Thursday, May 12, 2016

Some days you just need to unplug and reaccess today was that kind of day for me.

Some days ya'll just need to unplug, and reaccess where your at in a given time, reflect, and talk to those much smarter than I. Today that was the day I unplugged. I called many of the club members although half way around the backside of the world its night time where they are at. None the less, from the reports , pics and documents that have flown in the faces of the officers of the both the Knytes as well as the AyreWolvez, the simple question of why the hell here? If what we have been doing was such a hot gig, why is it that no one else has dived in. Both radio station , TV station, or the bar. There are the thoughts of is it just us, or would anybody else have this much of a hard push up the hill obtaining the in studio on air talent of the human female kind, as we are? Or is this a overall condition? Is it that we're a Marine/Navy military aircraft/classic truck/bikers organization? Is it we proudly fly and support the modern confederacy? Or is there another hidden element that we are not aware of? Is it just that we're doing this in Wyoming or at least LDS/Stuck up western Wyoming, or is there another part of the story, like the fact we not the kiss ass bunch that others are? 
As far as the bar, that issue has been put on indefinate hold until , the radio gig is up and flowing if it ever gets wind under its wings, theory is, if we can't even get radio talent, what makes the organization think, that bar keeps and cocktail servers are going to be any more plentyful. Next, as for me I'm at the point, that if its a task or a assignment I can do myself, fine, if not I ain't doing it. The work/labor force and human resources are just not here. As far as anything with the delapidated drag strip? Haven't yet been contacted by the powers that be there , and as such, Myself and the organization, is not in a big rush to hurry in there to assist. I love to death our associate Pam at Uinta Realty, but she's only one. All of those at that retirement dinner, for the former director of the local Chamber of Commerce, that said they'd call and or rattle my my door haven't. As bad as some things were in both Pocatello, Gooding and in some parts Twin Falls, Idaho. At least on one of our job postings one could expect at least 10 applicants of which 4 could be put to work, but at LEAST THEY SHOWED UP AND attempted the assignment. Here nothing. The Area Chambers-of-Commerce would follow up on an inquiry and dig this, even with the spread on population numbers at least the cost of a years membership was much less, and added to that, YOU DIDn"T NEED a business license number to join, since many business's are based on farms and such out in the county, just as ours here, in Evanston is. The Evanston Small Business Association, sent me an invite, all okay until it came to the license number. The shop and currently the radio station and the bar are out of town, in all cases, no business license, no business license number. 
So I disconnected, watched a bunch of network TV as well as a few LMN movies, ate well, and said to hell with it.
Nate or associate member withdrew the offer to sell the Explorer that he had . The thing being and I bet this to near be that had I walked in with cash, I'd have walked rather drove out with the Explorer. In this way Nate was being kind and said, I trust you but Dad don't. So too Nate's Knytes membership has been terminated and put in as an associate member, he can attend meetings just can't benefit from membership money, not can't vote on organization policy. 
I'll be on air at 06:00 hours, but tonight, I'm kicking back forgetting, Evanston exists, and in a few months as for me, it'll most likely be forgotten.

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