Sunday, May 8, 2016

Today is Mothers Day, let me tell you about mine for mine was extra special

Today is Mothers Day, a very special day where many honor and in my case remember their Mothers. Let me tell about mine.
My Mom was not just extra special to me, but to many people. In many respects my mom Mothered just about everyone, including some close as well as extended family members, like my cousin Bud 
 who was kind and sweet to my mom, but also wasn't shy about asking for help from time to time with his personal finances, as well as one of his xyl's Anne who bummed $100k , from my Mom for some odd junk, that never was repaid, yet for that and the relationship Bud had with my mom and me is why I'd love to own, repair and drive as a memorial to my mom through Bud, yet some family members want money out of the car. I can also remember both 2nd cousin Joe and 2nd cousin Jenny are on the shores of America, because of the loan/gift of $50,000.00 to bring them here, another debt never repaid. 
Of course beyond that is my tow truck LexiBelle, which through many angry and friendly discussions, was purchased in part by my Mom, out of HER bank account, in 1978. Mom thought that'd be a way to remember my dad who had passed away, prior to my birthday that year. Which is why I've kept the old truck, to remember both, and attempt to carry out the reasons it was bought in the first place, for me to build a life on. That old tow truck is much of what is left of both my parents, our lives in Hazzard, Idaho, and from which the voice of my Mom still sings to me from even today. Yet I get much opposision from family and other people when I ask for help in repairing and restoring it to the trucks original beauty. 
I can't count how many family members of mine whose children, now grown and kids of their own, were kept from freezing, and fed by loans to my senior cousins like Bud, Cousin Judy, Sally, Lonnie and others, because My Mom had a big heart, but that all too many took advantage of. But its not just family either, just about every corner and County of Idaho was assisted in some way from the purse and heart of My Mom, whether it was gifts that my mom contributed to causes or cases, but it was my Mom. I remember a group of families in our then Hagerman valley of Idaho, 14 families, with near 12 kids or so a piece had Christmas one year because my Mom urged me to give away a bunch of my older toys. Thing was many of those today would be worth millions as many had never been removed from their boxes or packages, and my mini cities like my Matchbox and Hot Wheels toys, whew, again millions, but dig this my Bishop and a few others gripe when now , because of my cousin Bud squandering away my Mom's money left for me, that I need to beg for help on utility bills. Yet want money for Buds car that ought to be given to me, just because its the right thing to do. 
Yes today is Mothers Day, my mom was special, not only to me ,but too so many people , just wish a few of those people would remember me because of her. 

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