like our Nurse GoodBody, who drove the 80 miles or so a day 40 times 2, from Jerome Idaho to Gooding Idaho, in all kinds of weather, on near bald tires, just to be with me from 12:00 AM to 6:00AM every weekday? And from noon to 6:00PM Saturday's? Is Idaho the only place that one can find that kind of out of the box thinking in an employee? And if your thinking, that well she wasn't subjected to the nylons and that junk, think again. Erin not only offered up her tiny webbed toes in hose, but sat on the desk and near on my lap, and even off the first interview the only question about that from her was stockings or pantyhose? She did what was needed and to date we still are extremely good friends. Is it that Idaho sees things not as sinister and more innocently than Wyoming does? Yet here I am, in Evanston, getting ready to buy a house and put down roots, but I am rethinking that, as if by the end of the month, no radio intern in studio, there might not be any bar bought, nor house, and me saying I've had enough and see Evanston as truly Evansgone, and be gone. 
Any mile, need to get my day started., See ya'll on RodeWolfFM at noon, to 5:00PM at 

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