Friday, May 13, 2016

No more from that door, case got dismissed , no cost no fowl.

Woke up this morning to the sweet sounds of Andrea, coming in the door. Apparently her room mate and her got into a cat fight and who does she come to? The old Wolf. So after going out to the shop, and then to take her kid to school, I was off to court, where I sat directly across a couple of hot honeys, one wearing this parfume that was giving a me a unctrollable stiffy. So finally went into what was a hearing, not court, met with this one gal and her aid, and after just about a half hour ago, out I came, no jail like I thought, no have to pay nothing case dismissed, and the Free Wolf remains free, to prowl.
I have a thought, Andrea is going to be by here in a few.
I'll get into details here in a short. But Bar is now a full go ahead, radio gig project renewed, and I'm feeling light headed but at peace. 
Need feed, more on this afternoons report. RodeWolf FM on tonight starting at 01:00 on . 

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