Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I'm not your friend, I'm not your guy pal, I'm not your guy, I'm your Boss. Work, get paid, don't work don't expect me to just sit around waiting for you.

Yesterday started off good and the fast trip to Idaho was great, but when I got here, and thought we had a great intern, here taking her for a brew and all, yesterday skipping meals, sounds like a repeat pattern here don't it? I bust my ass to be a kind nrturing business owner , or such and get used. Only to get the silent treatment. Now I fully understand that in many areas a starting wage of $20.00 an hour with full health , dental, 401K benefits is not much, but it beats being a fuel desk worker at Flying J, or pushing processed beef out of a window at McDonalds. But even McDonalds will not pay you if you don't come to work, WalMart unless there's a damn good reason, will not allow you too many sick days, and last here how many of them will provide transportation to and from work when your off the clock. Had our new Intern stayed with us today as I calculate it leaving in taxes, would have been $120.00 plus what she worked yesterday, $200.00 , so far. But after the 3rd call to her or text, I said and I told her this at the meet and greet, I call 3 times, you don't answer, you don't work for us. Simple. I do not have time to cater to an employees needs, I have two business's to run, plus two more coming in here really soon. If your not wanting to work here just call or text me, say I'm sorry for reasons I can't work for you. Fine, I say adios, good bye, and move on. However I too spent a bunch of money so far this month on two people, the one I'm sure I'll get back in some form from Pam, but this intern, she don't have it, and at this point unless I get one hell of an explanation she wont work here. Some people need to stay working at normal jobs, that are more mundane and easy to do, that requires little mental work. But its not just our new intern either. A few ago, went into Pilot Travel Center, here; wanted Skoal Original Wintergreen. The damn guy nearly drove me nuts, I had to nearly jump over the counter grab my flavor of choice and then pay for it. Now there are two guys that work in there overnights. I walk in and unless I head to the Subway, or buy fuel, they know what I need. You have to get to know your customers. You also need to learn your job. While I realize that not everyone can walk in off the street sit down at a radio console and belt out a show. More over our style of radio is a bit more horsepower and straight at many, than other stations are. But if you can't be in an environment that is secure as a radio studio, how the hell are you going to work at and interact with a crowd of biker,gearheaded pilots? Granted as well few are going to be like our Erin, or Emme, who at the drop of a thought came in took off their boots put toes in hose up to my lips and nose without a second thought. That whole gig is a test of sorts as the ones that apply and can do that on the fly without 20, million questions has the right attitude and aptitude to work on our station, simply put anyone with that kind of spirit is not going to cringe at other strange bit or segment requests we ask of them. If they can't do one simple off the wall thing, they just don't have the WOW factor we need at HazzardAyre, not at the Boars Nest. 
I'm not going on air overnight, but will be on in the early morning. 
I'm kicking back , have a soda or two watch Liv & Maddie on the Disney Channel and get some badly needed sleep. 

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