Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Thanks to all trying to help me and the club in Evanston, but if I'm going to drop anchor here I need a serious reason to

Even with all that's going on with the club's acquisition of A bar and of course a Wyoming sub station for HazzardAyre/SouthernSteele Media, I am not yet completely sold on Evanston as a place to plant my bones yet. I saw this thing on TV as Idaho and Utah being named the two most boring states in America, somebody took a wrong turn and must have ignored Wyoming. Not only can't you get much on the side of a brew and a steak on Sunday after church, but outside of people sitting around a fishing pond, most here just sit and watch the cars rust. Having a bit of peace and quiet, watching birds fly and mule deer run around your back yard, there is not a big bang theory here. In fact not even a small fizzle, nothing. Not that there couldn't be, but I think many here just don't want the troubles that urban or even sub-urban living brings. 
So I get this USDA form from my dear sweetheart of an associate, Pam, for prequalifying for a program to allow me to buy a home here. However since its Federal, I wonder would I be better off , if I could qualify, to buy a home say back in Hazzard or that area ? Rather than Wyoming? So what would make me drop anchor? Obviously more progress on the radio network, with at least one hopefully two women taking the risk of working on and in the studio and our network, two finding a area honey to share that home with, and last buying the shop of which I currently rent. I look at it this way, April of 2017, is when I renew my drivers license, If I can achieve what I'm needing, I relicense in Wyoming. if not I renew in Idaho, and move there. 
Still trying does not get it, there is no try, its either do or don't, since up to this stage its, been all too much don't , seeking things in Idaho is not a big mirage, more like real water on a big desert,.
This is a Hazzard Idaho sunset.>

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