Thursday, May 5, 2016

You can lead a mule to water but you can't make it drink and if you hold its head in the bucket all it'll do is drown, from here on out I'm going nomad and doing it on my own.

Before I get into my rant here , I want to answer the question many of you ask concerning why I took on the persona of the Wolf. 
That happened out of three parts of my life. First, when I met the legendary WolfMan Jack, and his style of comediac radio I started mimicking his delivery. Instead of the traditional Kountry that most stations played in my home town area of Idaho, I went southern rock. Then when I did my stint in the UCSMC flying a flight boss said because of my over aggressive style of flying I was truly a Wolf in amongst the sheep, as I was in the unit VMA214 BlackSheep. the nickname Airwolf stuck. Of course when I started doing part time duty on AFRN, some copyright holders said can't spell it that way, so after I saw it spelled on a 56 Chevy, I began spelling it as AYRE(air), but the real, hammer came down, when one day working changing tires and medium duty jobs at Deseret Transportation in Utah, then President Hinckley was treking through the shop area on his way to the lunch room, saw me with my Skoal, BIG Maverick cup of java, and said son you surly are the Wolf in amongst the sheep. My foreman Rocky agreed and that's how that started and the rest is history. 
Okay then, Been doing a bunch of thinking and praying last night into this morning. I have pretty much decided that unless I see something much more solid in obtaining human resources from this village called Evanston, the only land I'm going to buy if I can, is where my shop is located acctually my shop, and an acre of ground, to get a house built, just something big enough for one person and maybe my wolfdog. Past that, no more bars, cafe's , or anything that I can't do myself or need to hire someone else to do. Just toew, build bikes, and live a quiet solitary life and to hell with all the stuck up, backstabbing , fibbing, heartbreaking women. Oh I'm not going to go queer er nothing, but who needs women? Who needs a family, just give me my Wolfdog, she although she is a she, but she never sezz no, never judges me, or criticizes me. Walk in the shop, as long as I clean up her poop, feed her , all she does is cuddle, sure I dig our land gal pal, but once my shop and the piece of land to build my house is bought and closed on, the only time she'll hear from me, is if and its a big IF , the club again wants to do a building buy. As for me, no more models, no more on air lady talent for our radio gig, no more dating, no more involvement in anyway with no more women. They are just to much of a pain and drain, on my wallet. Do you realize that even messing with our new intern, in buying her beer and all at both the Legal and the Highway Tavern I spent money out of my own pocket, that could have bought parts for my sweetheart LexiBelle 
 Plus , couldn't pay Chad much on the fixing of LiL Wolf 
 which now I have to fix, myself, which I don't mind, but the real problem is, I haven't made much if any money yet this month. Same crap as it was when Shelly was here. I couldn't figure all this out today, but I stopped in at the Legal for my daily brew, btw I ain't going back to the Highway Tavern, the service sucked, the attitude blew chunks, I'll stick with the Legal. At the Legal, both the darlings that serve me call me by my first name, know what I want and make me feel I'm important. That's why or at least one reason Lexi there and one other gets a tip when I'm there, few in town working at any other dining or brew house gets a tip, only two others, Charlie and another of which I'll remain nameless, but those two at Jody's Diner gets tips. The others, sorry . But in spending time with all this other crap, and spending my money on food and drink for these women, not at the shop, I ain't made no serious cash. I talked at length last night with Nate our other club member here, who advized me not to hire Andrea. He said she's a sweet enough gal and all but not for being on radio or in the front office of the shop and only a maybe working at one of the bars under consideration here, even that's a BIG IF. In closing, if its something I can do, that does not entail hiring people and I can do it myself fine. I'm in full throttle. If its something that involves time going through a hiring process, especially women, count me out, let some one else of you in this club mess with it, I don't want to get even near for very long with any human female. 
Be on the air this afternoon, I'm in bed.

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