Friday, May 6, 2016

No more Mr. Nice Wolf, from now on its Mr. Bad canine No more free brews and me paying for everything

No more Mr. Nice Wolf, from now on its Mr. bad Canine with teeth. This crap of me picking up the tab all the damn time for brews, drinks, meals is over. I too have bills to pay and a decreasing income level. Oh I make okay and the shop does moderately well, so that being said, for me having to go to others to help cover my butt, just because I show acts of kindness is over. I don't mind picking up a brew tab every other time, but not every time. Like Nate and I, one time I'll buy dinner, or lunch, the next time he will and sometimes we just split the check. But since April 1st just about everyone I have that's outside of the club and my regular patrons, that I have went to lunch with, has had it where I've been picking up the WHOLE check. NO MORE! It's like that witch over at the Uinta County Herald, we go to lunch, but I buy the meal. Whether your buying a newspaper ad or a $250k piece of property , if somebody is trying or selling you something, it ought to be the person selling that something that buys the meal or brew tab. I didn't mind so much buying Andrea hers, since she was a prospect intern here for the clubs radio op, but everybody else? BS. Wanna be friendly, YOU pick up the meal ticket. Now then yesterday, my dear friend from WalMart that turned me onto Andrea in the first place , came over and from the looks on her face she wasn't really all that impressed. Sure, I'd like to have had this downtown a year and a half ago, but amongst it all, first Mr. Bliss is taking his sweet time getting back to us in regards to renting and eventually buying the space at the GreenHorn. But likewise be it Pam or anybody else, I don't see a herd of people saying , I know of a place with a direct line of site to the Mountain towers, for $500.00 a month including electricity, coming forward. Nobody. We had a great thing in the Wells Fargo building, for $300.00 a month, and I may tuck tail and ask if we could re examine that again, the big expense was the $500.00 a month to put the antenna on top of the Wells Fargo building. That's $700.00 a month. I can rent places in downtown Salt Lake City, even Park City Utah for $700.00 a month with more of a trainable and able work force. The reason I don't move things to each one of those is simple, no buyable FCC radio license, we have one now for Evanston and CokeVille Wyoming and closing in on Fort Bridger, Wyoming, Garden City Utah and Fish Haven Idaho. Meaning HazzardAyre would be the biggest radio gun in four states, but there needs to be an ignition, and for that it requires a staff, and I'm only one lone wolf trying to get the fire to burn hotter than it already is. You'd think our go to for property here, would give me a jingle near lunch time today or so and say today I'll buy YOU lunch, meet me at xyz place. I'm not holding my breath, but that would be common courtesy. Considering she'll be making one helluva commission on the 4 pieces of property and buildings here, that's under going. 
Next month however, I don't care, who it is except for Mark my Bishop, anybody else wants to go to lunch, or such best, be willing to pay the tab, cuzz I ain't no more. I buy for me and/or the club, nobody else.
Great show last night, everything fired on all 8 cylinders, good discussions and for those that missed it, here's what you do, follow close so those from Wyoming and California can understand. You travel the cyber highway to Once you get there you look just below the screen, it will have our past shows listed, just click on 2KCSA2 , sit back turn up your speakers and enjoy. 
To close, I'm saying it as plain as it gets, NO MORE MR. NICE WOLF, want to invite me to a lunch or business thing, YOU PAY. 
From now on I'm buying for me, and only me unless your a Knyte , past that , only ME.

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