Friday, May 6, 2016

Good Morning to the Utah/Wyoming border town drowning in its own conceit

Good Morning to Evanston Wyoming, a town rather a soon to be village drowning in its own conceit and clannish attitudes. It's not that Evanston can't grow, there are a half dozen high tech and a few industrial companies that have been looking real hard at dear old Evanston. Thing is a lack of a trainable and able , educated work force, greedy property sellers, wanting top prices on empty or near empty buildings, and just an attitude of, if ya'll ain't from here, born here, went to school here, and ain't wanting to kiss the butts of the worshiped few families here, then move on as we don't want you.
Of course to be fair, I remember back when our club was formed in Idaho, in the small town of Hagerman, at the time there were people there that did not want and surly couldn't condone a group of rural lead foots to organize. Much less a group formed of hot rod truckers, muscle car lovers and bikers. Combined with a southern heritage heart. But over time understanding, community benefits and the like Hagerman decided not to fight us, as we continued and to date continue to fight the establishment system. However it wasn't until our club went to a prestigious custom show with several of our builds, including OUR General Lee, got a few of those rides featured in a few national enthusiasts publications, and to top it off being gave an official nick name of Hazzard, the town knew it was on the right track. Over that time Hazzard Idaho, has prospered adding new business's in old structures and building new ones. The town grew over the last 25 years from 1,500 to just over 3,000 people. Be that as it may, between the Knytes and a few forward viewing local politicians, and business leaders, even with the clickish and clannish nature of Hagerman , still as Hazzard , the area became a can do, do anything and accepts any new idea, conventional or not, and its way off in the middle of any Interstate. With Evanston being only 100 miles from Salt Lake City, and off of a major east west Interstate(I-80) there is no reason dear sweet Evanston could not grow as Hazzard Idaho did. But because of greed, and quite a few stubs of their toes, Evanston bit, by, bit has declined and soon will go from being a city to a village. The only reason that the Knytes are here now is the Interstate, and our radio station and network is dedicated to serving that community of the Interstate, the American Owner/Operator Trucker. Beyond that the rest of this community being served by us, is just overflow and fallout. Beyond that and its been pretty obvious the club and myself are just not that impressed. Promises made to me and the club have not been kept. For instance; few weeks ago, went to the Legal Tender Lounge, here, was sipping a brew or two, when I overheard a conversation. It was a mini meeting of the local motorsports organization here that runs the local dragstrip. So I moved to the table and was told the next week or so someone would contact me as to being a member of that group, as well as how the Knytes could assist their events. To date, no phone call. Of course that's how I met Pam who is a super trooper, but she's only a broker not a person that says what things are worth here as far as real estate prices. 
But this goes beyond that, the fact that having the station is currently where I reside, is a difficult concept to grasp, by most female applicants, but still, where else are we going to put the station that has ALLWEST connected Internet, and is able to handle the home of at least the Wyoming home of HazzardAyre Radio/TV? Since March of 2015 to now, we have been actively recruiting, for female on air anchors for the station. All never stayed except for one, and she would have if she hadn't had to move with her husband to Utah for a better job for him. Depending on where you go in this area, $20.00 an hour is not really at the top of the pay scale, but its not at the bottom either. People bitched about McDonalds going to $15.00 an hour, but the employees are all game for it, so if $15.00 an hour gets people wet in their shorts for wages, then surly $20.00 an hour with $5.00 an hour increases every six months depending on attitude and work ethic, should give them full climaxes and orgasms. But can we get anyone to at least begin and last long enough to train? Then there is that part of our interview process of the nose and lips to toes in hose, bit. Of course that spooks many , thinking I'm a perve with a foot fetish. In reality its simply a comedy bit for a TOW(e)ing service, {Mine}. After which many never return. Those who do I know have the kind of rebellious radical attitude to be part of the HazzardAyre A Team, bet your butt , thing is those who never return, would not function well in our club members environment. 
Hazzard Idaho at first had a problem with the same concept even just gals posing with hot rods and such. However it took only once when the Ace-of-Hearts or just Ace's main squeeze to do the deed, and once women in the area knew we weren't just out for a thrill, we had hundreds of girls and young women from 16 to 60 apply and be photographed. Of course too that was the 1970's/80's, back then there wasn't all this domestic violence against women. The bottom line is this the Knytes-of-Dixie, and our brother organization that was formed in 1998 as the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association , are just good old and some young kountry guys who love and dig showing our rides and aircraft. 
Now I know there was an asshole here, a few ago, before we ever decided to set foot back here and certainly for me to EVER set foot back here in this deep freeze stuck up village, that nailed a bunch of local business's for huge amounts of money in the attempt to refire old KEVA back up. When we came it was to replace, not renew KEVA, in fact our call letters for the thing are KDXD, that's beside the point, simply we ain't and I ain't him. I have online proof of us being on air, not just lip service. As for me personally , I can't do it all myself at least not right now money wise, but the club can and is willing too, if only some people would just pull their heads out of their butts, quit judging and assist, not hinder. 
Any mile, need to snooze, so I'm in bed , until about 13:00(1:00PM) .

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